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Epilogue –Eight years later...October 15, 2017

"Beth Jewels Giles you hold still" Buffy said pulling her daughter closer to her. She pulled the dress over her head and sat her down. "Now you sit right here till it's time to go upstairs"

"Fine" She said crossing her arms.

"Anne" Buffy called looking around the little room in the basement of the church. "Sweetie where are you?"

"I'm right here Mummy" A little voice said from the top of a little play house.

"How is your story?" Buffy said picking her and her book up off the house and carrying her over to her sister.

"Great!" Anne said sitting down very nicely in her dress. Buffy smiled at her remembering the first time she had found Anne reading a book.

-----December 12, 2011

"Are the girls down for there nap?" Buffy asked smiling over at Giles.

"Yep" he said nodding at her. "They went down really easy today"

"Oh no" Buffy said shaking her head and smiling.

"What?" Giles said looking at her funny.

"They only do that when they're getting up to something" Buffy said standing up and walking towards the stairs.

"Buffy I'm sure there just..." But he stopped talking when he heard the crash from upstairs. He jumped up and was right behind Buffy. They were up the stairs and into the girl's room in two seconds flat.

Beth and Anne were sitting on the floor and Anne had a book in her lap that she had pulled off the shelf along with three other books.

"What are you two doing?" Buffy said standing there in the door way watching them.

"I'm reading to Beth" Anne said holding up the book as best she could. She turned back to the book and started to read to Beth.

"What did she do?" Buffy asked looking to Giles. "Memorize the text?" Anne looked up and shook her head.

"No Mummy I'm reading" She said.

"Honey when did you learn to read?" Buffy asked still a little skeptical.

"Now and then" She said smiling "I can read really" She insisted. Buffy smiled and walked over to the book case.

"Ok honey" She said pulling down one of the bigger older people books they got for when the girls where older. "Read this for Mommy" Anne opened to a page and read out load to Buffy and Giles.

"Wow" Giles said shaking his head he looked at Beth. "Honey can you read?"

"Not as good as Anne" She said smiling "But she's teachin' me"

"I told you those child books would be no good" Giles said smiling.

"Well" Buffy said standing and walking over to Giles "I guess you were right"

"As usual" Giles said kissing Buffy on the head. "Girls as much as I love that you can read you do need to take a nap"

"Ok" they said at the same time. They jumped up and climbed into their beds. They had moved up from cribs at only a year old.

"See you in a little while" Buffy said closing the door.

"K" Anne said smiling.

"See you" Beth said cuddling up to her teddy. Buffy closed the door and she and Giles started down the stairs.

"Well three years old and reading" Buffy said shaking her head and giggling "Can you imagine what they'll be doing at 10?"

"God I don't even what to think about it" Giles said putting his arms around Buffy.

---------- Now

"Where is Daddy?" Anne asked sitting down with her book.

"He's upstairs with uncle Spike" Buffy said pulling Beth into her lap and fixing her hair.

"Ok" Anne said going back to her book. Beth turned around when Buffy was done with her hair.

"Where's Troy?" She asked wiggling out of Buffy's lap.

"He's upstairs with the other boys" Buffy said standing "Now that you two are dressed we can go wait with the other girls."

"Ok" Both girls said jumping up and taking one of Buffy's hands. Anne completely forgetting her book sitting there on the floor.

"Where's Tad?" Anne asked as they walked up the stairs.

"He's with the other boys too" Buffy said smiling at her girls.

"Ok" Anne said smiling at her. They walked over to the door marked 'Bride' and knocked. The door opened and Anya smiled out at them.

"Hi" She said moving so they could come in. As soon as they were through the door the girls let go of Buffy's hands.

"Willow!" They called running over to her. She bent down and they hugged her.

"Oh Dawn" Buffy said walking over to her sister. "You look beautiful" Buffy said wiping a tear away.

"Thanks" Dawn said smiling at her. "I can't get this stupid thing to work" Dawn said trying to get her vale just right.

"Here let me" Buffy said moving her hands. 'Wow' Buffy thought as she played with the veil 'It seems like it was just yesterday Dawn told me she was getting married.

--------December 25, 2016

"Buffy come over here I want to show you something" Dawn said getting up and walking into the other bedroom. She sat down on the bed and patted it for Buffy.

"Oh no, a sit down talk" Buffy said as she walked over "This can't be good"

"Well I know you didn't really approve of Spike when we first told you" Dawn started looking down at her hands where, now that Buffy looked, was a very nice Safire ring.

"Well I'll admit at first I didn't like the idea" Buffy said and seeing that Dawn was going to say something put her finger to her mouth. "Shh, I said at first" Buffy said smiling "I see how happy you two are, I know he's a good guy"

"He asked me to marry him" Dawn said holding out her hand.

"I'm very happy for you" Buffy said as silent tears ran down her face. "Mom would be too"

"Thanks" Dawn said smiling as Buffy pulled her into a hug. "Do you think I could get Giles to walk me down the aisle?"

"I'm sure he would be honored" Buffy said squeezing Dawn tightly. "I love you sis"

"Love you too" Dawn said happy Buffy approved.


"How did you do that?" Dawn said looking amazed.

"Oh you know...magic" She said smiling over at Willow. "So what time do you have?" She asked Anya.

"Its 20 minutes to twelve" Anya said smirking "How do you think the boys are doing?"

"I hate bow ties" Xander mumbled as he messed with his. "Stupid piece of..." He trailed off when his son looked up at him.

"What do you think?" He asked smiling.

"It looks good Dad" he said "Hey Tad what do you think?"

"It looks good" he said not even looking up from his book.

"Thanks a lot kid" Xander said ruffling his bright red hair.

"Oh bollocks!" Spike said from the other side of the room.

"What is it now?" Giles said coming around the corner.

"This stupid vest thing" Spike said throwing said vest to the ground.

"Oh come now it's not that hard" Giles said picking it up and helping Spike with it.

"So how is the priestess going to say the vows anyhow?" Xander asked looking at Spike "I mean you don't really have a last name"

"Well I do know" He said smiling "She's going to say William Thatcher"

"Ok" Xander said smiling "But I would have stuck with William the bloody"

"Oh you're funny" Spike said glaring at him. "Well what do you think boys?" He said to Troy and Tad

"It looks good" Troy said nodding his head.

"Nice" Tad said again not looking from his book.

"Man you are just as bad as Anne with those books" Xander said smiling at him.

"There's nothing wrong with reading" Giles said looking at Tad.

"Yeah ok" Xander said smiling "What ever you say" He looked down at his watch and smiled. "Looks like it's just about that time"

"God I feel like it was just me doing this." Giles said straitening Spike's shirt and tie. "How time flies"

"Yeah" Spike said running his hand through his hair.

"You know it looks better that way" Wes said as he walked into the room followed closely by his son Matt.

"What looks better?" Spike asked walking over to him.

"Your hair" Wes said smiling "It looks better sandy blond then that platinum blond"

"Really?" Spike asked looking around at the rest of them.

"Oh yeah" Xander said nodding his head.

"Most defiantly" Giles said smiling. Spike looked down at Troy and Tad.

"Don't ask us" Troy said shaking his head.

"Yeah, we never knew you had platinum hair" Tad said putting his book down and walking over to the rest of them.

"You two remember what to do now?" Spike asked looking down at them.

"Yep" They said at the same time. As every one was doing last minute things there was a knock at the door and Willow popped her head in.

"Hey Mom" Tad said smiling up at her.

"Hey kiddo" Willow said smiling "Everyone descent?"

There was a choirs of 'yeah' and she walked in. "You lot almost ready?"

"Of course" Spike said grinning at her. "How do I look?"

"Great" Willow said "You need to go stand out there with the priestess along with you three" She said pointing to Giles, Wes and Xander.

"What about us?" Tad asked

"I'm staying here with you till your part" Willow said smiling as she bent down to straiten Tad's tie. "You two look so cute!" She said hugging both of them.

"Ah mom" Tad said stepping back "Don't winkle my jacket."

"Sorry" Willow said smiling she turned to Matt. "You can go sit with your mom, ok?"

"Alright" Matt said turning to his dad. Who was going that way. "See you two at the party" He said to Tad and Troy.

"K" Troy said turning to his Dad. "Have fun"

"Right back at ya kiddo" Xander said smiling. He walked out the door and it was just Willow and the boys.

"Mom" Tad said sitting down to wait "Do a trick?" Ever sense the kids were little Willow had always been doing her 'tricks' for them.

"What should I do?" Willow asked sitting down in her red satin gown.

"Um...do the butterflies!" Tad said smiling at her.

"Ok" Willow said beaming down at them. She closed her eyes and held out her hand. The lights in the room dimmed a little and a little ball of light appeared on her palm. She opened her eyes and blew on the ball of light and as soon as her breath touched it butterflies burst from the light. The boys laughed as the butterflies flew around them and landed on their noses.

Willow grinned when she hears the music start up. She put her hands up in the air and when she brought them down again the butterflies were gone.

"Time?" Tad said getting up.

"Yep" Willow said getting up and walking over to the table. "Here are your pillows and the rings." She handed the pillows to them. "Now remember don't..." but the boys cute her off.

"We know 'Don't run" Tad said smiling

"And don't lose the rings" Troy said "can we go now?"

"You remember where you're supposed to go?" Willow asked

"Yep" They said at the same time.

"Well get going then" Willow said watching after them as they ran out the door. Willow sighed a contented little sigh and walked out the door to meet Buffy.

"You look wonderful" Spike said as he and Dawn danced out on the dance floor, for the first time as 'Man and Wife'.

"Thank you" Dawn said putting her head on his shoulder "You looked pretty good you're self"

"Thanks" Spike said kissing the top of her head. He leaned down at whispered something in her ear.

"No not yet" She said raising her head to smile at him. "I'll tell her when we get back" She put her head back on his shoulder and he looked around the room. Buffy smiled and waved at him from her table with Giles and the rest of the Scooby's. Every thing was perfect, the wedding had gone off without a hitch, and the reception was off to a good start.

"Daddy dance with me?" Anne asked smiling at Giles.

"Of course Sweetie" he said taking her hand and smiling at her. He led her out onto the floor and they danced.

"Xander?" Beth said looking up at him. "Will you dance with me?"

"Sure" Xander said taking her hand. Buffy smiled as she watched her girls out on the floor.

"So how are you feeling?" Buffy asked Anya who had only just found out she was having a very unexpected baby. Though they were very happy about it.

"I'm good" She said giggling a little. "Hopping for a girl"

"Yeah" Buffy said nodding her head a little sad. While the girls had come into the world just fine it had been very hard on Buffy's body and the doctors told her she wouldn't be able to have any more kids.

"How is Troy's leg?" Buffy asked as she sipped on her wine.

"Oh fine" Anya said smiling looking out towards the twins. So far in there lives the girls had had very little need to use their gift. But two weeks ago Troy had fallen, well he sort of fell, out of a tree while he was at Buffy's house and the girls had taken in upon themselves to heal him completely.

--------October 1 2017

"Troy you get out of that tree right now!" Buffy called from the base of the tree. "Your mom will have a fit if she finds you up there."

"I can't" He said from the very top of the 11 foot tall tree. "I can't climb down"

"Why not?" Buffy asked as the girls walked down next to her.

"He's scared mommy" Anne said taking her hand.

"I'm scared" he yelled back down at her.

"Told you" Anne said nodding her hand.

"I'll go get him" Beth said heading for the tree.

"No you won't" Buffy said pulling her back. "I will, you two sit right here and wait"

"Ok" Beth said sitting down and looking up at Troy. Buffy walked over to the tree and swung her leg up and over a branch and started up.

"Just stay there Troy I'm coming to get you" Buffy said climbing up the tree with little problem.

"Ok" Troy said looking down at her. Buffy made it up to him in a few second and told him to climb onto her back.

"Hold on tight ok?" Buffy said turning so he could climb on.

"Ok" Troy said smiling a little. "A piggy back ride in a tree"

"Right" Buffy said "You on?"

"Yep" Troy said nodding his head.

"Alright" Buffy said starting down the tree. She made it down to the very last branch about 3 feet off the ground and she stopped. "Ok you get off then I'll climb down and you can jump off."

"Ok" Troy said climbing off of her. "I'll wait here"

"Right" Buffy said. She climbed down and turned around "Ok now just jump down." Buffy said looking down at the ground. It had just rained and the ground was farley soft, he should be fine.

When he landed and wouldn't get up Buffy knew something must be wrong. She walked over to him and saw the bad angle his leg was in.

"Oh damn it!" She said smiling at him. "You ok?"

"Yeah" He said looking down at him leg. "I think I broke it"

"Yeah me too" Buffy said nodding her head. 'He's taking this to well for an eight year old' Buffy thought a little sad. 'He's just a little desensitized when it comes to things like this.' She thought looking at the three kids. 'After all they saw Buffy come home with a broke something or others all the time.

"I'm going to go call your mom then the doctors" She said shaking her head. "Don't move"

"Ok" He said looking at the girls and smile big. Buffy walked up towards the house and the twins walked over to him.

"Does it hurt?" Beth asked looking down at his leg.

"Yeah alittle" He said gritting his teeth. "Ok maybe a lot"

"We could help" Anne said looking at her sister.

"Right" Beth said walking to the other side of his leg. "Hold still" He just looked at the two of them a little weird but he didn't move. Both girls put the hands on his legs and smiled.

"Its broken here" Beth said pointing to a spot on his leg.

"And here" Anne said pointing to another. "You really did a good job on it" Beth said echoing something she had once heard her mom say. "Close you eyes."

"K" Troy closed his eyes and the girls clasped hands and put there other hand on his leg. It got a little tingly then it just stopped hurting. "You done?' He asked opening his eyes.

"Yep" Anne said nodding her head. Just then Buffy walked out the door and down towards them.

"Ok I called your mom and she's going to meet us at the hospital. The doctor is waiting for us" Buffy said looking down at the three of them.

"We don't need to" Beth said smiling a little. "He's fine"

"What do you mean..." She trailed off as she looked between girls. "You mean you...?"

"Yep" Beth said proud of them. "It was really easy"

"Oh wow" Buffy said sitting down on the grass. "I think we need to talk to daddy"

"Yeah I figured" Anne said looking at Buffy. "You're not mad, right?"

"No" Buffy said smiling at all three of them. "Not at all"


Willow and Tad came walking over to their table. Willow sat down and Tad jumped around the little table with too much energy.

"Honey, go see if Anne wants to dance" Willow said smiling at him.

"Ok Mom" Tad said running off towards Giles and Anne. A few seconds later Giles came back smiling.

"I've been replaced" He said sitting down and picking up his wine.

"Oh poor thing" Buffy said giggling "It was bound to happen eventually" Giles smiled at her and laughed.

"Man I'm just too old for all this dancing" Xander said as he sat down next to Anya.

"Where's Beth?" Buffy said looking around.

"She's dancing with Troy" Xander said pointing towards the two little couples out on the dance floor next to Spike and Dawn.

"Where's Matt?" Buffy asked looking over at Fred who had just sat down. She smiled and pointed over to a corner off the room where Matt was sitting with his sisters.

"Man they grow up so fast" Buffy said watching her girls out on the floor.

"I know" Giles said putting his hand on her shoulder. "Dance with me love?"

"Of course" Buffy said taking his hand and walking out onto the dance floor with him.

"Things have turned out very well" Buffy said smiling at Dawn. She put her head down on Giles shoulder and sighed.

"They're only going to get better" Giles said smiling to himself about the secret he knew Dawn had. "We should have a Halloween party when they get back"

"I think that's a good idea" Buffy said thinking back to one of her first Halloween here, when she had kicked the ass of the man now dancing with her sister. Will wonders never cease? A party sounded nice. "We can all dress up" She said kissing his cheek.

"Yes" Giles said smiling at her. "We can go as Romeo and Juliet"

"No" Buffy said liking this.

"No? How come?" Giles asked twirling her around.

"Because they didn't get a happy ending" Buffy said smiling at him.

"Ok" Giles said think about it "how about Jake and Rose? They had a good love" Giles said looking down at her.

"Ah but you forget Jake died at the end of that movie" Buffy said laughing a little "Your not very good at this"

"Oh right, ok give me a minute" Giles said thinking about it. "Ok I've got it"

"Ok, lay it on me" Buffy said smiling at him.

"Cinderella and Prince Charming" Giles said looking down at her.

"Ok I could live with that" Buffy said laying her head on his shoulder again. "Do you think we'll get our happily ever after?"

"Well I don't know about you but I've already got mine" Giles said looking over at his girls dancing next to them.

"Good answer" Buffy said pulling away a little. "Very good answer"

"I do try" Giles said kissing her.

"Oh no PDA on the dance floor" Beth said sticking her tongue out at them. "That's gross"

"We are just horrid" Buffy said smiling at Giles. "This is defiantly happily ever after"

"Yes" Giles said nodding "It certainly is"

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