Live Revival


By Panny

Black. That was how he saw the world now. He had no one left, save for his mother. No father to look up to, no friends to turn to, and his mother would be gone soon as well, just like everyone else. His depression clung to him like a wet shirt to the back of a swimmer, and his mother wondered if sending him to the past had been such a good idea. Before he had gone, his life had a focus and a meaning. He had to defeat the androids. Now he had nothing, the word hope had left him forever.

Seeing a world that could have been had had a deep affect on Trunks. He had always accepted his world as what was, and what would always be, but he had been wrong. Now nothing seemed right to him anymore. He would sleep till late in the afternoon, and there were many times he never left his bed at all. His hair was long and unkept, and he would wear the same clothes for weeks at a time. His eating changed too. He went for days without eating and then he would eat as he never had before.

It seemed as if nothing could remove Trunks from this depression, but Bulma worked to help him none the less. She brought woman after woman from the office, those she thought might cheer him up, but none had any affect on him. He might sleep with them, but they never came back. Then one day Bulma woke up to find Trunks awake, his hair neatly tied back, his clothes fresh and his face clean.

"What's going on?" she asked as she sat next to him.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" Trunks replied, with a smile Bulma hadn't seen in years.

"Yes of course Trunks-chan. I'm just a little surprised, What happened?"

"Nothing really" he answered, "I just thought it was time for a change." Bulma was sure there was something else. She saw it in his eyes. They were like his father's had been in the little time they spent alone. Still she left him be for now. She didn't want to push him. He had already done enough to please her for the rest of her life with that momentary smile she had thought she'd never see again, she only hoped he did the same for himself.