When the redhead stepped onto the dance floor, she felt her heart jump up to her throat. There was no way this was the same dork whom she and Cordelia had picked on for years. The girl would never have dared wear something so reveling, let alone shocking. She looked more like that slutty chick Buffy had started to skip school with. Not that the cheerleader was complaining.

Wait a minute. What was she thinking? Eww!

Except it wasn't. Willow cascade in tight leather had the girl wondering what she would look like in other things, or nothing at all.

Which was bad. Totally. Wrong. She wasn't a dike. No way in hell.

Which was why she was more then extremely relieved to see that she had gone back to her pink and yellow fuzzy sweaters the next day at school.

Majorly relieved, and slightly disappointed.