Title: Holidays

Spoiler: This FF is going to go through all of the holidays, starting with Halloween.

Rating: PG-13

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Chapter 20 Full House

The next morning Stiles and Thomas drove to the hospital to pick up Julia. Terri got the den on the first floor ready, they thought it would be easier for her not to have to climb the stairs. As Terri was doing this Helen showed up, Terri realized that things had happened so fast Helen didn't even know about Thomas. As expected Helen hit the roof, "Theresa what are you thinking? How could you agree to this? Is Stiles crazy?"

"Mom this was my idea." Helen just looked at her in shock. "Mom she is going to die, all she wants is to make sure her son is taken care of. He is an incredible young man. He's been accepted to Annapolis. Stiles is so proud of him, and so am I."

"Terri this is just too strange. Stiles ex living here."

Neither Terri or Helen heard the door open. "Hi Helen." Stiles said as he walked over and kissed her on the cheek, by the look on Terri's face Stiles knew he was on Helen's list again. "Julia I would like you to meet my lovely future mother-in-law Helen Fremont." Stiles was trying to flatter her, but she was worried about her daughter so there wasn't anything Stiles could do at this point.

Julia smiled and shook hands with Helen. "It's very nice to meet you. You have an incredible daughter. I could never thank her enough for all she doing for me and my son."

Thomas could tell how tired his mom was. "Mom the doctor said you need to rest. I'll take you into the bedroom. Dad and I moved a bed down here for you."

"Honey, stop worrying. I would like to get to know Mrs. Fremont."

"Julia." Terri asked. "would you like to look through some bridal magazines with us. We were going to make some plans for the wedding."

"Sure Terri. I would love to." Terri put her arm around Julia as they walked into the kitchen, she knew that she was feeling a little weak. "Have you picked out your dress?"

"Yes. I just hope it won't have to be taken out too much, as I start showing."

The three women sat down in the kitchen. Helen wanted to hate Julia, but she too quickly realized that this woman posed no threat to her daughter's happiness. Stiles and Thomas sat down and talked about things. Thomas asked Stiles about Terri's family.


Feb 29

Over the next few weeks. Julia and Terri became very good friends. Terri had planned on her friend Lisa being her maid of honor until the phone rang in the morning. "Hey Terri."

"Lisa I'm glad you called. When will you be getting to Ireland?"

"Terri that's what I'm calling about. This mission isn't going to be over any time soon. I'm not going to make it. I'm really sorry. I was hoping to get to know Stiles, I only met him once last June."

"Not the finest time in my life." Terri laughed. "I'm going to miss you being there, but I do understand." Terri and Lisa said good bye.

Terri was sitting there looking down when Julia walked in. "Terri are you ok?"

"Yes, my maid of honor just had to back out."

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok. Lisa Fabrizzi."

"She's the one working on some big thing for the president isn't she?"

"Yes, she was supposed to be finished by now." Terri smiled. "I've got an idea."


"Are you feeling up to traveling to Ireland?"

"I would love too. I always wanted to go there, just never got the chance."

"How would you like to fill in as my maid of honor?"

"Terri, we hardly know each other. I'm sure you have someone else you would rather have."

"No. Julia, I don't. You can come with us on Monday. Stiles and I have the whole month off. I really could use your help."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. I think we have become good friends. Stiles and I want Thomas to come with us Monday too. I know he isn't going to want to leave you right now. Please say yes."

"Yes. Thanks, I would be honored." Terri smiled and hugged Julia. "It sure seems like I've been thanking you a lot lately."

Stiles was once again amazed by Terri. She was being so kind to his son and to Julia. Stiles and Terri laid in bed that night and talked about their future. Stiles couldn't believe it, in just a few weeks he would really be married to Terri. He was nervous about it, he didn't wan to let her down. After Terri fell asleep Stiles went downstairs to the kitchen for a snack.

While he was sitting there Julia walked in. "Penny for your thoughts." she asked as she sat down.

"I'm a little scared."

"Why? Terri is great."

"I know that, you said it right after you met her. I don't deserve her."

"Stiles you happen to be pretty terrific yourself." Stiles just looked at her and smiled. "You and Terri will be very happy. I'm so glad that Thomas will have both of you when I'm gone." Stiles put his arm around her as she started to cry.

"I can promise you this, I will be there for him from now on." Stiles looked down. "I just wish I could have been there his whole life."

"Stiles now is not the time for regrets."

"I know. I'm really happy about the wedding. You know since I met Terri, my dad and I we actually get along now." Stiles got up and began pacing. "How am I going to look him in the eye? How can I? Julia, I'm back to hating him for keep my son away from me all these years."

Julia looked at Stiles. "I don't like what he did any more than you do, but at the time I'm sure he thought it was best for you."

"How could that be best for me? For Thomas?"

"Stiles think about this honestly, if you had known, what would you have done?"

"I would have married you. We would have raised our son together." Stiles just sat back down, and thought about that. What exactly would his life have been like if he had known.

Julia told him, "You might not have joined the Marines, you might not have ended up with the CIA, you might not have met Terri." Stiles just looked at her. "I know you wouldn't want that. You and Terri were meant to be, what ifs, they don't matter. The past doesn't matter, what matters is what you have right now. Honestly, I don't think you would trade it for anything in the world."

Stiles smiled at her, she was right, he couldn't change the past, he needed to focus on Terri and this baby, he would be there for them, and for Thomas. "Thanks."

"Stiles don't hate your father, he might have been wrong not to tell you, but he does love you. I want Thomas to get to know him, he is a part of him, he's his grandfather." Stiles nodded. "By the way did you tell them?"


"Your parents?"

"Tell them what?"

"That you met your son."

"No, I actually thought that could be a surprise. They'll be in Ireland next week. They're coming in early to help Terri with the plans." Stiles stood up, he kissed Julia on the head. "You should get some sleep, we have an early flight tomorrow morning." Julia just shook her head. She knew she would have to prepare Thomas for meeting his grandparents.