Till Someone Comes Along: Special! I don't own SM, SLY, or anything else I talk about here. Blah blah blah...

Okay, I guess you could call this a little author's blurb. Anyway, the thing is, y'all...I need YOUR help! AGAIN!

I have so many ideas, and no idea which one to focus on, which is driving me nuts, because I need to focus on one thing at a time. So, I'm leaving it up to you! This time I have more, and I need help! And no stealing! I'll know if there's stealing! I know these summaries aren't that good, but keep an open mind please. And I will work on everything!

1) "The Black Knight" Doomed to roam the world until the end of time, he searched for his one true mate. The rules of courtly love forbid anyone to break up a marriage, so when he discovers that his one love is the queen, she would destroy an entire world to be with him...

2) "Angel of Hell" He was imprisoned in a cell in the heathen world, until he condemned his maker...condemning himself to a life as a new breed...searching for a mate to continue his strange and deadly race...

3) "The Outlaw" Imprisoned for years, Sir Endymion finally manages to escape, and vows to find the one who has eluded him for all of his years away, even if it means killing an entire throne.

4) "A Torrid Affair" No real summary, but it's Mamoru and Usagi, and Usagi is his daughter's kindergarten teacher.

5) "Never Become One Of Your Patient's Problems" Usagi is a noted psychiatrist, and Mamoru is a patient.

6) "All's Fair In Sex and Politics" No understandable summary. (It makes sense in my head, but not on paper...)

7) Untitled - A story basically to work on my smut. ; Usagi and Motoki enter a swingers party, and the rules are: what goes on in the room stays in the room, no video, no photos, no affairs, and the kids must never know. What happens, when Usagi meets Mamoru?

8) Untitled - She came to his doorstep one night, cold, shivering and naked. Little did he know what she had in store for him, and how his destiny had been fulfilled.

9) "Lord of The Wedding Rings"- Sequel to "Till Someone Comes Along" Usagi feels abandoned by Mamoru, because he keeps disregarding their wedding. Too bad for Mamoru, because this leads to another article...

I have more, but I'll just leave it there. Please review what you would like to read! I'm also looking for a beta, and the requirements are in my profile. Arigatou!