A/N This is my very first attempt at a fic, so if it sucks then ah well, I tried, also I'm not good at writing stories so I might have problems updating it, the more reviews I get the faster I'll update, but it also depends on weather school work get in the way but I'll do my best. Witch messages are presented in *'s and thoughts are presented in italics


Hunter paced up and down the living room, thinking frantically to himself, for this was to be the most important night of his life. Finally all the danger was over and he and his girlfriend Morgan Rowlands can settle down. A ago year today on her 18th birthday Hunter asked Morgan to move in with him, much to her mother's dismay, and now tonight he was going to take their relationship further. Morgan entered the room with a big smile on her face, Goddess she looks beautiful Hunter thought, Morgan wore a beautiful red dress that her sister Mary K helped her pick out, because tonight Hunter was going to take her out for a romantic meal to celebrate her 19th birthday and the year that they've been living together. Hunter wore a freshly press Tuxedo he had rented and as she walked over to him, he took her by the hand and walked her out to their car and drove off to the restaurant. About half and hour later they were seated in a quaint little Italian restaurant where the prices were not exactly modest. "You know Hunter," Morgan began, "you didn't have to do this, I would have been just as happy with a few rented movies and a diet coke" Hunter smiled that's my Morgan he thought "Well it's a very special day Morgan and so I wanted to make it extra special for you" Goddess, Hunter is so sweet he is so beautiful Just then the waiter walked over and looked at the couple expectantly "What are you eating Hunter," Morgan asked "I think I'm going for a lasagne" "I'll tell you what that sounds good, err. two lasagne's please waiter" "Would you like any starters or deserts to go with that?" the waiter asked "No starters just a desert, a large Chocolate gateau between us please" Hunter told the waiter. The waiter walked off to take their order to the kitchen "Oh crap!" Hunter cried, "I forgot to say no cream with the gateau! Will you excuse me for a minute Morgan?" "Sure" Hunter got up out of his seat and walked into the kitchen. A few minutes later he returned, with a large smile, "What's the matter with you?" laughed Morgan "Oh nothing, its just.damn your beautiful" Morgan's face went bright red. About fifteen minutes later their lasagne arrived and they tucked into it whilst enjoying close conversation and laughter. When they had finished their lasagne the waiter came and took their dirty dishes away and brought out their chocolate gateau and it was a very generous sized gateau to say the least. They both grabbed a spoon and took a few bites into it and then when they had both nearly reached the middle Morgan saw something glistening in the chocolate, she met looks with Hunter who only smiled at her so she pulls it out, and what she found was the biggest diamond white-gold ring she had ever seen. "Hunter," Morgan said trying to fumble her words over her astonishment, "Hunter, this is a ring?" Hunter just laughed at Morgan who was still dumbfounded. Hunter got up off his chair and got down on one knee, Morgan's eyes started to sparkle and glisten as tears began to roll down her cheek, "Morgan, I love you so much, you are my mùirn beatha dàn, my soul mate, and I want us to be together forever, will you marry me?" Morgan burst into tears "Yes!" she cried. Then everyone nearby in the restaurant started clapping at the happy couple Hunter stood up and hugged and kissed his fiancée.