Cameron hung up the phone. Who had the nerve to call in the wee hours of the morning? It sounded like some punk kid, anyway. She sighed, running her fingers through her hair, the thick brown locks falling in stings, as she thought about the two young girls in her apartment.

"Oh, GOD! No! NO, NO, NO!" she heard behind her, and turned in fear. Kiden was screaming, staring at the empty spot on the couch. The blonde girl's arms flailed, and she curled up into herself, looking from the couch, to Ms. Palmer, to the unnamed girl with thick dark make-up, and back again.

The girl who had no name stood from her end of the couch, and made her way towards Kiden, two silvery claws growing from her knuckles, and in one foul second, time stopped.

"Hello." The voice on the other line said, and she could hear his worry betraying himself.

"Logan," Rogue began, "Can-can you..." she stopped herself. She couldn't ask him to come get her. He'd just tell her to give up on this quest she'd set herself on. He'd tell her she's in big trouble, never mind that she's older, and wiser now. He'd pass off her anger and hurt towards him, and flip it around, putting his on her.

"Kid? Where are you? Stripes, are you okay?" she couldn't speak, it seemed, but she pushed herself.

"I'm...I'm coming home soon. I need to make a stop in the city first, but I'll be home soon."

"Where are you?" he demanded.

"I miss you, Logan." She began to cry. "I'll be home really soon." She reached to hang up the phone, hearing his screams for her dampen until she finally slammed the little black receiver down on the hook. She had to do this. She wiped her face with determination.

Rogue carefully stepped out of the phone booth, head down, when a voice shocked her from her thoughts.

"Yo' quick, chere. But Gambit's quicker."

The little southern belle looked at him, standing against his propped up bike and in that moment, he was beautiful. A sight for tired, and soar eyes.

"Remy..." she whispered.

"Need a lift?" he spoke, as she approached him, digging her hands into her pockets.

"That'd be nice." She smiled at him.

"Home?" he asked a little ruefully.

"No. New York City." She saw his face brighten, as she began to climb on the bike behind him, and suddenly, it started up.

"Yo' know, chere," he began, "You don't need to run from me."

Logan threw the little white phone to the ground, watching it smash into a thousand pieces, startling both Storm and Kitty, who were in the kitchen, watching him eagerly, hoping for some news of their friend and student.

"Mr. Logan?" Kitty began, but a growl was her response from him, and he stormed past the two, down the hall and into the Professor's office without so much as a word.

"Charles!" he began, "Tell me where she's going, in the city. She's over her head this time. I need to stop her!"

Xavier, who was startled, softened, as he rolled out from behind his desk.

"She will do as she sees fit, Logan. She's not a child anymore."

"She's not an adult, either!" she shouted back.

"No. She's not. But, she has more wisdom than you know her to have, and more love for you, than anyone else. She does what she does, for you. She tried to help, than run, and now she sees that running will only darken her heart, in this matter." Xavier put a steady hand on his friend's forearm.

"She's trying to help you, Logan."

"I can help myself!"

"Perhaps. But, you won't. Rogue, knows the pain you have, in this particular matter. In her own way, she's trying to redeem her soul, through you."

Logan faltered. He'd never thought of that. He'd never thought that this stain on his heart had passed to her, in the times she's touched him, and suddenly, it was clear. She was trying to help X-23, for him.

A/N: I'll explain, as time goes on, what IS exactly going on, but this is the first REAL clue, to the greater storyline.

PS: I'm using characters from the 'NYX' universe, as well as this one. NYX is another comic, under the Marvel label, and is REALLY good.