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+++The Past+++

Within the dim lights of The Slytherin Club, Salazar Slytherin looked at the entryway expectantly, his fellow Slytherins muttering between themselves. This place was secretly made for only Slytherins. Right next to him, his fiancée, Flora Parkinson, was talking and flirting more than she usually did to let off her worry.

Just then, the muttering stopped as the doors were thrown open with a huge BANG. Two very large henchmen of his walked in, half-carrying, half-dragging a girl behind them. They threw her to Salazar's feet.

She sat up right away, looking up at him with distaste and disrespect in her dark eyes. This contact was broken when Flora Parkinson lightly touched his silver-blond hair, telling him to go on.

"Tell me your secrets, girl." Salazar said to the girl on the ground.

"I am seventeen, so therefore I am not a girl. I have no secrets." She said.

"Do not lie to me, Virginia. Tell me about your brother, Godric. How fares he?"

"Why do you call me Virginia?"

"Is that not your name?" he asked, his world circling on her.

"It is, but I am called Ginny by most."

"Is that not a 'mere girl' name?" he asked with a teasing smirk that made Flora touch his hair again. Inside, he sighed impatiently. He had no time for her pointless seducing!

"What do you want from me?" she said, emphasizing the word 'want' as if she had no time for his sarcasm.

"I want news of Godric. He has been very quiet lately."

"Why, that is because of something I cannot say in front of an audience such as this one."

Salazar's eyes narrowed suspiciously. Finally he looked up at the henchmen that had brought her here, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. He made a gesture to open up one of the side rooms. He carefully got out of his chair and made his way into the room, just to settle again in a chair. Ginny followed reluctantly and made a face when the doors were shut behind them.

They stared at each other from opposite ends.

"Tell me." Salazar demanded.

"No." Ginny said quietly.


"I said no. I will not betray my brother."

"I am only concerned for him. I shall not harm him."

"He is in love." She said quietly.

Salazar was silent. Then, "There is no harm in that."

"He is in love with a… well, a non-witch."

"A NON-WITCH?" he sputtered.

"A non-witch." She confirmed.

"No wonder why he has been so distant."

Ginny was silent for a few moments. "It's getting dark."

"You could always stay here. We have extra rooms—"

"I would prefer your men to take me home instead." She interrupted.

"All right. Get the carriage ready." He told a servant in the corner.

Ginny turned to leave with the servant.

Salazar couldn't take this anymore. "Ginny."

She turned. "Yes?"

"I… I've missed you."

"Salazar, we are forbidden to be together. You remember what happened as well as I do." He saw tears prick her eyes.

"Yes. Farewell, then." He said.

"Farewell." She said as Salazar kissed her one last time.

Salazar watched her close the door behind her. Suddenly, he said something although nobody was there.

"I never wanted you to cry."

+++The next day+++


He looked up as the door banged open.

"Salazar, the carriage and Godric's sister have been taken!"

Salazar stood up, knocking his chair over. "By whom?"

"None other than the Dark Lord," Goyle spoke too calmly for Salazar's taste.

"Voldemortist. Please, Goyle, say his name." He said absentmindedly. "Go."

Salazar turned to look out the window. Ginny… she would die. Voldemortist was close to his family, for Salazar's father worked for him. Perhaps he could talk Voldemortist into giving Ginny back to him? No. Voldemortist would not give Ginny back.

Suddenly Salazar turned, a mechanical smirk on his face. He was turning crazy. His eyes turned, looking for a savior. All he saw was his hourglass. Reciting a long curse under his breath, he touched it. He was cursing someone, somebody in his Slytherin line, and a girl, a girl named Virginia…

 The hourglass glowed with a bright, bright light, then went empty, the grains forever embedded into another time, neatly breaking into two pieces when Salazar sent them to the lake, only to be seen again centuries later.

That is how this story begins.


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