Forbidden Attraction, Secret Desires

Author: Temptress_Kitten17

Rated: R

Disclaimer: There really isn't a point to having a disclaimer when this is the very last chapter in this story. But regardless of how pointless it is, I don't own Sailor Moon.


It has been several weeks since I returned home. Sammy had his first co-ed birthday party back in October and proved to me that he has friends. But I really don't want to tease him anymore. In fact, I don't want to do much of anything. Darien and I call each other every night and we send each other E-mails but I still miss him terribly. It's almost my birthday. I'm going to be eighteen years old. Mom's taking me shopping and then my friends are throwing a party for me at Mina and Jack's new apartment. I know I should be excited but I'm just not. How can I be when the only one I truly want to spend my birthday with is a four hour drive away? I want Darien to be with me so much that it hurts! Even breathing in the scent of his cologne that I had sprayed onto my pillow case has worn off. I miss his touch, his scent.

On the day before my birthday I barely managed to get out of bed, shower, get dressed and face the day. I was just going through my usual pattern. I logged onto my account on the computer and checked my E-mail. There was mostly junk mail but there was one address that stood out. Darien had written to me saying that he wouldn't be able to call me on the phone tonight because something had come up and he had no choice but to cancel our phone date. I was devastated! It was the night before my birthday and he couldn't call me. Whatever he'd had to do couldn't have been as important as wishing me a happy birthday when he knew I wouldn't be available tomorrow to talk. I barely even heard the knock on my door, hoping that whoever it was would go away. I didn't want to deal with people today and I just wanted this day to be over.

But whoever it was at the door obviously didn't care what I wanted and they started to ring the doorbell. I groaned and got up from the computer chair and unlocked the door. But as I swung it open to yell at whoever was standing there I saw the same blue eyes and dark hair that had haunted my dreams. I blinked, trying to get my eyes to stop playing such cruel tricks on me. There was no way that Darien was standing before me. But the image didn't go away and I wanted to cry.

" Great. My eyes are playing tricks on me and I can't see straight! All I can see is my long distance boyfriend because I miss him so much. So could you please tell me who you are and what you want?" I asked, not caring if I sounded crazy. What happened next caused my legs to shake.

" Sere, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you." Darien said before stepping into the house.

" What about the E-mail I got today? You told me you were needed elsewhere tonight and wouldn't be calling me."

" Yes, and I conveniently omitted the part about 'elsewhere' being here with you. Call it an early birthday present."

I blinked back the tears that were welling up in my eyes. " How did you get here? How long are you staying for?"

I could not believe that Darien was here with me. Maybe I was dreaming. I pinched myself to make sure. OW! Nope, not dreaming. This was real.

" Would you believe me if I told you that my mom and Aunt Patricia found me a job and an apartment down here? She practically kicked me out of the house and told me that if I missed you so damn much that I should just move down here. Then she, my sister, your dad and everyone else in my family packed up my room into boxes and sent everything down here. They told me I had a job waiting for me at my uncle's garage where I can fix and restore cars while going to college with you next fall AND that there was an apartment waiting for me in the same building Cousin Vanessa owns. So I drove four hours to get here with only the clothes on my back because everything else was sent to my new place down here a few hours earlier. And before I even checked out my place I came here to the address my mother shoved into my hand before I left."

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed myself closer to him. I kissed him passionately. His scent, his taste, the way he felt against me; I couldn't get enough of him. And now he was here with me and we would never have to be separated again. After a few minutes I pulled away and stared deeply into those eyes of his. They had darkened with desire just as mine probably had.

" I love my birthday present."

" You've only received part of it Sere! Is anybody else home?"

I shook my head. " No, Sammy's at school and Mom said she had some errands to run. That was right after she received a phone call from someone who sounded a lot like your mother."

Darien shut and locked the front door. Then, before I even had time to react, he picked me up and carried me upstairs to my bedroom.

" Then I can give you the rest of your present." Darien set me down on my bed and kicked off his shoes before laying beside me and gathering me into his arms once more.

" I love you Darien." I sighed as he wound his hands into my hair.

" I love you too Serena."

And then Darien proceeded to show me how much.


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