Lance looked across the room at Marie who was sitting about three seats away. She was writing furiously and running her fingers through her hair. She began to bite her lip and looked up from her desk. She saw him staring at her and smiled. He was caught by surprise and smiled goofy and love stricken smile. She giggled silently and returned to her work. He closed his eyes and sighed.


Lance jumped from his seat and ran to the door. His hand touched Maries as they brushed against each other trying to make their ways through the door. They both smiled and continued in the opposite directions. Lance stared at the ground day dreaming when he ran into someone. His books fell to the floor and he looked up to see...SCOTT SUMMERS. He frowned and rolled his eyes. He grabbed his books and began to walk past him, but was stopped by Summers arm.

"Wait Lance. Now what do you say?"

"Just let me go Summers."

"What do you say Lance."

Lance looked around. He was not going to give in.

"What's going on guys?" Both men looked up and saw Marie. She held her back pack in her arms and was looking between them in a confused manor. Scott smiled at her.

"Nothing. I was just helping Lance here up. He was walking and he hit me. I was just trying to be polite."


Marie looked around as silence fell upon them. She sighed.

"Uhh Lance are we gonna umm...*cough go cough*"


"Go where?"

"None of YOUR business Summers."

"No it involves Marie and that makes it my business."

"Scott! Me and Lance are going somewhere. Does it matter where? Dont you trust me? Dont worry about it. Come on Lance."

She took his arm and they walked through the school doors. She was frowing and he turned to her and smiled.

"Whats wrong?"

"Nothing. Its just...I wish we could tell them."

"Yeah..Im sorry babe."

"No dont be. Come on lets go." She looked around for any people they might know and grabbed his hand. He rubbed his thumb over her hand softly and she finally smiled.

*Later in Maries Room*

They had been together for a year already. It wasn't fair that they couldn't tell anyone. It just didn't feel right lying to her friends. She felt like she was betraying them, and Kitty was her best friend. She deserved to know. They all did. Lance was special to her. Very special to her. He meant everything. So did her friends. She wanted them to know about her knew joy. She loved him. So much. She knew that a long time ago. He was her first. Her first everything.

Suddenly she was kicked out of her thoughts when the phone rang. She walked slowly to the phone.


"Hello is this..Marie D'ancanto?" (Thats her name in the movie lol)


"Your boyfriend, Lance Alvers, has been in a motorcycle accident. He doesnt have much time. The last thing he said before he went unconsious was to call you. You might wanna get down here. I dont think he has much time."

The phone fell to the ground and Marie froze. No. This isn't happening. She raced to the door and out of the mansion.

*At the hospital*

The automatic doors swished open and Marie ran to the desk.

"Where is he!?"

"Excuse me?"

"Lance Alvers. He was hurt in a motorcycle accident. Where is he?"

"Room 318."

Marie ran to the elvalator. She finally found 318 and opened the door. A man sat at the seat. He turned around and his tag read 'Dr. Mcwilliams'.

"Where is Lance?"

"Oh...Im sorry ma'am, but your to late. Lance Alvers just passed on."

Marie fell to her knees and wept. Her heart stopped beating that very second. And it wont start again for a long time.


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