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            'Something is going horribly wrong,' Dumbledore thought, pushing himself off his chair. There was a feeling in the pit of his stomach, a horrible feeling. The feeling he had felt when Voldemort came back. He strode over to a forgotten, battered cabinet in his corner. It was dusty, made of worn leather and wood. One could easily look at it and not even guess that important, dangerous things were concealed in it. Dumbledore flung its doors open and immediately pulled out a round, glass ball. It was small, full of colourless fog. Another thing that was so unnoticeable and yet so dangerous. He ran his fingers carefully over it, voices echoing in his mind. One shouting that troubled him.

'My glass ball broke today, Headmaster. The girl Weasley and Draco Malfoy were there. The girl went unconscious…'

Suddenly the earth rolled, the glass ball turned hot and scorched his wrinkled palms, and Dumbledore pitched forward, the glass fell but miraculously didn't break. He stared at it for several moments, cradling his hands.

"It's happened," he whispered. "After all these years, the worst will happen again."

In that moment, Draco pulled away from Ginny almost immediately, feeling the earth roll but not feeling her react. He looked at anything but her while she stared in shock and fury.

"Why did you kiss me?" she asked, keeping herself as calm as she could.

He tilted his head away from her as if in shame.

"Answer, Malfoy."

Finally he answered, rather lamely, "Well, you weren't exactly acting like I was your enemy or anything…"

"Because you're not! How many times has Dumbledore told us the real enemy is Voldemort?" Her first kiss. Ever. And she didn't love him. He was going too fast, this was going too fast.

Suddenly, she felt her stomach push up her dinner and she ran out of the room to the girls' bathrooms. She ran down the halls quickly, bumping into several people but not caring. Ginny made it to the bathrooms barely, throwing up all over the sink. She shakily turned from it. Why did that happen? Still in her stomach was a horrible feeling, one of burning. A feeling she didn't like. The same feeling she had when Voldemort came back.

Later on that day she began to bleed. The kiss had taken her purity.

            The next four days passed in bleak darkness, the sky dark and stormy. Ginny found an unusual attraction to stay alone in a dark corridor on the third floor.  It seemed her thoughts could roam in hidden places without anyone intruding.

            On this particular day, while Ginny was sitting in her dark corridor, she heard a voice call her name.  She looked up and could outline a dark head with glasses with the light from outside. It was barely light outside, like the light of sunset although it was noon by then. Nonetheless, it was much lighter outside than it had normally been of late.

            "Ginny!" called out Harry.

            He ran to her, breathless. Ginny could make out with the little light the worried lines that marked Harry's face.  His breath seemed heavy and his strong arms seemed to shake.

            Ginny looked at him for a minute and tried to measure him in and out. Nothing worked.

            "Something wrong Harry?" she finally asked.

            "Yes," he replied carefully, looking down at her as if he was trying to solve something out.

            She wondered if he had gone through a mental disease that had caused him to go to her for psychoanalysis. She had always thought he was rather mental, after all.

            "Er… okay." She replied.

            Moment of silence.

            "Ginny, you might want to sit down."

            Another moment of silence.

            "Um. It's okay. I think I can take this news while standing."

            Another moment of silence.

            "Ginny, your mum's dead."

            More silence.

            "Harry, that's not very funny."

            "Ginny, I would never lie to you about something like this."

            More silence. She couldn't believe him.

            "I need proof, Harry."

            Harry scowled and thrusted a letter from Ginny's father at her. Ginny frowned and read it. It was in her father's handwriting.

            She died for the Order. Funny, isn't it, the way your heart breaks in five seconds. Perhaps not.

            Those lines seemed so unreal. Perhaps this was only a dream. Yes, a dream. But Harry would never lie to her…

            Slowly the truth sunk in and her face changed from indignant to hurt to scared to helpless. She couldn't do anything. Couldn't change anything. She looked up at Harry as if looking for solace and found plenty. He reached out and held her, hugged her while she cried in great sobs.

            Just then, Draco Malfoy rounded the corner. He paused, watching the fiery redhead cry into his biggest enemy's chest. Watched as Harry held her tight, watched as Harry looked up from Ginny's warm body, seeing Draco. Watched as Harry slowly took in Draco's face and stillness, as Harry's face changed its expression to smug and delight. Draco watched as Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny's waist instead of their former spot on her back. Watched as Harry got to smell her, got to feel her. Draco watched his punishment, watching the scene as if it was an angel taken away from him. And when he couldn't watch someone take something that Draco wanted anymore, he turned and ran.

Ran to hell.

            There was a letter and an owl waiting on his bed. Frustrated, he ripped it open and read words that would release his fury.


            I need to know Harry Potter's weakness. Write back.


Slowly Draco began to write.


A few nights later, Ginny woke up suddenly. She heard Hermione's soft voice and Ron's low rumble.

Ron was making another prophecy. Ginny remembered the last, and she quickly got out of bed. She ran to the common room, hitching up her nightgown quietly, and hid behind a couch. She had to know…

"Ron," said Hermione, wrapped up in a blanket with him before the fire. "You were right. Someone died. Your mum. Ron, did you know it would be her?"

Ron stared in the fire. "No. Never her. Never…"

"Ron, it's over, isn't it? Death? No one else will die?"

Ron closed his eyes and looked into the fire again.

"No, " he whispered.

"No what?"

"No, it's not over. Death isn't over. Someone's going to die Hermione."

Hermione was silent and stiff. She had never been able to handle his prophecies. "Ron, just how many more people are going to die?"

He turned to face her. "Two."

She relaxed as he touched her face softly. She let him hold her.

Ginny quietly left to two lovers to privacy.


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