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Toriyama held the vial up to his face, inspecting the pink contents carefully, before adding another liquid from a needle less syringe in his other hand. A green infected the contents, changing it to a light purple. A smile spread over his face. He sighed happily, before passing over to the table, placing the vial into a test tube rack amongst other samples he'd taken from his new subjects. Aisha was in intense amounts of pain, far more then she could bear. Still strapped to the metal board, with her claws rendered useless she'd been helpless to stop him. Every point around the sides of her arms ached and her legs felt numb. Time had no meaning to her, days, hours, minutes blurred into one long hell which she was praying to the gods to end. Every time Toriyama collected one of his samples, he fed it to his foul creation he kept stored in the second tank. Every time he did, it grew. Getting bigger and bigger, It's dark shape eclipse by a light that shone down from the top of it's tank.

It was vile creation, but it's creator was far more repulsive. Each time he would think of some new sadistically way to extract genetic material, making sure it caused as much pain as possible. It seemed to excite the man in way's that made her want to puke.

Toriyama didn't neglect the winged Gungen trapped inside the bio stasis tank. He seemed to collect just as much from Mal as he did from her. Each time he activated his machine, the unconscious body of the winged being squirming in pain. Like he was having a seizure or spasm.

"Doctor Toriyama, The Valiant is half an hour away from it's scheduled launching," The doctor turned to face the monitor on the far wall that had switched itself on, his arms behind his back. Aisha could see another syringe in his hand. She was in too much pain to hand to see who it was Toriyama was speaking to. "We are beginning to run short of time, is your project almost complete?" The doctor gained a large grin.

"Almost complete? It's already advanced past my wildest expectations and still growing." There was a small errie silence as the person on the other side of the conversation paused, considering the doctor's words. "And I haven't even taken a sample from Rage yet."

"Excellent, you shall be rewarded for your efforts Doctor."

"I do hope so." Toriyama muttered with a fake smile. With that, he switched off monitor, this partner disappearing in a quick flip.

"I think I've got enough of this little weakling." Toiryama scratched his chin, tapping his index finger against the side of his cheek. He was looking directly at the glass tank in which Mal hung almost lifelessly. His face highlighted green by the glow from inside. "Assistant, prepare brainwave analysis. I want to know exactly which part of the subconscious Rage is hiding in." The woman looked up from her notes briefly, before nodding and going over to the controls, her fingers running over the key pad. Aisha's eyes snapped open. That was the final straw! Her body demanded blood offering to appease it's pain and anger, and she was more than happy to oblique. Summoning near super human, er…C'tral C'tral strength, she literally ripped through their bounds. Toriyama snapped around, mouth wide open in surprise Aisha snarled, baring her fangs, before she leapt at him, pinning him to the floor with a loud thud. The solders around the edge of the room gave a loud yell, before converging on her. Aisha however was ready for them. As soon as they reached her, she leapt into the air, smashing two of them in the face with a kick. Another backed off a few feet and reached for his laser rifle. Aisha speed across the floor and dealt him a punch in the stomach, forcing him onto the cold metal floor.

"Sedate her!" Toriyama screamed, and almost at once Aisha felt a sharp pang in her left shoulder. Glancing in that direction she just had enough time to see a dart embedded in her flesh before she felt whatever strength she had disappear. They were on her in moments. "I don't need her anymore, put her down." Came in the instruction. Aisha looked up weekly and caught sight of the syringe containing deadly toxins they were preparing to administer.


She's in pain.

You speak as if I should care?

We must help her.

Why? She is a member of the race who destroyed ours. Have you gone soft? Have you forgotten the pride of our people?

I need your help, please. I beg of you.

You will find no assistance from me.

Would you rather the both of us spend eternity locked in this tank for this sick doctor's amusement?

Rather that then loose what remains of my honour.

I remember the old days well enough now. I remember that we were once one, a great warrior, a champion of the Gungen frontier. We were also a kind person, we showed compassion and understanding to all forms of life. Even captive C'tral C'trals. That is honourable. Not standing aside, watching another suffer and not lifting a finger to do anything about it.

If you want to rescue her, do it yourself.

I can't. I need your help.



I know I'm going to live to regret this but your persistence has rewarded you. But I'm only going to do this because that perverted creature has been trying my patience with the constant probing. As for the C'tral C'tral female, you contend with her.


With a spray of glass and liquid, the tank holding Mal erupted. Toriyama spun around, mouth open in astonishment. The Gungen was on the metallic floor, his feathers matted. Talons sunk into the groves between the metal plates on the floor. His breathing was loud and laboured. His arms were out in front of himself, helping to support his weight. The tip of the needle paused above Aisha's skin as the solider paused to stare at the sudden event. Mall looked up, anger burning in his eyes. With a sudden burst, his size increased itself by a good few feet.

The crest of feathers on top of his head shrank into a row of spikes, his talons seemed to grow, becoming sharper and gaining a serrated edge. His wings fluttered angrily, before taking on a more streamlined appearance, gleaming like a well polished blade. with a sudden burst of colour, his feathers changed from green to red.

Slowly, he stood up, his eyes glowing bright green.

"Well don't just stand there you brain dead bastards, take him down!" Toiyama screamed at them. Without hesitation, they shoved Aisha to the floor and reached for their rifles. Rage snapped his head to one side as the first shot rang out and with super fast reflexes, dodged to the side to avoid the blast. Aisha looked up, unable to keep up with him. She was too tired, the sedative they had already administered to her taking affect. She was barely able to pull herself up to a sitting position. All she could do was watch in a daze.

The first blood was drawn as Rage slammed his talons directly through the torso of one of them. Toriyama angrily screamed unhelpful instructions to his men such as "kill him you idiots!" Rage ducked under the spray of bullets, slipping between them with effortless ease. Before two of the guard's could defend themselves, he sliced his talons across their knees, separating them from their legs. He didn't leave them in pain for long those, once he was sure they were defenceless, he slammed a hand through their heads, impaling their brains.

The intensity of the glow from Rage's eyes increased and his two of his attackers stopped dead. Rage smiled and stood up straight, offering his open talons toward him. With a distant look on their faces, they handed over their weapons without a moments hesitation.

"Thank you." He said, before turning the weapons around and shooting both of them through the chest. Both bodies went flying across the floor before slamming into the side of each wall. Blood scrapping along behind them/

Toiryama shrank away from the action, before turning and running over to the wall. Smashing his fist against the alarm switch. Security alarms blared out, the lighting for the laboratory suddenly turning red.

Rage snapped his head up, looking directly at the doctor. Toriyama screamed, backing against the wall. Rage straightened himself up, his eyes burning bright green. With slowly, frightening movements he began to walk toward him. Arms spread wide, talons angled forward. Bathed in the red security light, his presence was a menacing shadow that terrified Toriyama to the core of his soul. The wings spread wide, giving Rage the visage of an avenging angel.

Suddenly, the human scientist blinked. His frightened exterior disappeared and an evil smile spread over his lips. He reached into his cuff and withdrew a small black device with a one red button on it. Chuckling, his pressed the button with his thumb. His eyes glinting with evil satisfaction.

The machinery behind Rage blipped, and the tank holding Toriyama's foul creation emptied itself of the bio stasis liquid. The creature inside falling to the bottom of the tank. Rage stopped to stare over his shoulder in puzzlement. The creature itself was struggling, snapping it's jaws and writhing as it attempted to assert control over it's body for the first time. After a couple of moment, it discovered how to stand on it's hind legs and once it was steadily on it's feet, it clenched it's fists and screamed. The scream pierced the air like an arrow, so high in pitch that Rage was taken aback by the blow to his ears. It's eyes snapped open, revealing that like Rage they were glowing bright green.

This creature was horrific to look at. It at the basic form of Saurian, with feathered wings sprouting out it's back. The scales were golden, with a red highlight running along the outside edges of each one. Like Rage, it had three talons on each hand and two on it's feet, but these ones seemed to gleam brightly in the red light, like they weren't made from bone but rather solid steal. Matted fur was growing out of its back, running down between it's wings and along it's tail. The wings themselves were a good deal larger than Rage's and were raven black, a blue tint at the end of each one. It's blue slathering tongue ran over it's teeth, so sharp that the tongue bled whenever it did so. The creature didn't seem to mind the pain.

It had noticed him and the Gungen Warlord could plainly see the hunger in it's eyes. Studying the glass barrier between itself and it's query only for a moment, it reared it's head back and then smashed through the glass in a shower of shards. It slammed it's right foot down on the metallic floor, the tips of it's talons curved around the grooves in the grating. Electrodes still attached to the machinery snapped as the creature gained footing and advanced forward.

Toriyama had had to stop the creature's incubation stage prematurely, it was still mindless, savage, unrelenting. No where near the intelligent, perfect being he envisioned. He still had the data in his computer system however, along with spare samples of DNA taken from the subjects previously. He could start again just as easily, without the clumsy period of trial and error he had been forced to endure before. "Yes, that's it my beautiful son." Toriyama laughed. "Kill them, kill them all!"

Aisha could not stay awake, the sedative in her system had taken full affect and it was taking every ounce of will power for her to simply remain mobile. She had received several cuts from the glass on the floor, and several shards were still buried in her right leg. A long deep cut on her left cheek, running from the top of her nose was sweating a steady river of blood.

Her reverses of strength depleted, she fell to the ground, collapsing completely. She felt herself burn with anger, She was a C'tral C'tral, the most advanced race in the galaxy. Her pride would not allow herself to give into any weakness. Will power feeding her soul, she defied the sedative running through her veins and pulled herself to her feet. She forced her eyes open.

Catching a glimpse of red feathers, she darted to the side, her limbs aching. Rage slammed back into the side of the metal slab, denting the surface.

It's scaly face set in a permanent sneer, the creature advanced over to the winded War lord, who was still trying to gather himself after that last blow. This creatures physical strength surpassed his own, greatly. He tried to pull himself up, but pain spread through his side as he tired to do so. The blow had broken at least half of his ribs. He found even standing on his own two feet a chore.

Snarling, Rage held his arms out in front of himself, pushing a good amount of kinetic energy down his arms and out into the air through his palms. The creature absorbed the blast head on, forcing it down on one knee, screaming in anger and frustration. But not, to Rage's utter disappointment, in pain.

With strength that defied the force Rage was keeping on it, the creature stood up, and then leapt forward, seizing the Gungen Warlord's throat in it's large scaly hands, it's talons tightening dangerously.

His legs still free, Rage slammed kick after kick into the creature's stomach, sinking his talons deep into the soft flesh. To his horror, the creature didn't seem to care. It had it's sight's set on prey and it was not letting go. Rage was trying frantically to influence it's mind, to force it to relinquish it's grip, but it wasn't working. The mind was too savage, to filled with chaos to allow any kind of control.

Aisha simply leant over while both of them where distracted and head butted the creature. This, with a simultaneous kick from Rage to it's guts, forced it to let go. It staggered backward a few steps, roaring in frustration

"I do not require any assistance, especially from you!" Rage snarled angrily, catching his breath for a moment, before propelling himself forward toward the stunned creature, talons held forward.

"Whatever.." Aisha managed with a faint smile.

Rage dove into the melee, talons cleaving through flesh and bone, scrapping through scale and fur. Trying desperately to rend it's target into tiny pieces, but Toiryama's creation endured. Snapping back, trying to lock Rage behind it's large serrated teeth. It had come down to, eventually, a stalemate of blow after bloody blow and neither one of them showed any signs of weakening. This is of course until Toriyama foul creation managed to deal Rage a slash across the belly, and as the Gungen warlord staggered in pain, delivered a fierce head butt into his smaller frame, sending him flying across the room. Impacting with a loud resonating thud on the lock down security door. He slid down to the floor and collapsed, defeated.

The creature, despite having several large bloody gashes on it's right shoulder, forearms and left leg, roared in triumph, the very world around it seemed to tremble at it's victory call.

Someone whistled loudly. The creature faltered, sniffed loudly, before turning to look back over it's shoulder. One of the lock down doors had opened. And standing there, to Aisha's delight was Gene and Suzuka, Gene armed with a vary large bassuka type weapon he'd stolen from their armoury.

"Knock knock." He said with a cruel smile, before pulling the trigger. A large rocket erupted from the barrel, tormenting through the air before it embedded itself directly in the creatures body. A loud scream escaped it's lips before it's form was scattered in a spray of flesh and blood.

"NOOO!" Toriyama screamed.

"Aisha, you ok?" Gene asked, dropping the weapon as he helped her to her feet. Aisha growled at him.

"What the hell took you so long?"

"It turned out he'd swiped the wrong key." Suzuka answered, hoisting the unconscious Rage onto her shoulder, who was groaning loudly in pain.

"Ok let's go!" Gene announced, helping to balance herself by placing an arm around her shoulders.

"One moment." Aisha growled, before he picked up a large piece of metal that had splintered off the table and tossed it through the air. It hit Toriyama directly in the face, knocking him out cold. He fell to the floor with a loud thump. "Ok, now we can go."