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Part 3


"My God. I still can't believe something like this would happen" Christie said. The group were sat in an empty room of the hotel waiting for someone to tell them what was going on with the police and when they could go. There were two of Heihachi's guards outside the door with machine guns, preventing them from leaving.

"It's Halloween" Steve shook his blonde head "It makes people go crazy"

"Yeah, sugar-high crazy, not stabbing-people-to-death crazy" Hwoarang said, running a hand through his long hair.

After a few seconds Hwoarang sighed impatiently, "How long are we gonna hafta wait here? I thought that detective said they didn't need us for anythin' else?"

"Maybe they changed their minds" Xiaoyu said, fiddling with the ribbons on her jacket.

"But we made statements, isn't that all they need?" Christie twirled her long hair round a finger.

Everyone was silent for a few moments, and then Steve spoke, frustrated with the whole situation "Fucking hell, this is like waitin' for an exam"

"Or the dentist" Julia added

"Yeah, it's almost as painful as having a tooth pulled" Hwoarang scowled at the thought and swung his legs over the arm of chair he was in.

There was silence for another few minutes, before two Tekken Force guards entered the room, wearing full body armour.

"Mr. Mishima has requested that all of you see him in the conference room. Please accompany us" The guard addressed the group almost robotically before he and his partner turned to lead them to meet Heihachi Mishima.

Xiaoyu sniffed quietly and whispered to Julia, "What do you think he's gonna say to us?"

Julia tried not to look nervous, "I don't know, Xiao"

They walked through a door that led to a long corridor they didn't recognise. The corridor was long and plush looking, with expensive decoration, oil paintings, and sculptures. The group wondered why the entire hotel wasn't decorated as nicely as this was. The guards stopped them outside a large set of oak double doors, and knocked loudly.

There was nothing for a few seconds and then a booming voice answered,


The fighters looked at each other tensely as the guards opened the doors, letting them into the conference room.

The room was large, with a dark wooden table filling most of it. Around the table were black leather seats and sat at the head of the table, wearing an animal print coat, with a white shirt and necktie was Heihachi Mishima himself.

The five entered the room and stood at the foot of the table opposite Heihachi.

"I understand you are the ones who found Mr. Marduk?" Heihachi's voice was so loud it sounded like he was shouting.

"Yeah, that's right" Hwoarang spoke boldly.

"And none of you saw anything or anyone suspicious before you found the body?" Heihachi asked, eyeing the group carefully.

"Nuffin'" Steve carefully eyed the man whom most of the competitors wanted dead.

"I see. I have no reason to believe that it is any of you, especially as you were all together at the time. Therefore you are free to continue in the tournament, do not let it be said that Heihachi Mishima is an unfair man" Heihachi sneered at the group, as they stood huddled together at the end of the long table.

"Wait a minute!" Hwoarang said angrily, "Is that it? You're letting the tournament continue?"

Heihachi smirked at the Korean, "Yes, the tournament will continue. Do you have a problem with that, boy?"

"A man's just been killed. D'ya have no respect for that?" Steve said, beginning to realise why so many people hated this man.

Heihachi stood up slowly, "The police have no problem with the tournament continuing. Security around matches will be stepped up. Now if any of you have a problem with that, I will have the Tekken Force escort you off the premises now, is that clear?"

"Yeah" Hwoarang said crossing his arms and staring at Heihachi

"And the rest of you?" Heihachi glowered at the group

"We're staying" Christie said, looking at the others who nodded.

"Will every competitor be given this choice?" Julia asked

"An announcement will be made concerning Mr. Marduk's death, and if any competitors have a problem taking part, then they will be removed from the tournament immediately" Heihachi's voice was condescending, and he sat back in his seat slowly. He continued to stare at the five for a few seconds before motioning to the two guards, "Escort these five back to their rooms"

The guards saluted Heihachi and nodded, before herding the group out of the room quickly, pushing and shoving them in the process. As the heavy double doors closed, Heihachi could hear the loud voice of the Korean yelling at the guards to let go of him.

Heihachi swivelled round in his leather chair, to face the window. He smiled to himself slowly; the fourth tournament had certainly started off excitingly, with a competitor being killed outside of the ring. It would be interesting to see what the next rounds would bring.


*Later that evening*

Dinner was served at seven pm and at ten to seven, Steve and Hwoarang walked down the corridor and knocked on the door to Christie and Xiaoyu's room.

"Who is it?" A voice was heard from inside

"Uh, it's Steve. Are you comin' down to dinner with me and Hwoarang?" Steve shouted through the thin hotel door.

There were muffled voices and then the door was opened a crack, and Julia peeked out, "We're not ready yet" she smiled at the two guys.

Steve rolled his eyes and leaned against the doorframe, "You've had all afternoon to get ready. How long does it take?"

Julia shook her head disapprovingly "Well you two don't look very ready. Don't tell me you're going like that?"

Hwoarang looked down at his tight black t-shirt and camouflage pants, "Like what?"

Julia sighed, "This is a smart hotel, you won't be let in dressed like that!"

Hwoarang shrugged "I didn't get any of Marduks blood on me, if that's what you're worried about"

Julia smacked Hwoarang on the arm hard.

"Ow! What was that for?" Hwoarang said, rubbing his arm.

"You know very well what that was for!" Julia said, "He's only been dead a few hours, its disrespectful"

"Yeah, but when everyone hears what happened to him, they wouldn't care if Heihachi walked in naked" Hwoarang shrugged

Julia raised an eyebrow "Don't tempt fate again, Hwoarang, he's already wearing a diaper"

Steve looked confused "Diaper?"

Hwoarang patted his shoulder "Trust me man, you don't wanna know"

Steve nodded slowly; he was beginning to wonder whether coming to this tournament was a good idea. "Anyway, we'll get a table and meet you down there"

Hwoarang pulled a face and clutched at his stomach, "Yeah, I might die of starvation waiting for them to finish piling on their make-up"

"We shouldn't be long, Steve" Julia smiled, ignoring Hwoarang as he laughed and sidestepped out of reach, before she could hit him again.


*In the dining hall*

Steve and Hwoarang picked a table in a corner of the large dining hall, next to the kitchen doors. There was a classical quartet playing this evening, and Hwoarang made it known he didn't want to hear anything with strings that didn't plug into an amp. The others didn't exactly agree with Hwoarang's view, but were happy not to be sitting in the middle of all the cheerful chatter and joking between other competitors.

Xiaoyu sighed and swished her straw in her glass of juice.

"I think that sigh sums up the whole day" Julia said sombrely

There were agreeing nods. Everyone was waiting for the main course to be cleared away as they knew that was when Heihachi would make the announcement about Craig Marduk's murder.

A few minutes later, the waiters and waitresses emerged to clear away the dishes and one of Heihachi's assistants appeared at the front of the room, next to the quartet. He silenced them, and then waited until he had the full attention of the whole room.

"Mr Mishima has an important announcement to make, and he requests that none of the competitors leave the room until after the announcement" he spoke in an even, robotic tone, the same way all of Heihachi's staff did.

There were a few murmurs from the fighters, but no-one disagreed. The assistant checked his watch and listened to his earpiece before speaking again,

"Mr Mishima will be with you in five minutes. I must once again stress that no-one is permitted to leave the room until the announcement has taken place" Then he signalled to the quartet and the classical music began again.

Hwoarang drained his glass of water, wishing it had been vodka, beer, whiskey or anything alcoholic. Unfortunately, the competitors were not allowed alcohol if there were matches the next day. He looked up for a waiter to refill his glass, but couldn't see any hotel staff wandering between the tables.

Christie noticed Hwoarang's frown, "What is it?"

"All the staff have gone" Hwoarang said, twisting in his seat to see right the way around the room, "And all of the doors are closed"

"The kitchen's quiet too, shouldn't they be preparing the dessert now?" Steve added

"What the hell is Heihachi playing at?" Hwoarang was still scanning the room

Xiaoyu sighed again "I don't like this"

Julia was just about to comfort Xiaoyu when a door burst open, and Heihachi stormed in, flanked by five armed Tekken force guards on each side.

The group cast each other nervous glances, before turning to listen to Heihachi, even though they knew exactly what was coming.

Heihachi stood in front of the quartet and the music fell silent abruptly. He had the full attention of everyone as soon as he entered the room, but he still cleared his throat noisily.

"Good evening. I shall keep my announcement short, as I know you are all enjoying the excellent music and food provided this evening. And I sincerely hope no-one will force it to be any longer than necessary" Heihachi surveyed the room, his dark eyes briefly resting on a few select individuals "Now, some of you may have noticed that one of the competitors, a certain Mr Craig Marduk, is not with us tonight"

Heads turned to look around the room and Heihachi continued in his booming voice, "This is because this afternoon, shortly after winning his match, Mr Marduk was murdered"

There were gasps and shouts at the last word. Xiaoyu shuddered visibly and the corner table remained calm in comparison with the outbursts from the other tables. Some people seemed angry, others shocked and unable to comprehend what had just been said.

Heihachi spoke again, "He was found by a group of spectators who were leaving the area. Unfortunately at this point, it is unknown who murdered the man. The police have been notified and will be looking into the case further. They have no problems with the tournament continuing as planned"

The talking began once more and Heihachi motioned to his guards, who moved to strategically placed points around the room before he started speaking again, "Security will be stepped up around the hotel and match areas. If any competitor has a problem with continuing in the tournament, they may leave now, or be escorted off the premises by the Tekken forces"

Lei WuLong raised a hand slowly.

Heihachi smirked "Yes, Mr WuLong?"

"May I ask a few questions, Mr Mishima?" The cop spoke slowly and clearly

Heihachi nodded "If I can provide the answers I will"

"How was Mr Marduk killed?" Lei received a few disgusted and concerned glances.

"He was knifed repeatedly in the chest and had had his heart removed. A post mortem will be taking place, to see if it his body holds any clues as to who committed the act" Heihachi answered easily

Lei nodded "And no murder weapon was found?"

Heihachi seemed irritated and his left eye twitched "Mr WuLong, the police are investigating this murder, if you would prefer to help them with their duties, you are welcome to leave now or I shall have the guards remove you through force"

Lei shook his head vigorously causing his long hair to swing from side to side "No, no. I was merely wondering if there were any immediate clues as to who murdered this man. Did the people who found him not see anything suspicious?"

Heihachi smirked again, "Why not ask them yourself? They're sitting in the far corner"

Christie closed her eyes as every face in the room turned to the group. Hwoarang had his back to the whole room and Xiaoyu chewed on her drinking straw. Silence filled the room, the tension building as everyone waited for something, anything to be said.

Hwoarang suddenly pushed his chair back, the metal feet scraping against the polished marble floor harshly and he slammed his hands on the table.

"It was us that found the poor bastard. Someone fucking cut him open, and we found him" He stayed facing the back wall throughout. His head was bowed and his back heaved with every breath he took.

Xiaoyu buried her head in her hands and Julia placed her arm around the young girl, her hand shaking as she did so.

Steve glanced up from the napkin on the table he had been staring at and looked around at the rest of the room. As he looked, his face slowly contorted into a scowl, his blue eyes narrowing and brow furrowed. All eyes were now on him.

"What? You really believe it was us?" he asked defiantly "Yeah, we found him, but none of us knew the guy, if anything, you should be lookin' at him" Steve flung his arm out and pointed straight at Yoshimitsu, who was sitting cross-legged on his dining chair.

Before anything further could happen, Heihachi signalled to the guards, and five of them marched over to the corner table, one pushed Hwoarang back down into his seat and the others stood behind each person's chair brandishing an automatic hand gun.

Heihachi walked through the dining tables; the only sound that could be heard was his heavy footfalls on the marble floor.

"The authorities are satisfied that these individuals had nothing to do with the murder of Mr Marduk, and I see no reason to dispute them. As stated a moment ago, if anyone has any problems, they are welcome to leave the tournament now. Otherwise, leave the anger and accusations to the fighting arena" he addressed the fighters calmly, almost rationally.

There was no disagreement and Heihachi nodded to the guards, who melted backwards so they were now standing back in their various assigned positions by the doorways.

"Enjoy your dessert" Heihachi sneered and left the hall, leaving behind a thick aura of tension in the room.

The waiting staff filed back into the room quickly and the kitchen was soon filled with voices and the crash of pans and plates. However not a voice was heard from the dining hall.

Some of the competitors were still watching the corner table, while others were lost in thought and still others were glancing tensely at each other.

Christie twirled her hair around a finger as opposite her Steve held his head in his hands. Hwoarang tapped his foot on the marble floor impatiently. Julia passed Xiaoyu a napkin to wipe her red eyes. The tension in the room was becoming unbearable, but thankfully, after almost five minutes of silence, the waiters and waitresses emerged carrying trays with the dessert.

The noise of the plates being set down on the tables echoed around the large room eerily. Many people appeared to have lost their appetite; however the corner table had no hesitation in eating, despite the things they had seen earlier today.

Hwoarang bit into his dessert, it was some kind of fruit pie and grimaced, it tasted like terrible; it was probably more of the health food crap they had been serving since they arrived. He swallowed with difficulty and placed his spoon back on the table. It was unlike him to not finish a meal, even if it was disgusting.

Across the table, Julia sniffed her spoonful of dessert suspiciously. Xiaoyu scooped up a little and tasted it gingerly, then made a face.

Steve, who had unwisely taken a big mouthful, spat it into his napkin, not very discreetly. Christie, who had watched everyone else try the dessert, just pushed her plate away.

Around the hall, there were similar happenings, and everyone looked generally disgusted with the dish they had just been served. The hall soon filled with noise and chat as people began complaining about the food.

The corner table, although still somewhat uncomfortable after the announcement, were relieved that the silence had ended. Waiters and waitresses rushed around, collecting back up plates from people who had complained particularly angrily. They quickly rushed back to the serving hatch to return the unwanted desserts.

The quartet chose this moment to begin playing again, a loud, emotional piece. Just as the music was reaching a crescendo, the intense and passionate notes filling the room with a heavy atmosphere, there was heard a loud shout, then a series of crashes from the kitchen.

There was a half strangled scream, and the double doors swung open violently, and a person staggered out backwards, then tripped, landing on their back.

Time almost seemed to stop for the whole room, as people slowly turned to look at the sight that was playing out before them. The person on the ground seemed to momentarily gasp for breath and his fists clenched as he tried to sit up, before he collapsed back and his body stilled.

Everyone watched this scene as if it were some kind of horrible nightmare they would wake up from, the man lay motionless on the polished marble floor, blood slowly seeping from a gaping chest wound. The room was still and silent, as people began to recognise the man as one of their fellow competitors.

Then there was a frantic yell...

"What did they do to him!? Oh God, no!"


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