The One's With Doubts By: Thought

Disclaimer: There once was an author who didn't own the X-Men.

A/N: First of all, you can consider this AU if you want to. Second of all, it is a stand-alone piece, and I will not be adding to it. Third, I wrote this when I was feeling in a very dark mood, so if it's slightly twisted that's why. Fourth, as always, if people hate it, I will remove it. And lastly, enjoy!!!!!


Ororo's POV *^*^*^

Today, Scott gave us a lecture. Actually, it was more a pep talk than a lecture. He spoke to us of how we should be proud of all that we've done, all the people we've helped and how we are making the world a better place for the next generation of Mutants. I could have laughed at the irony of that speech if it were not so tragic. I had exchanged a glance with my best friend during the talk, and I could see the same emotions reflected in his eyes. How can I be proud of myself when I am not even sure if I have a self to be proud of anymore? How, when I look in the mirror and instead of words such as Goddess and Hero crossing my mind, let words like murderer and hypocrite sink into my soul? How, when I sit up for hours with my best friend, pretending that we are not members of this team just so we can insult all of it's many failings without feeling guilty? How can I be proud of what I've become, when I already loathe it? And yet, as I stepped out of the conference room and turned to the person beside me and said, "Don't you love who you are?" I meant every word of it. I loved who I have become, I feel like part of the team. We fight for freedom and justice. Yet, I still hear a voice in the back of my mind singing, hypocrite.hypocrite.h.and then it is silent.


Professor Xavier silenced the last of the misgivings of one of his best X-Men with a last touch of his mind. He couldn't lose his team.not now. Not after devoting his entire life to them. He wouldn't.couldn't lose them now. They were his! His! .His! He clenched a fist, trying to pull himself back under control. Something would have to be done about the two with doubts.soon.he opened a communications link. "Storm. Gambit. Please report to my office." He would fix the problem, and then everything would be perfect again.he would make it all ok. And the X-Men would still be his. He smiled to himself.yes; everything was going to be fine.