X-Men, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean Who's Line is it Anyway?

Ok, I decided to do this for the hell of it. Ha! I've seen a couple of these kinda things around, and wanted to try my own! If anyone else wrote one of these, I'm sorry and hopefully do not copy any of your ideas. If I did, I promise that if it upsets you I'll take the chapter off and re-do it! I don't own the TV Show (wish I had Wayne Brady, but as it is...) or Logan! or Legolas or Jack. Humph.

This has, if ou have not noticed, all the same characters from my other story (which got taken off) "The Three Guests" or the other title, "The Three Characters". This is assuming none of that characters go back and somehow they end up doing one of my very favorite TV shows, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

So anyway, The host will be Ashley (don't worry, our fave girl voted "Best Actress in a Death Sequence" will get some joke time).

The first four comedians will be *drum roll starts up* (I'm drawing them from a hat) NICHOLE, MELLISA, LOGAN, and JACK. Legolas is currently somewhere, forget about him for a moment. *Nichole glares at her* I said for a moment!

Anyway, here's my (hopefully) funny story. Please Review.

-Ice Lynx


*Title Card comes up with the funky shadow-men as the music starts up and audience cheers. The Camera switches to a girl with red streaks in her long brown hair and red eyes.*

Ashley; Hey hey hey! Welcome to Whose Line is It Anyway? Let me introduce the stars of tonight's show, *Camera switches off to a girl with purple hair and blue eyes* Mellisa the one we all know will end up in a mental institution! *Mellisa makes a face at the camera*,

Nichole *Camera switches to a girl with brown hair and brown eyes* the Serious One! *Nichole turns her head and mouths "Excuse me?

*Camera goes to Logan* Logan, the cutest guy here! *Logan smiles and winks, causing several female audience members near Ashley to gasp, all thinking he had winked at them*

and finally Jack, the Freaky Pirate Dude! *Camera switches to a freaky pirate dude*.

*Camera goes back to Ashley, who is walking down the steps*.

Ashley; Yeah, ok, that's done. Finally. So this is the messed up show where the points don't matter! That's right,t he points are as unnatural, pointless, and stupid as Mellisa's hair!

Mellisa; Hey! My hair is cool, girl, and you know it.

Nichole; Your hair is metallic purple, Mellisa.

Mellisa; Exactly, it's great!

Ashley; Let's play! *gets to her desk and sits down*. But first, a couple of quick announcements. All you fans of the show may noticed that all of our faces have changed. I will deck the next idiot who says anything close to "Hey Drew, ya lost some weight", got it? That being said, the little bald headed guy-

Mellisa; His name is Collin, Ashley, Collin.

Ashley *glares at Mellisa* Shut up. Anyway, baldie couldn't make it and for some unknown reason ABC got me and these idiots to do the show. *Mellisa and Nichole glare at her, while Logan smirks and Jack is just being a weird freaky pirate dude, not really paying attention to anyone.*

Nichole; I beg your pardon? *Ashley ignores her.*

Ashley; But we DO have some of the old cast back, they're sitting in the front row! *Camera switches to Drew, Wayne, and Ryan. Audience cheers and they all wave*.

Logan; Are we done with them yet?

Ashley; That being said, let's play! Ok, the first game it Super Hero! *Audience cheers again*. This is for all three of you retards and the hot guy up there! *Logan smiles at Ashley and Nichole glares. Mellisa grabs Jack and hauls him off his chair.

Ashley; Ok, Nichole will start us off. I need an unlikely super hero name for her. And nothing good, you hear me? NOTHING.

Nichole; Thanks a lot Ash.

Ashley; *Ignores her and listens for names being shouted at her* God you people are loud. Anyway, there, that one. Congratulations Nichole, you are now The Girl Who Sings Stacey's Mom All The Time. *People Laugh.*

Nichole; Excuse me? What song?

Mellisa; *laughs*. Remember the song "Stacey's Mom" from Fountains of Wane? *Nichole looks horrified as she realizes what she's supposed to do. Meanwhile Ashley has thought up a situation for The Girl Who Sings Stacey's Mom All The Time.*

Ashley; Ok, The Girl Who Sings Stacey's Mom All The Time, you have just found out that your little brother is coming over to stay with you for a week. GO!

Nichole; *looks mortified and then starts running around in a small circle, screaming out the lines to the song*. STACEY'S MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! GOING ONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! My little brother's coming! I know it may be wrong but, I'm in love with Stacey's mom!

Mellisa; *Jumps down off the small stairs, landing on both feet and straitening up* I came as soon as my soap opera was finished! Wassup?

Nichole; *Stops and squeaks out "Stacey's Mom"* Oh thank goodness you're here, Hyper Forehead Kissing Poisones Girl!

Mellisa; *Grins evilly and grabs Nichole's head, kissing it before the teen can do anything about it. Nichole stops singing Stacey's Mom and flips over, jerking on the floor.* I'm SOOO sorry to hear about your brother!

Logan; Get out there you stupid pirate! *shoves Jack down next to Mellisa, but he jumps back and shoves Logan down. Mellisa grabs his collar to prevent him from getting away, and hides the move by jumping forward and kissing him on the forehead.*

Mellisa; So glad ya could make it, Martha Stewart Man! *Logan glares at her.*


Logan; *puts on a huge false smile* and TODAY we're going to LEARN how to DECORATE your brother's ROOM for when he VISITS, and then we're going to make COOKIES!!!

Nichole; Stacey do you remember when I mowed your lawn? Your mom came out-

Mellisa; *runs into the audience and grabs Wayne's head, kissing it and then running around the stage, her arms flying and purple hair flying as she jumps up and down all the way. Wayne meanwhile starts to jerk and falls on the floor as Jack walks down next to Logan, who turns.*

Logan; Oh look! We've got a VISITOR! Everybody, please give a WARM welcome to Make's Everything Better With Hugs Boy! *Jack gives him a blank look, then runs over and hugs Nichole, who jumps to her feet and starts screaming the song again.*

Jack; There there, it'll be ok! *runs over and hugs Wayne, who also gets to his feet and smiles.* It'll be ok, mate, jus' think happy thoughts, savvy?

Wayne; yeah, alright. *laughs*.

Mellisa; *Runs over to Nichole and kisses her on the forehead, then jumps straight up and down really fast* shutupshutupshutup!!!

Jack; *Goes over to hug Drew, then stops and shakes his head* Ah, laddie, there's no hope for you. My 'pologies. *runs off to hug Ashley, finds Logan glaring at him in the way.

Logan; *very fake smile on his face.* DON'T worry, everybody. If you happen to FIND a mad PIRATE going after your GIRLFRIEND to hug her, all you have to DO is RIP him to SHREADS as soon as COMMERCIAL break comes!

Jack; *gulps* Ah, sir, I wasn't going teh hug Ashy. I, um, was going to hug Nichole there.

Legolas; *sticks his head out from behind the curtain* WHAT?!

Jack; *gulps and looks at Ashley, who is laughing her head off* Er, miss Ashley, ya think the time fer this game's up?

Ashley; *still laughing* Oh no, I like this!

Mellisa; *runs past her and grabs her forehead, kissing it while hissing at her* Stop the game now or you will pay after the show! I've got the ability to inform you-know-who of the little incident that happened back in you- know-which grade!


Mellisa; *runs off and starts kissing random (but very cute) guys in the audience, while Jack runs behind her, hugging each one*.

Logan; *Still smiles and starts rearranging the chairs and tables on stage* And if ou put them upside down you will have a beautiful, absolutely USELESS pattern going!

Nichole; STACEY'S MOM! Get back behind stage, Legolas! HAS GOT IT GOING ON! No! Jack didn't mean it like that! Stop it! You're ruining the show!


Ashley; STOP! GET BACK TO YOUR CHAIRS OR I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU! LEGOLAS! GET BACK THERE! JACK! LET THAT POOR (very hot too, hmm.) GUYY GO! MELLISA! NICHOLE! *everyone goes back to their chairs and sits down, looking at Ashley with fake smiles on their faces. Well, all except Jack. When he sat down the back two legs fall off and he flips over backwards. Logan grins*

Logan; Oops, guess I forgot to tell him I improved his chair a bit.

Ashley; *laughs*. A million points to Logan for that, no, double that. Nichole, twenty points for singing the song that badly-

Nichole; it was an effort.

Ashley; Mellisa, you get five points for choosing to kiss that hot guy, and Jack, you get a fourth of a point for being a source of amusement for a second.


Ok, well, lol, I could really see that happening. So what did you think? Good? Bad? Stupid? Pointless?

Lol, well, there it is. There you go. Review and more chappies will some up.

-Ice Lynx