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Chapter 1 --Love and Loss--

Giles sat on the couch in the living room waiting for Buffy. He was looking around the room when his eyes fell on a picture sitting on the mantel. He got up and walked over to it. He picked it up and studied it. It was the picture taken two weeks after he had brought Willow back from England.

He smiled as he remembered that day. They had all gone to the park for a picnic and Xander and Anya had announced that they had worked things out and were getting married. "For real this time" Xander had said smiling. 'Wow' He thought 'that meant they had been married for almost five years now.' He looked down at his watch and saw it was 7:25.

"We're going to be late if you don't hurry" He yelled up the stairs smiling because she was always late.

"Ten more minutes, I promise" Buffy hollered down to him. He smiled to himself as he walked back over to mantel; he picked up the picture again and smiled.

'That was a great year' He thought. They opened the new high school just in time for Dawn to start her senior year. And then Principal Wood had given Buffy that job as a consoler, and Willow went back to college.

They had not faced any big bad that year or the next. They closed the hell mouth for good three years ago. Now Buffy just did her regular patrol around the grave yards but there just wasn't as many vampires or demons any more.

He put the picture down and put his hand in his pants pocket. He's figures closed around the soft velvet box that had the ring in it he was going to give to Buffy tonight. He and Buffy had been together for almost a year now and he was so happy. He couldn't believe his luck.

"I'm ready" She called as she closed the bathroom door. He walked over to the bottom of the stairs and looked up at her. His breath caught in his throat.

"Wow!" He said smiling at her.

"It's not to much, is it?" Buffy asked fingering the beautiful red dress she was wearing.

"No" Giles said taking her hand and leading her the rest of the way down the stairs "You look absolutely lovely" he said looking lovingly into her eyes.

"Thank you" She said blushing a little. "So where are we going?" She asked again for the hundredth time.

"You'll see" he said opening the door and ushering her out. As soon as she was out the door the wind hit her and she shivered.

"It sure is cold for September" She said hugging her self.

"Yes it is" Giles said as he took off his jacket and put it over her shoulders. He unlocked the door and opened it for her and she got in. She reached across the driver's seat and unlocked his door. He got in and they were off.

"Dawn called" Buffy said smiling at him

"What did she have to say?" Giles asked as she fiddled with the radio.

"She says school is going well" Buffy said reaching across and putting her hand on Giles hand after she found her station. "Wesley says 'Hi' as well" Buffy said smiling. When Dawn had been accepted into USC she had gotten in touch with Angel, Cordy and Wesley. They hung out and Angel 'kept his eye on her' for Buffy. "She said she's coming home for the weekend"

Giles nodded happy that Dawn would be there when they told every one. "What is she majoring in now?" Giles asked smiling. Dawn was a very bright student and got almost all A's but she didn't seem to know what she wanted to do.

"She says she wants to be a teacher now" Buffy said "She was talking to Anya and she told her how much she love's it and now that's what she wants to do"

"She would be a good teacher" Giles said.

"Yeah I thought so too" Buffy said

"Has Anya told Xander she's pregnant?" Giles asked smiling at the thought of his slayer pregnant some day.

"No" Buffy said giggling "I talked to her yesterday and she's telling him tonight when he gets back from work" She looked down at her watch "Which should be any minute."

Giles smiled as he pictured Xander's face after she told him. He couldn't wait to see him so he could give them the great news.

Buffy set her fork on her dessert plate and took a sip of her wine. She looked up and smiled at Giles. He looked so happy; Buffy could still hardly believe it was her sitting her across from Giles in the Moon Light Cove. It was the one place in Sunnydale known for being the place to take your girl to propose to. She just hoped that was what they were here for.

"Would you like to dance?" Giles said smiling at her.

"Yes I would love to" She said standing with him and walking onto the dance floor. As soon as they stepped onto it their song started and she and Giles swayed softly to the music. Then when the chorus started Giles began to sing softly in her ear.

"One- you're like a dream come true, Two - just wanna be with you, Three- Girl its plain to see that you're the only one for me, and Four- repeat steps one to three, Five- make you fall in love with me If ever I believe my work is done then I start back at one..." As the chorus ended he pulled away a little and smiled down at her.

'Oh here we go' Giles thought as she smiled up at him.

'Oh here he goes" Buffy thought as she smiled up at him.

The song continued to play in the back round as Giles backed up a little and knelled down on one knee. He smiled up at her and put his hand in his pocket to retrieve the ring.

"Buffy" he said opening the box out in front of him

"Yes?" She said looking down at him with tears glistening in her eyes.

"You have made me the happiest man in the world when you told me you loved me for the first time" She smiled at him as she remembered. "But you would make me the happiest man in the universe if you would agree to be my wife"

She smiled down at his as the tears streaked down her cheek. She put her hand on his check and nodded.

"Yes" She said nodding again "yes, yes, yes" She said as he stood and took her in her arms. Then a cheer broke out and Buffy realized they had an audience. She looked around and blushed. Giles stepped back and took the ring out of the box and slipped it onto her finger.

"Oh! It's beautiful" Buffy said as she looked down at it. It was a dark green emerald on her finger. 'He knows me so well' she thought 'he knew I wouldn't want a diamond' she reached up and put her arms around his neck as they started the music again and they danced.

Buffy and Giles walked up the drive way to her house. Buffy was leaning on him and smiling, it seemed she couldn't stop smiling, which was just fine with Giles.

"Are you staying?" Buffy asked as she opened the door.

"Of course" he said following her through. "Shall we call every one tomorrow?" He asked as they headed up the stairs.

"Yes" Buffy said giggling "We'll have a Scooby meeting. Dawn should be here around 12:00"

"Ok" Giles said as they slipped into her room. Buffy sat down on her bed and took off her shoes. "Can we have a May wedding?" Buffy asked smiling up at him.

"Anything you want" Giles said sitting down next to her.

"Anything?" Buffy said smiling suggestively up at him. He smiled at her and she giggled.

"Anything" He said again as he cupped her head in his hand and kissed her.

Giles was awoken the next morning to a noise in the bathroom. He got up and pulled on a pair of sweat pants and walked over to the door.

"Buffy are you alright?" He asked as he knocked lightly on the door. There was a second then she opened the door smiling up at him.

"Yeah I'll be fine" She said as she walked over and sat on the bed "I think something didn't agree with my stomach."

"You're sure your ok?" Giles said smiling at her. She always looked so good in the morning before she put on her makeup and did her hair.

"Yeah I'm fine" She said as he stomach growled "And hungry apparently" She said smiling at him.

"Well, eggs or pancakes?" He asked as he put on a shirt and headed to the door.

"French toast" She said to him as he walked out. She smiled to her self as she got her stuff ready to take a shower. She looked down at her hand. The ring looked so good there on her finger, and it fit like it was molded there. She was so happy as she climbed into the shower, she couldn't wait to tell every one.

Dawn was the first one there, and the first one to see the ring on Buffy's finger. She didn't say anything though; she knew her sister would want to tell every one at once.

She walked over and gave Giles a hug and took her things up to her room. She could hear Buffy and Giles talking down stairs and smiled. It was a long time coming and she was so happy for her sister. She walked back down a few minutes later to find Buffy and Giles talking with Willow who had just shown up.

"Hey Dawnie" She said smiling at her. "How is school going?"

"Oh it's great" She said hugging her. "I changed my major" She said sitting down next to her.

"To what?" Willow said smiling at the fact that she had changed it again.

"I'm going to be a teacher" She said smiling happily

"That's great" Willow said "I think you'll be a very good teacher"

"So do I" Buffy said grinning at her sister. There was a knock at the door and before Buffy could even get up Xander and Anya came walking in. Xander was all smile's and Buffy was sure it had to do with he's news.

"Hey Buff" Xander said sitting down in the big love sit.

"Hello you guys" Buffy said. Giles came walking in with a tray of tea and sat it down. Every one was talking to Dawn. Giles came over and sat down next to her he smiled at her and she cleared her throat. They all stopped taking and looked at her.

"I have something to tell you guys" She said smiling

"Me too" Xander said smiling big "But you go first" He said nodding to Buffy.

"Ok" Buffy said taking a deep breath "Giles and I got engaged last night" No sooner did she have the words out did Dawn, Willow and Anya jumped up to hug her.

"It's about time" Willow said smiling at Giles.

"Oh this is so exciting" Dawn said she looked over at Buffy "Can I be in the wedding?"

"Of course you will" Buffy said. Xander stood up and walked over bent down and gave her a big hug.

"I'm so happy for you" He said as he stood. He clapped Giles on the shoulder and said "Congratulations G-man"

"Thank you" Giles said as he smiled up at him ignoring the long time nickname.

"Ok our turn" Anya said from her seat.

"Ok go ahead" Buffy said smiling at Xander.

"We're having a baby" Anya said giggling a little. And then there where hugs and talking all over again. After every one had calmed down a little they had lunch and talked. It was nice to have every one home. They all stayed at Buffy's house till after dinner.

"We'll see you tomorrow right?" Xander asked as he got Anya's coat.

"Yeah I thought I'd stop by the Magic Box" Which with much help from Xander Giles had reopened almost four years ago. Buffy stood by the door with Giles smiling.

"We're so happy for you" Anya said hugging Buffy.

"Well we're very happy for you too" Buffy said smiling at her. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Ok" Xander said opening the door "Bye" They walked down the drive and got into their car.

"I think I'll go too" Willow said getting up. "Been a long day" She smiled at Buffy. "Man this is going to be so fun"

"I know I can't wait" Buffy said hugging her friend. Willow left and Giles and Buffy walked back into the living room were Dawn had fallen asleep on the couch.

"Dawn" Buffy said shaking her shoulder a little "Dawnie wake up so you can go to bed" She said smiling.

"That's a bit of an oxymoron don't you think" Dawn said as she rolled over and smiled at her sister.

"Yeah what ever" Buffy said smiling at her "Go to bed"

"Ok" Dawn said smiling. "Good night Giles"

"Good night, I'll see you tomorrow" he said

"Ok" She said as she headed up the stairs and out of site.

"Are you going to go too?" Buffy asked pouting at him

"Yes" Giles said pulling her over to him "I'll come over first thing in the morning" He smiled down at her. They walked over to the door and said their good nights.

"I love you" He said kissing her forehead.

"I love you" She said smiling at him. He kissed her once more then headed to his car. She smiled at him and waved as he drove away. She shut the door and locked it. She walked into the living room and was going to clean it when she felt a wave of tiredness hit her. She headed up to bed, changed and crawled into bed falling asleep as soon as her head was on the pillow.

Giles got out of the car and frowned when he saw a car he didn't recognize in his drive. He walked up to the door only to find it unlocked. He looked around then went in, he walked to his front room and sitting on his couch was Quentin Travis.

"Hello Rupert" he said smiling at him with that overly fake smile.

"What do you want?" He asked as he walked over and sat down across from him.

"We heard you just got engaged" He said losing his 'smile'

"Yes I did" Giles said knowing where this was going

"Now what we can't figure out is way you would do something like that against our orders?" Quentin said looking Giles in the eyes.

"I don't take orders from you and nether does my Slayer" he said trying to control his temper.

"Yes well we can see that" Quentin said smirking at him "Let me give you some advice then" He said standing up "Break it off"

"I will not" Giles said standing as well. "I WILL marry her and there isn't a bloody thing you can do about it" He said barley containing himself.

"Rupert please as your friend" he started

"My friend" Giles said sarcasm dripping from his voice "You have never been my friend"

"Fine then, have it your way" He said walking towards the door "But we can and will see an end to this"

"Get out" he said pointing to the door "And stay away from Buffy and me" Giles slammed the door after Quentin and sat down and wondered what they thought they could possibly do to a slayer. He sighed and got up to call Buffy.

"No, I'm fine" Buffy said and smiled. "No, no ones been here" She paused and listen to Giles "Ok I won't let anyone in...Giles is something wrong? Did something happen?" She listened as Giles told her about Quentin and how he was just making sure she was ok. "Ok Giles, have a good night...I love you too" She hung up the phone and laid back down. She hoped that stupid Quentin didn't do anything she couldn't fix.
As Buffy and Giles lay sleeping in bed five Counsel Members sat in a circle at the hotel down the street.

"Are we ready?" Quentin asked the others there.

"Yes" They all said.

"I'm not," someone said raising his hand. "I don't see why this is necessary. They're not hurting any one"

"It is necessary" Quentin said shaking his head "We have foreseen her death"

"So?" He said, "All slayers die"

"So it's happens because she is trying to protect Rupert" Quentin said "And if she dies who are we left with?"

"Faith" He said. Faith was better now she was on their side, but she was even more uncontrollable then Buffy was. He nodded his head knowing there was nothing he could do to change their minds.

"Good, then we can get started." Quentin said pulling out the picture of Buffy and Giles he had taken from Rupert house. They all cleared their minds and Quentin started the chant. As they all joined in a light started to radiate around them. They continued to chant and the just got brighter and brighter till Quentin said the last words and the light seemed to explode and fly out the windows and door.

"Now we wait," Quentin said looking around at them all.

As Buffy laid in her bed the light slithered into her room. It flew to her first wrapping all around her. As it was in her removing all her memories of her and Giles it found something it didn't know how to remove so it moved on. It also implanted new memories for what had been happening for the last year. As it left the beautiful ring on her finger faded. It went all around the house finding all the pictures of Buffy and Giles together, it altered some and made some just disappear. The light found letters and presents and anything else that had to do with Buffy and Giles.

After it was done at Buffy's it traveled to all her friends to get rid of all the memories of their relationship. It even wet all the way to LA to change some of the things in Dawns dorm room and stopped off at Angels to alter their memories as well.

The last place it went was Giles. He was by now asleep in his room. It did the same to him as it had to Buffy. Went all threw the house and found all the pictures and stuff. After it got the last thing it slowly disappeared into nothingness. Giles turned over in his sleep not knowing what was going on around him.

Buffy was once again woken by the need to be sick. As she ran to the bathroom she passed Dawn in the hall.

"You ok?" She asked following her in and holding her hair for her.

"I don't know what's wrong with me" Buffy said "I feel fine now" She said standing and grabbing her toothbrush.

"I'm going to make some breakfast" Dawn said "You hungry?"

"Yeah I could eat" Buffy said thinking it was weird that she was hungry now and she had just gotten sick.

"I was thinking French toast" Dawn said smiling at he sister.

"Yeah ok that sounds good," Buffy said putting he toothbrush down and washing her hands. As she was drying them she looked down at her ring finger.

'I feel like I'm forgetting something' she thought to her self as she walked back to her room. She looked down at her hand 'But what?' she thought as she threw on some clothes and walked down stairs.

"I still can't believe Anya and Xander are going to have a baby" Dawn said poured some milk into the eggs.

"I know" Buffy said smiling "Xander will make a great dad though"

"Yeah he will" Dawn said, "I have to go back to school a little early"

"Why?" Buffy asked man she hated having Dawn so far away

"I have a date," She said in a whisper

"Wait what was that?" Buffy asked giggling "I thought you would never love again after that pig Steven dumped you?" Buffy teased

"Well this guy is different" Dawn said smiling. Then she looked at her sister and frowned "When are you going to go out?" She asked "You haven't been out sense this summer when I dragged you on the double date"

"Yeah and the guy was a total bore" She said looking at her sister "I don't have time to date, I have work and patrolling and I just don't see any point"

"Fine" Dawn said knowing it was better not to argue with her sister "Giles called"

"What did he have to say?" she asked smiling.

"He said that you should meet him at the Magic Box at 1:00" Dawn said dishing her sister some French toast.

"Thanks" Buffy said taking a bite. "Didn't you put any cinnamon in the eggs?" She asked

"No I didn't know you cooked them like that" Dawn said taking a bite of her own.

"I don't, Giles does" She said with out thinking about it.

"When has Giles ever made you French toast?" Dawn asked smirking at her sister.

"I...he hasn't" She said looking bewildered.

"Then how do you know how he cooks them?" Dawn asked

"I don't know" Buffy said again getting the feeling that she was missing something. "So when are you leaving?" She asked to change the subject.

"Tomorrow morning" She said smiling at her sister. "I'm having lunch with Willow today while you train then we're all going to have dinner."

"Ok sounds good," Buffy said "I'm going to take a shower" She walked over to the stairs. "You gonna be here when I get out?"

"No I have some shopping to do" Dawn said "I'll see you at dinner at Xander's"

"Ok" Buffy said walking up the stairs.

Giles sat and watched as Buffy thrashed the dummy and not for the first time wished she'd just leave the slaying up to Faith.

"Buffy you know the hell mouth in closed" Giles broached the subject again.

"I know Giles I just can't stop fighting when I have the means" Buffy said thinking 'this must be the hundredth time he's told me this.'

"Right, I know" Giles said smiling at her "I just wish" but Buffy stopped him.

"Now, now no wishing you never know who might be listening" Buffy said giggling. Giles smiled at her as she walked over to him and smiled up at him. He had the sudden urge to bend down and kiss her. He shook his head 'where the hell had that come from' He wondered.

"You ok" Buffy asked looking up at the funny face Giles was making.

"Hum? Oh yes I'm fine" Giles said trying not to blush at the thoughts that had just ran through his head.

"Giles are you...are you blushing?" Buffy asked trying not to laugh.

"What? No" He turned and walked towards the door. "I think its time for a break."

"Ok" Buffy said smiling after him.

The day went by quickly; they had dinner and movies at Xander's house. They all left around 11:00 and on the way home Dawn told Buffy a little about Jarred the guy she had a date with.

"He's really sweet" Dawn said smiling "He's in my Child Care class, he just loves kids and want to have at lest three"

"Wow talking about kids already?" Buffy asked smiling

"Well we were talking about it in class" Dawn said blushing a little.

"Well I'm glad you're over the whole 'Steven' thing," Buffy said as she pulled into the drive.

"What time are you leaving tomorrow?" Buffy asked as they got out of the car.

"About 9:00" Dawn said as Buffy opened the door.

"Ok well I'll see you in the morning" She said as they headed up the stairs. "Are you going to see Angel or Wesley any time soon?"

"Yeah I'm having dinner with Angel on Tuesday" She said smiling at her sister. "We have dinner almost every week. He insists it's because he likes hang out with me but I'm sure he's just looking out for me" She said smirking at her sister

"Well I don't know where he would get an idea to do a thing like that" Buffy said smiling at her sister.

"Uh-huh" Dawn said glad her sister was still there to look out for her. Not that she would ever tell Buffy that.

"Well tell them all I said Hi" Buffy said "Good night"

"Night Sis" Dawn said as Buffy closed her door.

Dawn woke the next morning to a weird noise and rolled over 'man its only 7:40 what the hell is Buffy doing up?' She sat up and listened closely then realized Buffy was being sick again.

She walked out and over to the bathroom and knocked on the door. She opened it and walked in. Buffy was sitting on the floor by the toilet looking a little green

"Ok I think its time you went to the doctors" Dawn said helping her sister up. "You hardly ever get sick like this"

"Yeah ok" Buffy said brushing her teeth. "I'll go right after I see Giles" Buffy said.

"Ok" Dawn said walking back towards her room. "Since I'm up I'm going to get ready to go"

"Ok" Buffy said. She walked into her room and decided she wanted to take a bath so she went over got her stuff ready and went into the bathroom.

She felt much better when she got out. Dawn was sitting down stairs watching TV on the couch.

"You leaving?" Buffy asked smiling at her sister

"Yeah" She said standing. They hugged and Buffy walked her to the door. "You promise to go to the doctors?" Dawn asked

"I promise" Buffy said smiling at her sister "I'm sure there's nothing to worry about"

"Well call me and let me know" Dawn said

"Ok" Buffy said "Drive safe" She waved as her sister drove off down the street and out of sight. 'There's nothing wrong with me' Buffy thought as she shut her door 'I'll be just fine'

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