"When I pretend

Everything is what I want it to be

I look exactly like what you had always

Wanted to see

When I pretend But I can't pretend this is the way

It will stay" ~Lying from you, Linkin Park

Prologue: Him

The window was open and a cold wind seeped into the already chilly room. Her dark eyes forced themselves open slowly and her ivory skin was alive with goose bumps. The light blue blanket and soft white sheet were wrapped around their ankles, his hand rested on her stomach and the attached arm trailed over her hip. His long lean body pressed against hers, his soft even breathing against the back of her neck alerted her to the fact that he was still asleep.

The small portable radio with it's beat up red casing and crackly speakers was playing a slow song that happened to be on the station they had left it on last night. Her long fingers skimmed on his arm leaving hardly a touch at all. This had become their routine after six months it had become familiar to them as coffee. She would awake first, usually take a shower, dress and have eaten before he even stirred. It was their mode; their life now, without the other it didn't seem fathomable anymore.

Quietly slipping out of his grasp she padded over to the window, weaving her way through the miscellaneous clothing items and books that lay in her path. Even losing her memory hadn't cured the love for the printed word in her and he was beginning to take after her. Now their evenings usually consisted of curling up together reading their respective books, she had never been on to read the same book together, and simply relaxing in each other's company.

It struck her as she pulled down the window frame, that they had become domesticated even a bit boring defiantly a change from their usually dodge the dog lifestyle, no longer was there that feeling of hectic calm. They didn't drift anymore they weren't free in one sense of the word the feeling she got when that thought surfaced settled a particular feeling in her gut. As the frame slid into its place with a thud she stopped for a moment as if pondering, then walked over to the closet.

Pulling out a black halter, a white button down over shirt, knee length khakis and a pair of worn sneakers from the mess of their closet. She shed her usual sleeping attire, a white tank and black shorts, and then slipped into the clothing along with satiny purple-blue undergarments. She wouldn't take a shower today, after all she was only going to be shopping for household items and she had taken on last night.

Opening the door she walked out into the hallway and quietly closed the door behind her, they no longer lived on the Bebop. In fact they had just left it, and had moved to Venus. A friend of his, Stella, had just moved from this abandoned ship that had once been her home to the city so that she could attend the art college more easily. So when she had called them up it had been a perfect deal all around.

At least for him, she hadn't been so sure but the look in his eyes when Stella had called she couldn't say no. So she had packed up her belongings and they moved the next day. Today they were going to go shopping for supplies for their new home, like a new bed, their current one was a size to small. But her heart wasn't really into it but for him she would try.

Coming into the kitchen, which was sparse, and needing everything except for a coffee machine and mugs, they simply couldn't live without coffee. As the fresh brewed smell assaulted her nose she let a frown slip out as she pulled out a mug from the cupboard and poured herself some. She was tired.

Sipping on the wonderful black caffeine she walked from the kitchen and through the long hallway letting the morning rays absorb into her body. From what once was the observation deck, it had been gutted than a cover from rain and sun had been installed which could be turned on or off, from that deck she had a perfect view of the hub of the marketplace. Only a few were setting up at the moment but she knew in a matter of minuets it would be alive with every person imaginable, selling, haggling, trading, just being.

The radio still played on in the kitchen even though she could barely hear it, it still calmed her. It was days like this when she needed that calm most of all, he would be up in a few hours, but that was alright now she was looking forward to going out and cementing their staying in this place, for him she would look forward to it. Love does that to a person.... coffee to.


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