Forbidden Attraction, Secret Desires

Author: Temptress_Kitten17

Rated: R

Disclaimer: Don't own the characters of Sailor Moon, never will. I don't have a job, I just recently graduated from high school. I have NOTHING you would want, this computer isn't even my own. So don't sue!


" I am NEVER going to see him again!" I had declared at the young age of fifteen. I had been so sure of myself back then.

So naive to think that would be the last time I set foot in the house of my father, Ken Tsukino and his so called family. Of course I had been a brat back then. My personality could be described as the Princess within the family. I had to have nothing but the best, my mother's side had ensured that I would know nothing less. So it was never easy for me to simply adjust to my father's lifestyle and I would throw a fit if he tried to get me to actually accept what was offered. The food was never what I liked to eat, and if it was it would be cooked all wrong. I had to share a room with my so called step-sister, Raye, and listen to her inane chatter and the music that was definitely uncool to me and MY group of friends. Strangely enough, the only one in that house that I actually cared to see was...HIM. Darien Shields, my so called 'step-brother' had those amazingly deep blue eyes that seemed to see into my soul. His hair was jet black like his sister and his mother, Danielle's. He was taller than me, older by mere months only and I was inexplicably drawn to him, and he to me.

I don't know how to explain what I felt for him in the beginning, when we were first introduced to each other when I was nearly nine years old, and he already nine and a quarter. But I DEFINITELY did not see him as a BROTHER. No, I felt something else entirely for him. Of course, he seemed to sense something as well, because it was not long before we would steal moments away from a family gathering to simply be alone and talk. We both had pretty much figured out our parents and mocked the adults behind their backs. We told those jokes the adults thought we would not understand, we watched many of the TV shows adults considered to be too scary or too sexual in the jokes that were told. And Darien became a lifeline for me whenever I was forced to go up to that house with the fake happy family.

It was not long until we started ' playing doctor' so to speak, and sneaking around during the night and early morning as we both neared the age of thirteen. We never did that much really, after all, we had not even hit puberty. No, it was more a way of satisfying a curiosity we both had. But then things went all wrong for me when I turned thirteen and began to argue with my father constantly. Also, my mother had decided to move to a bigger city with me and my younger brother, Sammy. And so I left my old life behind and did not even try to contact my father again until I was fifteen. It was more or less because he was showering Sammy with all this attention, taking him to the carnival and buying him many games for his collection. I suppose I was being a bit spoiled, but I know that deep down, I wanted to go solely because Darien was there too. We were both older and yet the attraction was even stronger than the last time I had seen him. He had tried to ignore it, while I had embraced it. Perhaps it was because I was single and had been forever, maybe it was because I was fifteen now and all my friends were already past first and second base, maybe I was just really horny. Whatever the reason, I was determined to have him touch me in some way before I left for home again.

So I stalked him in a skimpy little baby tee and a mini skirt. I made sure I wore no bra at all under any of my outfits. I had just begun to develop and had not even hit menarche yet, but I still knew I was hotter than before. When last he had seen me, I had been flat and thin and shorter than Raye, who was two years younger. Raye was also more developed than I was, but not as thin or as pretty. So I naturally got a little taste of what second and third base was like and I enjoyed every minute. We would sneak around in the dead of night, in either of our rooms. It was thrilling, forbidden and so much fun, but it was a pale shadow compared to what awaited me in a few years...

Darien and I had both recently graduated and I finally decided to forgive my father, for he had once again annoyed me to the point of my finally cutting him out of my life again for a year. He was actually making an effort now and so he surprised me and my now nearly fourteen year old brother Sammy by inviting us up to his place for the weekend, all expenses paid. I jumped at the chance. I told everyone, my mother, her side of the family, Sammy and my best friends that I was only going up there to see Raye, since she was now sixteen and would be more fun to hang around with. But the real reason guessed it, Darien.

I had been dating a guy named Andrew for a while, but things just weren't working out for me. I know how bad this must sound, but I only stayed with him so he could take me to my prom, so I had something to brag about to my friends and also for the very minimal of sexual experiences. I never did anything for him alone, and his skills were...well, I never once had an orgasm. I would just get bored after fifteen minutes of the same thing with no variation and I would fake it or say I was already worn out. I broke up with him before I even graduated from high school, promising myself that I would wait for a guy who knew how to push all the right buttons. And so, I was eagerly awaiting the day I would see Darien again. I was nearly eighteen now, almost completely legal age to do whatever I wished. That gave me freedom, liberation. I felt alive. I had grown up a lot since the last time I had seen Darien. I had a nice, comfortably large chest, a slim waist, slender hips and golden hair that shone. Gone was the awkward, shy teenage girl. Here was a stunningly beautiful young woman. A goddess of temptation, of seduction. A woman who now knew exactly how to get what she wanted...and I wanted Darien.