Mellisa; Welcome back to the show!

Ashley; That's my line you idiot!

Mellisa; Like I care.

Ashley; Well you should! God!

Mellisa; Besides, look at the title of the show. Whose line is it anyway?

Ashley; Don't start that with me.

Nichole; Umm, hello guys? Can we get back to the show?

Ashley; Oh, right, anyway, welcome back to the show *glares at Mellisa while audience cheers loudly*

Mellisa; Can we play Props now?

Legolas; What's Props?

Malachi; One of the stupidest games ever.

Ashley; Hey! I told you to get outta here!

Logan; Is that little weasel back? *growls and cracks knuckles*.

Malachi; *gulps* I'm gone! I'm gone! *runs away when Logan takes a step towards him*.

Mellisa; I ain't playing nothin till we play Props.

Drew; She can't demand a game!

Mellisa; *glares at Drew* Oh yeah? Watch me.

Wayne; *whispers to Drew* I don't think we could mess with any of these girls, I still have to remain in one piece for MY show.

Ryan; I agree with Wayne.

Ashley; Next game is-

Mellisa; PROPS!!!!!!!!!!!


Mellisa; Yay!

Ashley; Ok, Mellisa, Nichole, um...

Logan; Darlin, you put me up there I'll leave.

Legolas; I wanna do props!

Ashley; Emmy and Jack, you four are up.

Legolas; I wanted to-

Mellisa; Tough luck, Greenleaf, but you don't always get whatcha want.

Nichole; Shut up Mellisa. Don't worry Legolas, you can have some marshmellows after the show.

Ashley; *slaps her forehead* Tell me I didn't just hear that.

Emmy; Didn't Legolas go nuts last time he had marshmellows?

Mellisa; Whatever, common! We're running out of time!

Ashley; Ok, here ya go *tosses Mellisa and Emmy two long blue foam things that curl slightly at the end, with wooden handles at the other end* Take it and shut up Mellisa.

Nichole; Oh no! I'm stuck with the pirate!

Jack; What do we get?

Ashley; here. *Gives them two gigantic purple squares.

Legolas; I WANT TO PLAY!!!

Nichole; No!

Ashley; FINE! PLAY! You're on Nichole's team. Logan, don't give me that face, get up on the other team, things are gonna be equal 'round here.

Logan; grr....... I'm stuck with the peanut gallery?!

Emmy; Yes you are, and you fit right in. *high fives Mellisa after Logan growls again*

Ashley; Ok, anyway, BEGIN!

*Nichole, Legolas, and Jack hold up the squares in front of them*

Nichole; They're coming!

Legolas; Who? The Orc? ORC ARE COMING?!

Nichole; *hisses* No Orc are coming, calm down Leggy.


Ashley; Good Lord!

*Mellisa waves the two blue things around while jumping up and down. Emmy looks at Logan in mock fear.*


Logan; But is there any intelligence?


*Nichole and Legolas are under the two squares which are standing up and leaning together to form a tent shape. Jack is outside.*


Nichole; *looks at Legolas* did you hear that?!

Legolas; *looks around fearfully* is it Orcs?


*Emmy is holding the blue things on her head, Logan and Mellisa exchange looks*

Logan; And I thought her hair couldn't get and weirder. *Mellisa nods*.


*Jack and Legolas are holding the squares on their chest and glaring at eachother*

Nichole; *stands to one side and whispers to them* Remember, think popcorn and hot chocolate! *speaks louder to the audience* Now back to our Sci-Fi Special; Football Belly Bouncers, Are they Human, Elf, or Alien? *Legolas and Jack run and jump into the air, crashing and falling over on the floor*.

Ashley; That was good!


*Mellisa is standing on Logan's shoulders, holding the blue things, Emmy is sitting on the stage steps.*

Mellisa; *waving the blue things* Gimme a ASH!

Emmy; ASH!

Mellisa; GIMME A LEY!!!

Emmy; LEY!!!


Logan; My shoulders are killing me, finish up!

Emmy; ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley; Ok, that was a great game. Mellisa, get off Logan. I liked your cheer though, thirty thousand points for that. Logan, you tried to stop that, twenty thou four you, and Emmy, for finishing it, twenty five thousand. Um, and Nichole's team gets twenty thousand each for the football belly bouncer bit. *Everyone looks happy*

Producer; Hey! Can't you read time? We're out of it! Get to the credits and HURRY! *Sobs* And you didn't even do the Ho-down! It's TRADITION!!!

Emmy; God, don't blow up!

Nichole; Yeah, and that dumb song does get boring after a while, you people use it way too much!

Mellisa; I dunno, that one with all that stuff about George Bush was pretty good.

Logan; *growls and walks away* I need a beer.

Legolas; Nichole? Can we get marshmellows now?

Jack; I need some Fruit 2 O.

Ashley; *sighs* alright, well, here are the credits. Hoped you liked today's show-


Ashley; grr... anyway, tomarrow or whatever you'll have the old crew back probably. See ya!

Mellisa; Buh bye! Don't choke on pretzels! That's George Bush's thing!

*Show ends*

*Hours later, in the producers Office the phone rings...*

Producer; hello? Oh, hello. Yes, I am sooooo sorry about the show today. No, I didn't have time to book anyone else. They refused to go on without Collin. Yes, I am aware I choose three teens and their friends, yes, it was a mistake. I don't think one show will make the ratings fall too far sir... WHAT?!

(At Mellisa's house)

Mellisa; God, won't you five ever stop watching Martha Stewart.

Ashley; She's weird, it's funny! *Nichole and Emmy nod*

Legolas; We LIKE Martha! *Jack nods*.

Logan; I'd rather watch football... *phone rings*

Mellisa; Sigh, I'll get it. Hello? *listens for a while then drops the phone, her friends look over at her*.

Ashley; What's wrong?

Emmy; Who was that?

Mellisa; It was that weird producer from Whose Line!

Nichole; Uh oh, is he gonna sue us?

Mellisa; no! We got the highest ratings ever! They want us back to do more shows!

Emmy; *laughing* wow, I don't think Drew or the others are gonna like that much!


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