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Lip Balm

"Wow indeed," Henry snapped incredulously, flinging her arms into the thick Caribbean air. "Do you have any idea what a corset feels like!" She balled her hand into a smallish fist, waving it menacingly in Jack's wincing face. "Why do these flouncing, powder caked women want a waist the size of a cursed fist. Idiots!"

"Now, now, dove," Jack comforted amusedly, still on the splintery boards from looking for his said jewels. "Methinks ye look rather .."

"Like a damn umbrella!" Henrietta finished, wheeling around with a flash of soft gossamer. "Take a look at this here bottom!" She pointed an accusing finger at the protruding curve of her bottom, richly decorated in folds of burgundy satin and a rather large bow that flowed down to her thighs. "An umbrella!"

The pirate captain eyed the fine piece of anatomy with great intrigue. Eyebrows raised, Jack never expected such a generous reward from the feisty Henry.

"Well, umbrella wasn't the exact word I was goin' for." he said with a slight tilt of his head, dark eyes never once ungluing from the draped curve.

Henry huffed, placing her hands on a wee hip and eyeing the keen looking captain through slit eyes . "Stop staring," she ordered. "Don't ogle."

"Well, ye did say look. Now let me get a proper look."

Jack stepped up eagerly from his sitting position, knees cracking loudly as he bounded on his heels like a lad on Christmas morning. And by truth, the controlled pirate captain didn't mean to, but he did exactly what Henrietta had told him not to do. He ogled. And very thoroughly, for that matter.

The sharp, defined line of her throat was what got him first. Lord, he nearly lost his breath at the sight of the thin outline of her tanned neck and the soft curve of her pointed face. The low cut line of the delicate dress seemed almost unbearable, with a pair of well, what Jack liked to call Twin Gifts from God, almost spilling out from over the hem of the corset. Her waist, contrary to Henry's belief, was not the size of a clasped fist, but of a more voluptuous curvature covered in a gauzy, maroon material. Her bottom, however, did uncannily resemble that of an umbrella. Jack never understood that part of women's attire.

Henry tapped her toe impatiently as Jack's eyes traveled unhurriedly up to her annoyed countenance. There was something different about her hair. Instead of the sandy brown, matted straw being tied up clumsily in a sea green sash, it was down, and not to mentioned, brushed. Straight and shoulder length, it swept her collarbone softly with the humid wind.

Henrietta was, all in all, a ripple of magnificence.

"Well?" Henry inquired impatiently. She had been in this binding dress far too long for her liking.

"Mediocre," Jack stated simply. "I've seen old women with a prettier figure." He made a sultry hourglass shape in the air with his hands.

Henry rolled her eyes in disapproval. "You, Captain, give me a headache."

"Whas' this?" Jack mocked, placing a cupped hand around the shell of his ear and leaning towards the disapproving Henry. "Whas' this I hear? A pine for attention from my independent hellcat, is it? Do ye want me to say that ye look truly marvelous?"

"It's not that, you--"

"Well, alright, ye got me. Ye convinced me, love! Ye saw right through me, didn't ye! I'll say it! Just don't think about laying that fiery hand on me lovely face. Ye look gorgeous, absolutely astounding. A rose in a field of weeds, 'scuse the cliché, yer beauty has left me completely dumbfounded. But we mustn't dwell, onward, forward, drinks all around!"

He grasped her hand tightly and dragged her toward the galley, chest stuck out and hat slightly on squint. Marching almost militaristically, Jack strode into the room with triumphance.

Henrietta, flabbergasted, whispered to the wind, "Insane, that man."

Supper had been a more interesting moment on the Black Pearl. Unlike on most days, when the crewmen chaotically devoured the biscuits and bruised fruit with unsightly haste and revolting table manners, once the meal was crudely set on the table, the men did not dare to unfasten their eyes from the richly dressed Henry at the corner of the table.

Even the mild mannered Gibbs looked up from his end of the table and scratched his sideburns with a look of wonderment in his eyes. Only Anamaria ate, biting into her vittles with open mouthed, deafening chomps. She winked to Henry once in between a bite of cold, unidentified meat and flashed a quick smile before masticating her food.

Before Henry could object to the gawking eyes, she was interrupted by a annoyed sounding Jack.

The pirate captain bit into a green apple, chewing before saying, "Keep yer eyes to yerself, men, 'lest ye wish to lose them." The men averted their eyes and buried them deep into the bottom of their mugs. Young Jonathon rolled a piece of fruit around on the table, occasionally glancing up at the ornately dressed woman.

Henry shut her jaw and booted Jack's leg swiftly from underneath the carved in table. "I can stand up for myself." she said, and booted the leg once more, resulting in a soft oomph from Jack, who scowled before responding.

"I know, love."

Henry struggled to take off the first layer of what seemed to be five hundred folds of cloth. Muttering curses in her head, Henry jinxed Jack into a thousand different situations for making her wear this horrendous, blighted dress. But had he actually made her do anything? A few months ago, Henry would have never even thought about listening to the damned Captain.

Stripped down to her corset, Henry fidgeted with the lace, huffily giving up and throwing herself onto the plush bed in surrender. It was too late to call for Anamaria now. Wrapping herself around in the laced sheet, Henry buried herself deep within the sea smelling pillow.

What am I do--

Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice. Actually, it was a voice combined with a pressure of someone rolling over her body. Face squashed like a slightly ripe tomato against the pillow, Henry thrashed her limbs violently in objection. Lips puckered into an uncomfortable position, what she meant to say was, "Get the hell off of me!" followed by a string of violent curses.

But what emit from her mouth was something along the lines of, "Geff the hrlo o' meee you frociyn bvastad!" Balled fist colliding into a swanky pillow and completely missing the pirate captain's face as she had blindly aimed for, Henry writhed even harder from underneath the thin sheet.

"Oh, sorry love, didn't know ye were there." Jack said with a slight smirk. Henry could hear the amusement dancing in his voice. Immediately the pressure was released Henry heaved in the air, lying on her back with chest ballooning upward.

It was then that she realized that she was clad in a corset, her feminine anatomy awkwardly spilling in directions that Henry probably didn't even know existed. Covering herself immediately with crossed arms, the slightly blushing woman glared at the slightly smiling captain, sitting rather comfortably by the bed post.

"Out!" Henry bellowed, fighting the urge to point a finger at the door or God help her, slap the Captain fiendishly across the face so his eyes ended up on the back of head.

"What?" Jack feigned confusion. His mouth scrunched into a perfect circle.


"Don't ye need help with that unyielding corset?" He inquired, gesticulating towards the binding fabric that still remained on Henry's torso. Henry narrowed her eyes suspiciously, turning her nose upward with an air of defiance.

"No." she stated curtly.

"Here's the deal, 'ow abouts I unlace ye only a wee bit, and ye can do the rest all by yer onesies." Jack nudged his hands forward and lightly grasped the white laces in his dark hands.

"That didn't work so well last time, the whole undressin' in front of you deal," Henry moved slightly away, the laces falling delicately from Jack's grasp onto the lush sheets. "Remember, you peeked that one time and I nearly knocked your jewels off, Captain."

"Jus' trust me." Jack said softly, and clasped the white laces of the corset once more and loosened a few ends of the cords. The fabric softly zipped across their openings and Henry grasped the corset to her chest, just in case Jack's word was faulty and the material would coming flying away from her guarded body.

But lo and behold, the corset remained intact. Loosely attached but true to his word, the fabric still clung to Henry's body. Air rushed into her lungs as Henry breathed in heavily through her nose, neck outstretching slightly as she inhaled the sweet smelling air

"Thank you," she said in a voice that sounded like the closest thing to genuinely thankful that could ever be heard from Henry's mouth. She crashed down to the enveloping pillow, curling up reflexively and wrapping the sheet around her. "It's like breathing again." Oh air! How I've missed you!

And then she felt a calloused hand on her sandy brown, glossy hair and nudged deeply underneath his luxurious sheets. Henry did not object but shifted uncomfortably. Jack snaked a tentative arm around her waist and pulled her frame slightly to his own bent in figure, taking pleasure in the arc of her spine against his chest. Henry did not protest. He nudged a cheek against the curve of her head and shut his eyes, preparing to drift into a slumber. And Henry, even to her own surprise, relaxed her shoulders and uncrossed her arms from her corset, finding no demurs to the whole matter. Was she drunk? They had only been quarreling a few minutes --

Her thoughts were interrupted by what Henry only imagined she heard from Jack's lips, close to the shell of her. Murmured softly, Henry was almost positive that she heard the pirate captain say to himself, almost in secret:

"It's like breathing again."

Henry woke to sunlight streaming through a triangular window and the infuriated expression on Jack's face as he paced around the room, waving his arms wildly. He turned to the sound rustling of sheets as Henry slid up from her horizontal position.

"The treasure map's gone."

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