Romance Blossoms

Now that Mulan had invited Shang to dinner, maybe its time to reintroduce myself. It has been almost 20 years since I seen the Fa family. I first met Fa Zhou when he was still general of the imperial army. I'm not even sure he would remember me much less his own daughter, Mulan, would.

"Mulan would you go to the market to get some things fore dinner?" said Fa Li after Mulan had introduced the dashing young captain.

"Of course mama." Replied Mulan. "Shang would like to join me?"

"Uh… I love to, that if your family will permit me." Replied Shang

"You may go with her, If that is what you wish." Fa Zhou said calmly

"Let's go Mulan" chirped Shang.

As the two left for the market, Granny Fa cried "Have fun you two lovebirds!!"

Both Fa Zhou and Fa Li shook their heads in amusement and knowingly what she is trying to do with Mulan and Shang.

"I know they would make a perfect pair, even if they are not paired together by that bad-tempered, ill mannered, witch of matchmaker in the village." Said Fa Zhou quietly.

"Zhou!!" exclaim Fa Li

"I couldn't agree more with you" I said leap off of the roof with a twist and a back turn. As I landed on the dirt ground perfectly, they looked at me in awe, as if they have not seen in many years. "Fa Zhou, Fa Li, Granny Fa, it has been too long since we have met face to face. How have the years treated you all?"

Fa Zhou stepped towards me with a large smile, "It has been too long, my friend. The years have been good to my family and myself well, since all the things that has been happening to China with the Huns." He said as he shook my hand. " How long have you been in China?"

"I have been here since the day that Mulan met the matchmaker and have been waiting for the right moment to make my entrance to you and your family again."

" Come, come, everybody inside, we can hear your story inside and we should wait for Mulan and Shang before you tell it and get that sword and medallion." Pestered Granny Fa as she ushered every one of us into Fa residence. I smiled as I remember the last time I was here with humor.

In the mean time Mulan and Shang were having a great time at the market, unaware of my presence at Mulan's home.