Lance walked fast out the classroom as the bell rang. He could not stand to be there anymore. That aggravating teacher always picking on him. He rolled his eyes as he heard his name being screamed. Maybe he should skip the next class. He couldn't deal with anymore screaming. His head was already killing him as is. He turned the next corner and walked into the bathroom and waited until the bell rung. He took out a cigarette and lighted it. He took a few drags and got up throwing it into the toilet. He opened the door and peaked around the halls. He slid from behind it and walked hastily out the door.

As he got out of the school and to the park he sat down on the bench. He watched the people walk by with their children and animals. Usually dogs. They would run and play and they were all so happy. So full of love. He coughed quickly trying to get the girly thoughts out of his head. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"What are you doing here nature boy?", His eyes shot open and he saw the form of a women. Marie. He sighed angrily and pushed himself up.

"What are YOU doing here freak?

"I asked first."

"Oh please."

"AH! Fine I was skipping school. Happy?"

"No, your still here."

"HA-HA! now what are you doing here and not in school mister?"

"Just the same as you so you cant say anything."

"I wasn't gonna."


It got quiet and neither spoke. Marie would lift her head every now and then but no one said a word. Finally she coughed and he looked up from where his eyes had been resting on the floor.

"I was uhh...wondering if you uhh...wanted to uhh...never mind."

"No wait. What were you going to say?"

"Nothing. Just nevermind."

"Come on Marie. You may not be one of us anymore but your still a friend." Oh-MY-GOD. Did he actually say that. That SHE as in mutant bad girl turned extremely goody-goody was HIS friend. Her eyes grew big and she froze. She shook it off and just before he was going to tell her he lied, she added, "I was wondering if you wanted to go out some time."

Now it was his turn to freeze. He looked from the ground to her. She closed her eyes and began to turn around. A million thoughts ran through his head. He reached out his hand and stopped her. She turned around with hope in her eyes but her cheeks still flushed red in embarrassment.


"Yeah what?"

"Yeah ill go with you god what else could it be?"

"Well you never know, sheesh."

"Come on Loser. Lets go get a burger."


"Yeah what?"

"See. What else could it be?"

"Shut up."

They both smiled as they walked side by side to Jason's burger palace which was right down the street. As they reached their destination area they both sat down. The fat waitress rolled towards them. She smacked her gum loudly as she asked them what it'll be. Marie ordered a double cheese burger and Lance ordered a triple Mac burger. As the food was placed in front of them Lance thought about how weird this would be to their friends, but he didn't care.


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