Chapter 1:Meeting Sirius Black

Lily Evans crawled out of her four-poster in her dormitry.The cold morning of Sepetmber 2nd chilled her to the bone."Evans!"Marianna Hoglotten

called out to her new friend."Come on!Breakfast!"

Lily's stomach growled and she ran down the stairs in her nightgown."Come on Evans hurry up,"Mariana said impatiently.Lily grabbed a robe

and put her fiery red hair into a bun.

The two girls climbed out the portrait hole and rushed down to the Great Hall."Wow,"Marianna sighed as she sat down beside Remus Lupin,a

fellow first year."Lily isnt this food amazing?Look at all the possibilities!"

Her friend nodded absently,"Marianna,who is that boy over there?"Marianna looked away from her food to find this boy that Lily was looking

at."Oh that's just James Potter and Sirius Black.Acoording to Peter Pettigrew they both think they're hot stuff."

"Oh and they're both extremely right!"Lily squealed,"Oh that boy with black hair hanging in his eyes is so hot."Marianna frowned as she ate her food.

"Marianna,what do you think of them?"

"I think they should both be put away before their heads get any bigger,"Marianna snapped.Lily looked down at the two boys and shrugged,she thought they were both

really cute.

When they were done they ran back up to Gryffindor Tower to get their uniforms on.Shivering,Lily slipped into her dark gray skirt and white t-shirt.

She put her cloak on and rushed downstairs to gather her books for Transfiguration and Herbology."Oh excuse me,"a dark haired boy said.

Lily's heart stopped beating and she felt like she was floating on thin air,"Oh no it was my fault,I'm sorry."The boy looked down at her and smiled.

It was Sirius Black.All at once Lily's heart began to pound like a snare drum in a band and she felt her face heat up."Excuse me I-I-I!"she never finished

her sentence fore she blacked out.