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Prologue :: Morning

In a small house on the property of the Higurashi shrine in Tokyo, a young woman lay in a bed where a young girl had once been. She was asleep, as it was early morning and not yet even the sun had risen. In her head, dreams and visions of the past played out, the young woman helpless to stop the images she no longer wished to see.

She wanted to forget. Forget the well, forget the Sengoku Jidai, and Miroku-sama and the others.

And forget Inuyasha...


Kagome Higurashi sat up abruptly, stifling the scream that almost tore loose from her throat. Her face was wet with tears. She stared blankly at the soft pink bedspread before she calmed, drawing her knees up to her chest and huddling up with a shudder.

*Another dream about that day...* she thought, brushing the tears away with her palm. She laid her head on her arms and glanced out the window, out at the sun which was beginning to rise on the new day. The beautiful day, new and fresh. The clean slate.

But without him.

What was the point of continuing on without him?

*I can't go back to those days anymore,* she thought listlessly. *Back when it was fun... with Miroku-sama and Sango-chan and Shippou-chan and... and Inuyasha... It's gone. And I can't get it back, no matter how hard I try.*

There was a soft rapping on the door. "Kagome-chan, are you awake? You have to get ready for school."

Kagome sighed. *Life goes on, I guess,* she thought as she tossed her pajamas onto the chair carelessly and rummaged through her closet for a clean shirt. "Yes, I'm up. I'll be down shortly."

As she put her bra on Kagome looked down at her left hand desk drawer nervously before slowly sliding it open and pulling out the frame which she kept face down inside. She sat down on the bed and turned the picture frame over, glancing down at the faces she loved so dearly, the faces that were etched into her memory forever.

It had taken all day to get them to stand still. Shippou kept bouncing when the flash went off, Inuyasha wanted to tear the camera apart and Miroku wouldn't stop groping Sango long enough to look up and smile at the camera. But she had done it, managed to set the camera up and take a timed photograph.

From the left, Sango-chan, Miroku-sama, Kaede-baachan with Shippou on her shoulder, Kagome and then Inuyasha, who had to be bribed to stand facing the camera, but no amount of ramen would've gotten him to grin like he so rarely did. But he was holding her hand; he had slipped it in at the last moment, just before the flash went off. And it was visible in the photo.

But while that picture was one she loved, it was not her favorite. She kept the favorite to herself, tucked between the cardboard backing of the frame and the photo. She slipped it out and gazed down at it.

Inuyasha's smile met her, his face almost hidden by his silvery hair, one fang gleaming in a wild, boyish grin, his white dog ears perky and alert. This was the one picture she had of his smile.

The only picture she would ever have.

Kagome sniffled quietly, crumbling forward against her knees and weeping, calling out his name. She wanted to curse him. She wanted to yell at him. She wanted to hold him.

If he were there before her she would've beaten against his chest, bopped his head, sat him until he couldn't breathe. And then she would hug him and not let go, never let go of him again, and finally tell him how much she loved him, and how much she wanted nothing more than to just stay by his side forever.

But that was impossible. No more.

Because Inuyasha had died. His body lay in a grave marked by a slab of rock with his name engraved in it, underneath the place he had asked.

And now, in her time, Inuyasha's remains rested at the foot of the Goshinboku.


The girl snapped up, brushing the tears away, and she slid the picture back into its frame, hidden from the rest of the world. It was her treasure, and she would share it with no one else. "Coming~"


Kagome stood in front of her new high school, looking up over the large building blandly. New students, from rival junior high schools and some from her own school, flocked about, chitter-chattering about new classes and new opportunities of the high school.

*Well, Inuyasha... minna...* Kagome thought, *I made it to high school. I wish you could see me now.*

~*~ To be continued ~*~

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