The Surrogate

Summary: What do you do when you find out that your wife has been cheating on you for the past year, with your so-called best friend and flown the coop back to London...leaving you with a hell of a mess!! When you've just found out that you're about to become a dad, with you're wife's sister....who just happens to be your surrogate and the baby's biological mother........and you're the biological father.

Mix that all up and what do you have......... The Surrogate.


Rating: PG for now

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Author: Mercy

~~~Chapter One~~~

~~Dear William~~

Throwing his briefcase down onto the sofa, Spike walked into the kitchen from the living room, in his home in Sunnydale. It had been a hard day at the family run law firm, he'd been in court most of the day, with a case that had dragged out longer than expected, making him miss a very important appointment at the doctors, with his wife. He scolded himself at the thought of what Lily was going to say to him about that, he knew that she'd probably want his head for it, but he hoped the flowers that he held in his other hand may ease the way a little for him. Looking around the kitchen it was oddly clean and looked like it hadn't been touched all day, which was odd for Lily, as she usually had the kitchen in a mess this time of day, preparing dinner for them.

Turning on the kettle Spike pulled out a cup, and proceeded to make himself a coffee, taking the unopened milk cartoon out of the fridge, even odder since he'd only bought it last night, yet it remained unopened, especially with Lily being a fervent coffee drinker. His concern rose, as he still had yet to hear movement in the house, it was deathly silent, like no-one else was present within its walls. Getting worried for the well being of his wife, he walked through the house looking for her, or clues that may tell him of her whereabouts. He found his answer soon enough, when he reached their bedroom, unlike the kitchen, it was chaotic, with draws half open and clothes strewn all over the floor and cupboards. The closet door was pulled open, displaying its empty racks and shelves, next to his own clothing still neatly folded in piles, and on their hangers in the closet.

It made a clear statement. Lily was gone.

He quietly sat down on the bed opposite Lily's dresser, her jewellery case had been raided, all her valuable, make-up and perfumes were gone as well. Yet the most disturbing thing he saw, was her wedding band that lay on top of a small yellow envelope, drawing his face into his hands, he breathed deeply trying to control the disbelief, at the carnage that surrounded him in the room. Taking a deep breath, his face emerged from his hands, looking once more at the envelope on the dresser. Standing up he walked to the dresser, lifting her wedding ring, running his finger along the edge, feeling just how hollow it really felt, in anger he threw it onto the dresser. He watched his reflection in the mirror, as it bounced off the dresser, somewhere into the room, where he didn't care and didn't even bother to see where it landed.

His gaze caught on his name, written in long scrolling letters on the yellow paper before him. Picking it up he turned it over, looking at the blank side, back over to the written side, over and over, it reflected the turmoil that lay within him. Moving back to the bed he slumped back, it sunk under his weight, as he continued just to stare at the offending letter, frightened to read what maybe inside.


Earlier that day........

Across town in a Dr Singer's office sat a lone woman in the waiting room, nervously looking at her watch once again, and looking around the room, as couples sat reading magazines or chatting amongst themselves. The secretary looked at the female that sat opposite her desk, the worry was written all over her face, it would appear that the person or people that were meant to show, had no inclination to, and this was nothing new to the secretary, it happened all the time.

"Would you like to reschedule your appointment?" The secretary caught the young ladies eye, "I can make one for next week if you like?"

"No it's okay, I'll wait."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes thank you. I think I'm next anyway, and I really need to see the doc."

"Would you like me to ring your partner?" The secretary made the offer, hoping that it may help.

"I....." She was interrupted by the doctor's door opening, as it creaked on its hinges.

"Ms Summers," Dr. Singer spotted her immediately, and looked around the room for a companion, that maybe with her, "just you today?"

"So it would appear."

"Please come in then." The doctor motioned for her to enter, and closed the door behind her patient, as she entered the examination room, "Take a seat."

"Thank you." Buffy made her way to the chair and sat in front of the large desk that was the doctors.

"All alone today, Buffy?"

"Hmmmm. I have no idea what has happened, maybe flat tyre, who knows?" Buffy nervously played with her handbag strap, "I need to know Dr Singer, I know that it may not be the done thing, but I need to know."

"It is highly unusual, Buffy, but I think it won't hurt to let you in.", the doctor broke out into a large grin, "You, Miss Summer's are eight weeks pregnant."

"Oh my god."


Later that day..........

Tearing open the letter finally, Spike opened the parchment and saw his wife's large flowing writing upon the page.

My Dearest Will,
I can't stay any longer, it's just too much, as you can guess I'm gone. Taken the cowards way out, and just ran, not really my style, but I'm not ready to face you.

I'm sorry.

There is nothing that I can really say, but I'm sorry, it's just not working for me anymore Will. I've done everything I can to stay, I've tried, I don't love you anymore.

I'm sorry,


PS Gone home

Spike recoiled from the sudden pain that ripped through his heart, he had absolutely no idea why and how she left. He couldn't believe that she'd leave him without telling him, that she even had problems within their marriage, as far as he was concerned everything was perfect. He just could not fathom what lay before him in the chaos that was their room, the bed still lay in a mess after last night. That hit him in the gut like a sharp blow, how could she have made love to him last night, and left this morning. It was too much of a contradiction to him, he let the paper flutter from his hands, standing up he retreated to the living room and poured himself a very large whiskey.

He proceeded to have many more after obliterate the pain that was swallowing him whole.


Same time different place.........

Buffy walked into her home, threw her handbag onto the hallway table, and just looked at herself in the mirror above the table. She didn't look or feel different, but she had known the results of the test, even before the doctor had told her. She swallowed hard, trying to reason with herself that everything was fine and it was just nerves, or maybe this is how you are meant to feel when you're pregnant. Yet the tight balls of dread that were forming in the pit of her stomach would not go away, she had a nagging feeling that something was wrong.

Really wrong.

She had wondered where her sister had gotten to, as she hadn't shown up for the doctor's appointment, but then again that was just typical Lily for you. She was always running here or there and forgetting things, even important things like today, with her busy lifestyle. If you could call endless shopping and social club events busy, but then again marrying into a wealthy and connected family helped. Still concerned with her sisters' welfare she called Lily at home, and got the answering machine, not happy with leaving a message, she tried her mobile phone, which was switched off and was redirected to voicemail. Not happy with that, Buffy decided that the best bet would be to leave a message on her home phone, dialling it again, she waited for the beep, and left her message.


Spike was about halfway down to the bottom of the whiskey bottle when he heard the phone ring and the answering machine kick in.

"Hello, you have reached William and Lily's, we are both extremely busy having a good time. So just leave your message after the beep, and we'll call you back."

Spike could hear the greeting that his wife had left on the machine, he put his glass up in a salute to her, "Cheers Luv." He waited for the beep to announce who was on the other end of the phone, and after a quiet pause, they spoke.

"Lily, it's me Buffy. I need you to call me and let me know your okay. What happened to you today?" A slight pause followed after that, " Lily if your home please pick up! It's important!" Another pause, "Lily, I'm pregnant", the machine cut the rest of the conversation off, as it ran out of tape.

"Holy shit! Buffy!!" Spike nearly fell of the floor, as he was told he was going to be a father.