Throughout the summer, we were constantly attacked by demons. By the end of the summer, my parents decided that it would be best for me to spend the rest of the summer over at the Halliwell house. That was one of the most interesting months of my life. At first, Grams seemed a little wary of me. However, she grew to like me. She was impressed by my powers, though she didn't approve of Sam.

I met Sam for the first time that month. It was weird meeting him. He and Patty had given me up. How was I supposed to feel about him?

I was the last one to graduate from Hogwarts. The last two years were lonely without my sisters. We all moved to England after Hogwarts. When I did rejoin them in the wizarding world, I immediately got into muggle relations work. It was an interesting job. I loved it.

Things went well for a while, but then Phoebe suddenly moved back to the United States. Piper followed. It was harder to keep up with our duties separately, so Prue and I were forced to move back too. Around that point, I lost contact with Cole. Piper and Phoebe refused to stay in touch with the Marauders, so we lost them too. We lived in the Halliwell house as muggles. It was a disappointment, yes, but I would stay for my sisters. We didn't find out what happened in the wizarding world after we left until Harry Potter arrived at our house.


Hogwarts gave me a firm future. I knew where I wanted to go in life. I wanted to work for the Ministry of Magic. I left the United States after I was invited to work at the Ministry of Magic, where I joined the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. It was amazing what I saw in that line of work.

Life was good for me then. I had met a muggle and had fallen in love with him. I was well on my way towards becoming a judge. Then everything stopped abruptly. In a swirl of confusion, Piper and Phoebe ended up in the United States. They wouldn't tell Paige and I why they had moved back.

I faced a difficult decision, as did Paige. We had to decide between our happiness and our responsibilities. We knew what we had to do. We ended up doing it. I started a new life. It was by no means a boring life, but it was unfulfilling. The only person who understood how I felt was Paige. Both Phoebe and Piper seemed to be happy with their lives. Their secrets remained secrets for a long time. Then something happened that revealed all.


For the first year back in the United States, my sisters questioned Phoebe and I about why we had given up everything. I couldn't bring myself to admit it. I couldn't tell them that I had left because I had had my heart broken.

It appeared that I had everything going for me. I had a steady job in the Department of Mysteries. Remus and I were engaged. I was so pleased with my life. But then Remus suddenly broke off the engagement. He didn't even give me a reason why. "It's for the best," he told me. I left as soon as I could. England only held broken dreams for me. I saw hope in leaving the wizarding world, leaving behind the past.

I ended up opening a club and marrying Leo. Just as Remus had, Leo left me. I was left alone to raise Wyatt. One day, I decided to do something about it.


The reason why I had left was very simple. Sirius had broken up with me. Out of nowhere, he broke off our engagement. He said that it was moving too fast. He thought I'd be better off with someone else. After I said some rude things to him, I returned to the old Halliwell house. I gave up a career as an auror. My superiors didn't like that at all. They told me I had incredible potential, but I wouldn't listen.

I cut my ties to the wizarding world fiercely and quickly. I barely even thought of it again until I had a dream premonition.

I was in a house. Part of me recognized the place, but I couldn't recall where it was. There was something in the air, something that scared me. I could taste it. I could feel it. Someone was going to die. I had to do something, anything, but all I could do was wait and watch.

"Lily and James are here, master." That was Peter's voice.

"Good work, Wormtail. You will be rewarded for this."

Two people appeared before my eyes. I knew who they were immediately. They were Lily and James. "Take Harry and get out of here. I'll try to hold him off."

Voldemort burst in. He killed James. He then went up to Lily. I was drawn along. She begged him to just kill her, to spare Harry, but he was deaf to her pleas. He moved to kill Harry. The curse rebounded, though, and hit him.

I awoke gasping for breath. Tears streamed down my face. "I have to find them... I have to do something…" I said to myself wildly. "I have to apparate." It had been a while, but I had to get there.


My panic disappeared. I looked around, wondering why I was up. My eyes fell upon a lump of fur in the corner. Realizing what it was, I shooed it outside. I shook my head. "How did a rat get inside?" I muttered and returned to bed.

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