A small squirrelbabe, wearing a pot as a hat, sat in a bush, holding a strawberry-rhubarb pie. He stuck out his tongue in concentration, as he fished around with one paw, looking for the candied apple piece he had dropped inside. The pan slipped down over his eyes.

'A likkle closer, 'es, 'es, almost...'

At that moment a slightly older squirrel maid dropped in beside him. She carried a bag and wooden spoon.

'Come on, Dibbs, are you ready yet? We has to get up now before they sees us!'

Dibbs quickly forgot the apple at the mention of mischief.

'I be's ready, Sage! Let's go!'

The two dibbuns, wearing green infirmary sheets as 'camoflage,' wove through the bushes on the outskirts of the pond and headed for the outer wall. They halted just before the stairs. Sage leaned down to Dibbs, and outlined their strategy.

'All right. I runs first, and when I am out of site, you runs. Got it? When we gets to the top, we dashes into plain sight and eats the pie!'

Dibbs nodded grimly, making for a comical little creature, with the old pan slightly askew on his head.

'one, five, !'

Sagebrush darted out, leaving Dibbs to watch and wait. After a fair amount of exaggerated ducking and weaving, she reached the safety of the stairs. Dibbs dashed out to meet her.

As they climbed, he pushed his pot further up on his forehead, and commented sagely,

'We be's good dibbuns, this 'un'll go down in DAB history for sure!'

'If we makes it back unwashed,' said Sagebrush, 'It's dangerous, you knows!'

They finished climbing the stairs, and sat, starting to munch on the pie. They had succeeded in devouring one large piece each, when an figure appeared below.

'Hello, Father Abbot! Mind if I join you?'

The two miscreants giggled, and Dibbs called out in his best imitation of the father's voice.

'Come on up, mista Skip! I mean, Skipper!'

The otter shook his head, thinking to himself ,"As if we haven't had enough trouble today. Two on the pond, one nearly baked in a pie, and now them, up on the wall!"

Starting towards the stairs, he called, 'Sagebrush! Bring your brother down here this instant! You know better than to climb the wall!'

Sagebrush leaned over to Dibbs uneasily. 'Don' tell 'im about the pie.'

Dibbs winked enthusiastically, and yelled over the wall, giving Skipper of Otters a full view of his pie covered face.

'Mista Skip, we likes it up here, and here we be's stayin'!

' Is that so, Master Dibbs? And pie, too? If you don't come down this instant, I'll have to MAKE you come down!'

Sagebrush slapped a paw across her face.

'Dibbs! I told you not to tell!'

He shrugged. 'I din't, don' know how he figured it out!'

She sighed in exasperation. 'Well, we gotta go to the baffs now. There be nothin' for it.' They dashed down the stairs, hoping to avoid Skipper, only to discover he was waiting at the bottom. He grabbed on in each arm and carried them off to the dormitories, giving them into the care of the presiding sister.

He was heading back to find the Abbot, when he remembered that Dibbs had been eating pie.

Back on the wall, Skip got a mouthful of strawberrry rhubarb and chewed in bliss. Then, with an odd look on his face, he remarked to no on in particular-

'Ahh...wait, wots this? Apple in my pie?'