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-:-A light of life comes-:-

As Poppy and Draco watched, the young and almost Dying Hary Potter coughed up copious gobs of blood It was not the best of signs, but it meant that the fallen angel had come back to the land of the livng.

The blood stained, dried lips moved, trying to request something.

"Wa...water,"he hacked out, blood staining his sheets as Poppy struggled to keep up and clean them.

Harry supressed the urge to cough up more blood, and made a potion to sit up, only to have Madame Pomphrey push hm down gently.

"You need rest, boy,"she exclaimed,"Draco, go get him water."

The blonde jetted away, feeling tears come to his silver eyes. The boy he'd lusted after for years had almost died in his arms. However, with a little muggle inginuity, and a bit of faith in his skills to heal, the green eyed angel had returned to him.

'He's really alive,'was his only true though, racingthrough a sea of incherent ones. He didn't care about getting back to the dorm on time, or pleasing his fellow SLytherins anymore. He didn't care that Voldemort was still at large, and that his father would kill him for saving his master's enemy.

The blonde practically spoonfed the raven haired boy his water. Every time some went down, it came back up, mingled with more blood than he would rather have seen.

As the green eyed boy gave up on water, and simply plopped his head back into te pillows, the doors bust open, and people began to flood the room.

Headmaster Dumbledore was the first, a deathly look in his usually twinkling blue eyes.

Professor McGonagall came after, her face tears stained, and her eyes livid

Professor Snape strode in behind her, his usual cold demeanor slightly melted, and a grimace of sorow curling his lips.

Behind them all was a large, barking, fierce looking mongrel. It was black, and much larger than any muggle dog Draco had ever seen in his life.

...And he guarded the faces no one wanted to see...

Hermione Granger, looking confused, and not the least bit as confident as when Ron had been groping her.

Ronald Weasley, looking crazed and filled with fury.

"I didn't do anything,"he insisted,"Let me go!"

"Shut it, Weasley,"McGonagall snapped.

"Into the back room,"Poppy instructed, still tending to Harry,"Once I make sure he won't cough up anything else, I'll meet you all back there."

They waited for what seemed hours, even thought it was only five minutes, before Poppy bustled in.

"We'll leave him in Mr. Malfoy's care for now,"she declared,"He's a smart lad. He'll know what to-"

"Let's cut to the chase,"Severus snapped,"Potter was brutally beaten, poisoned, and nearly killed. The result; someone has to be punished-"

"It's Malfoy's fault!,"Ron insisted,"He's been spyingon Harry for years! He probabaly planned to take him away from me!"

"Quiet!,"Dumbledore hissed in anger, aking shivers run down the redhead's spine.

"Harry was poisoned?,"Hermione asked softly, seeming to be in a bit of a daze.

"It was a very complicated poison,"Snape said,"Something I think only you would;ve accomplished."

"But, I....,"Hermione began,"I'd never-"

As Severus was about to snap at her, Albus stopped him.

He saw something in Hermione's eyes that made him think she was telling the truth.

Sparks of struggle and constraint.



Taking out his wand, Albus pinted it at Hermione's head and said ,"Finite Incantantum".

The sparks in Hermione's eyes went off again, but only with struggle shining now. She struggle through the curse, and made the truth shine through.

"Ron did it,"she said, her voice not even a whisper,"He made me poison him."

All, including the large black dog, turned to Ron.

The readhead simply smirked, and gave them all a smug look.

"He deserved it,"he insisted,"I should've done it years ago. No one wants him anymore. They want me."

The black dog, once with wagging tail and cold nose, changed before their eyes.

Within a split second, Ron was nailed to the floor, with Sirius Black strangling him with every ounce of strength he could muster.

"You utter bastard!,"Sirius yelled in his face,"He was your best friend! Your lover!"

"He was a slut,"Ron coughed,"Nothing by my own person whore-"

"Sirius get off of him,"Minerva snapped, wrenching the anumagus off of the redhead,"We don't want you bak in Azkaban for a real murder."

Sirius huffed in anger, and looked ready to jump Ron again. He may not have been able to stop this from happening, but he could very well kill the person who made his godson suffer.

"Ronald Weasley,"Albus began,"I find you you guilty of using an Unforgivable on a fellow student."

Ron's face paled.

"But...Malfoy made m! I-"

"I find you guilty of brutally beating a fellow student."

"I'm telling you, it was-"

"I find you guilty of concoting poisons outside of a potions classroom, witht he intent of murder."

Ron stayed silent.

He knew what was coming next.

"Ronald Weasley, I hereby expell you from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

In the next room, Draco could hear every bit of the conversation. It brought light into his day, along with Harry's soft breathing.

"Mal...foy,"the green eyed angel croaked out, his voice raspy,"W..why-"

"Shhh,"Draco said softly, stroking Harry's forehead,"Not now, sweet angel. Now, you must rest."

With those words, and a cmforting hand gripping hiw own, Harry fell into the world of sleep.

...And in his dreams, in that dark ocean he'd been drowning in, a light of life shone brightly...

-:-End Chapter Six-:-

Next Chapter Preview:

"Why did you do it, Malfoy?...Draco?"

"I had to."

"That's not a good enough answer-"

"Go back to sleep, Harry...Go back to sleep."

"You love me, don't you?"

"Potter, just-"

"You do, don't you?"

"Potter, I-"

"You dream of loving me better than Ron did. You want to treat me right, and make sure that I'm safe, and happy."

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