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~:~I've Been Betrayed~:~

"Harry, get up!"

A moan.

"Potter, I mean it!"

A snore and ruffling sheets.


A thump, a bump, and a yelp of pain.

"Yes?,"came a sleepy, yet attentive reply.

Seamus came through the door.

"Harry, you sod, I've been calling for you for the last ten minutes!...You know Ron won't be happy if you get up late..."

'Oh no,'Harry thought,'That wasn't a dream.'

T'was seventh year. The second week, in fact. Only Tuesday.

...And yet so much has changed.

Since the middle of sixth year, Ron and Harry had become much closer than friends. They had gone beyond friendship, and into love.

Everyone thought it was adorable. The two were made for each other. Ron, the fiery red head. Harry, the mysterious brunette.

The two talked about anything and everything together. Anywhere Ron went, Harry was always nearby, and the other way around.

Of course, this brought up Ron's popularity in the wizarding world very much. In fact, it brought up popularity for the whole family. Molly and Arthur were congratulated on "having their son catch the best there is". Ginny, Charlie, Bill, Percy, and the twins were often recognized as being Harry's future family, once Ron decided it was time to settle down.

...And Ron couldn't have been happier.

Everywhere he went, he was bombarded by a hoard of girl and guys, asking him questions about the famous Weasley-Potter love life.

...But, lately, things hadn't been going so well.

Ron, being the dominant of the couple, was almost always in control. And he liked it that way...

...And he refused to go any other way.

If Harry wanted hugs, he waited until Ron wanted hugs.

If Harry wanted to kiss and snuggle by the fire, Harry waited until Ron wanted to.

If Harry wanted to sleep, he waited until Ron wanted to.

...And if it went any other way, things got nasty.

If Harry slept past Ron's set time, there would be no hugs.

There would be no kisses.

...Just harsh words.

Harry was having a hard time keeping up with Ron, as his redheaded lover did like to keep him up with his kisses.

Harry had been caught late a few days last week, and had not liked what had been done to him.

He had been forced with someone else for a night.

Whenever he disobeys, Ron picked a random boy or girl to make out with Harry, to let Harry know that

A)Ron was in control

B)Harry would never like another person like he liked Ron.

It was wearing him down. He could feel it every morning when he got up. With every step he took. Every night he went to sleep.

"It'll get better,"Harry whsipered to himself as he dressed,"I know it will."

~:~Great Hall~:~

Harry ran into the Great Hall, looking disheveled and flushed.

He scanned the Great Hall for the red head of hair that he loved so much.

"Where is he n-"

"Hey Potter!,"a voice called.

Harry turned to the Slytherin table, where the voice had come from.

...It was Pansy Parkinson...

She gestured towards the entrance to the Great Hall.

"Your boyfriend went that way,"she said, looking a bit sympathetic.

Harry, although surprised at her kindness, thanked her and left.

...He searched the classrooms.

And each one was empty.

"Where could he-"

Harry was cut off by a contented moan.

'I know that moan,'he thought,'But Ron wouldn't-'

Another moan.

Harry stopped in front of the Astronomy Tower door. The sounds were coming from in there.

He opened the door, not even prepared for what he saw.

His boyfriend...and his best friend...kissing.

Hermione had her hands wrapped around Ron'e neck as Ron's hands lay on her behind.

"Ron,"he whispered,"How could you?"

The two didn't even stop. They just kept going as Harry closed the door and ran, tears running down his cheeks and sobs wracking his body.

Ron pulled away at this moment.

"Did you hear something?,"Hermione asked.

"No,"Ron said, straightening his clothes,"Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be getting back to Harry."

Hermione's eyes glittered.

"Any time he doesn't make you happy, you know where to go,"she purred, winking at him.

"Of course, love. Of course."

~:~End of Chapter One~

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