Note: This story was inspired by my game pokemon Blaziken and Kyogre, who battle their 8th pokemon League match with only two of them PG13 on the safe side I don't own pokemon blah blah Note: This is just a Proglue Also In my fic the Pokemon can talk okay **************************************************************************** ****************************************** Kyogre and Blazekien: The Struggle for Survival Summary: Kyogre and Blaziken have both lost their Trainer and are now left alone to defend for themselves, they meet new friends and foes on the way not to mention escaping from TR and the Legendary Collector and finished the goal for Claire with a little help with some old friends Hint Hint **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** *************************

Trainer Claire was a Trainer who was on a goal to win at the Hoenn Leauge she had 8 badges and 145 pokemon that were soon going to be lost as she travels on her pokemon Lapras, "We are almost their Lapras we just need to pass Route 128" Claire said "Yeah I am going to be with you all the way" Lapras her Lv 46 pokemon said Then the waves started to get bigger "Oh my god!" Claire screamed realising that they are in a storm the waves knocked Claire off of Lapras making her drown in the water

Only two of her Pokemon were ever found they drifted down back to Littleroot town the Pokeballs were found by a Trainer named Clarissa Downes

"Hmm strange I wonder where these came from" she releasing the Pokemon A Kyogre and a Blaziken came out confused "Blaze?, Kyo?" they said.

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