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Two years later

#It's all perfect! We're so happy, Bree and Robbie got married last year and are expecting twins, Mary K has recently gotten engaged and has moved in with her fiancée Chris Daniels, I think she met him in college or something, and Mom and Dad are happy about it because he's from a rich, highly respectful family, who'd have thought it. Alwyn has started dating Matt Adler and has moved in with him, from our Kithic coven, which surprised us all and Skye, well lets just say she's a player, she has gotten a job and an apartment, so Hunter, Connor and I could live together as a proper family.

As for Hunter, and I things couldn't be better, our son is nearly two years old and we all have so much fun, Hunter and Connor are inseparable, they have a very close father-son bond, if Hunter goes out, Connor won't stop crying unto he comes back, its so sweet.

We've had no trouble or danger clouding our lives since, well you know. And we're very happy and glad about it; finally we can live normal lives and keep Connor safe#

Morgan was sat on the kitchen table talking to Bree, who was 6 months pregnant with twins, she was showing quite a lot, "Morgan, I can't believe I'm pregnant" Morgan looked down at her feet "I can remember the day I was in hospital when you were having Connor, I told Robbie I wanted to adopt because I didn't want to go through childbirth" Morgan and Bree laughed, "Tell me straight Morgan, does it hurt, as bad as it looked?" Bree asked, hoping the answer was a no "Well," Morgan began but was cut off "Oh dear God!" Bree cried. Morgan laughed "Don't worry, once its over, you have yourself a beautiful baby, but in your case, two beautiful baby's" Bree smiled,

Connor came running into the kitchen "Mommy, mommy!" he shouted Morgan got off her chair and crouched down to catch her little boy, Hunter came into the kitchen making growling noises, Bree laughed at him, Connor screamed a little and clutched to his Mother, he knew his father was only playing, so he let go of his mother and growled back at Hunter and chased him into the living room.

"Morgan, Connor is getting so big, He looks just like you." "You think?" Morgan asked, "Totally, he has your eyes, your nose, and your hair colour, but he has Hunters mouth and ears I think." Morgan smiled, "Hunters great with him," she said, "Yeah, they do seem to be really close," "Close" Morgan Laughed, "they're inseparable," "Its just you want that with him too right?" Bree had it spot on, "Yeah, I don't mind though, but maybe I will have a little girl in the future who will bond like that with me" Bree smiled, "Morgan, you're only 21! Believe me, you've accomplished a lot for a girl of you age, you've found your soul mate and you had a son" "And you and Robbie," Morgan nodded at Bree "I love Robbie, but he's no Hunter." "What do you mean by that?" Morgan asked, "Its just me and Robbie are great together, and I love him, it just I don't think he's my soul mate, like you and Hunter are, Oh look at the time" Bree said looking at the clock on Morgan's kitchen wall "I best be going now" "Do you want a lift?" Morgan offered "No thanks, I'll walk, its only two blocks," Bree declined, "Okay I'll see you later" "Bye Bree".

"Morgan, could you get some juice for Connor he's banged his knee?" Hunter said carrying, Connor under one arm as he walked into the kitchen, also at the same time he was trying to calm Connor down who was crying. Morgan made him up some apple juice and handed it to Hunter, "Thanks, love" Hunter said and kissed Morgan on the cheek, "Right, lets get you to bed, its nearly 7pm way past your bed time, young man" Hunter told Connor as he carried him to his bedroom, which was previously Skye and Alwyn's room, and stayed with him till he fell asleep.

Hunter came back downstairs about 10 minutes after he took Connor upstairs. "Did he go straight to sleep?" Morgan asked while she was tidying away a few of Connor's toys. "Yeah, he's a good lad" "Well course, you're a brilliant father to him, you're both so close, and I was thinking maybe we'll have a Moira for me bond with" Morgan gave Hunter a cheeky smile, "Oh really? He smiled, "and what make you think that" he pulled Morgan close up to himself, "Because I think I might be pregnant," she told him, "Oh Goddess Morgan, that's great news" he kissed Morgan tenderly on the cheek and then their lips met. When they pulled back Morgan Looked down, "It's only been a few days since I thought I might be, you know," she said, "I might not even be pregnant" "Well, we can fix that can't we?" Hunter smiled