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A middle-aged woman, her sky blue hair flowing behind her, ran up a spiral staircase made of cool, hard stone. There were no windows along the dreadfully small tower, and so only the light of the numerous torches guided her. When she came to the top, she thrust the heavy oak door open, revealing a balcony with a perfect view of the stars that blazed above them in the night a sky. After breathing in the cool air for a moment, she stepped outside.

She rounded the corner of the narrow balcony, and when she looked, she saw a man with flowing black hair that was as black as the night around them, and glowing, red, feral looking eyes.

"Kurai," she gasped, taking a step back and placing her hand on the cold outer stones of the tower.

"Has it happened, Samara? Has Ryokotsei killed your husband in battle, or has that miserable beast failed us once again?" he asked.

Samara took a few more steps toward him. "Kurai, I want nothing of this. My mind has been changed. I can't let Sess--" she was cut off. Before she could finish, she had been pulled into a forceful kiss.

She struggled for only a moment, and soon eased into the kiss. When their lips parted, Kurai spoke.

"Think nothing of the boy, my love. The bastard son of an unwanted marriage does not deserve the worry and attention of such a beautiful woman," he said soothingly. Samara gave a slight smile as she felt his fingers trail down her chest until they came upon a medallion in the shape of a pentagram. "And besides, this is a sign that you're still in love with me."

"I still want no part in this, Kurai," she growled as she struggled to pull away from his strong grip.

Kurai closed his eyes and lowered his mouth to her neck. "Samara, it is time I make things final," he said. Samara tried to pull away again, but he was too strong, and in a moment, he closed his jaws down on her neck, causing her to let out a out an ear piercing, shattering shriek of pain.

She clamped her teeth together as fangs developed, and when she opened her eyes, their amber color faded into the same, red, feral glow as Kurai's had.

"What…h-have you…done to me…K-Kurai?" Samara gasped.

Still holding the woman in his grasp, he spoke. "I was doing what I had to do. Doing what I had to do to make things final.

"N-no!" Samara yelled, drawing the katana that she had at her hip. She weakly slashed at Kurai, but he quickly dodged it. Samara staggered forward in a half-conscious state, and fell over the edge of the balcony, the sword still gripped tightly in her hand. Kurai looked down with emotionless eyes and spoke. "I will be waiting, my love. I will be waiting."