There's still a little bit of your taste in my mouth

There's still a little bit of you laced with my doubt

It's still a little hard to say what's going on

There's still a little bit of your ghost your witness

There's still a little piece of your face I haven't kissed

You step a little closer to me

Still I can't see what's going on

Stones taught me to fly

Love taught me to lie

Life taught me to die

So it's not hard to fall

When you float like a cannonball

~ Damien Rice, Cannonball

Chapter 3: Obsession

The silence crept over her skin and sent various layers of feeling down to her bone; it was times such as these when he sat staring out the window. Lost deep in thoughts of days long past and women with hair such as gold that still haunted the deep recesses of his mind. Silently musing into a cup of coffee, bitter to the tongue, it was a simple response to his frame of mind. He made coffee how he felt, weak when tired and strong when particularly stoic. She had gotten used to it a long time before but she didn't enjoy it, wishes for a straight, steady style would nag at her late in the night when she stared into the dark sheets long arms wrapped around her haphazardly. Usually sleep wouldn't bother her until the wee hours of the morning when dawn silently began to approach she would drift off and then no more than two hours would be again awakened by an intense gaze made of crimson and brown. At least that was how it had been for the past week since the shopping expedition.

Ye god the man's eyes had always been her downfall; two dark orbs one crimson the other brown. They shadowed every step she took, watched every move and she was never truly alone. Her thoughts and actions were his for the taking she was completely powerless against the pools of seduction that captivated and repulsed her at the same time. His eyes bound her to him in a way more intimate, more binding, more possessive, then anything that had been shown or given to her. She was his he owned everything of her, in the barest instant she would die for him.

Now sitting at the table, her legs wrapped tightly to her body, she watched his and wondered the question that had always plagued her deepest-rooted fears and anxieties. Why? Why was she? What was it about this man, this human, that gave her such a helpless feeling? Absently she watched the late afternoon sunbeam into the oak table giving the entire room a honey color. Making it even cozier than before. But how could she feel so detached from this place, this perfect life that had been finally given to her? What was the motive that ground her into reality? Why couldn't she be happy right were she was, at this exact moment?

Glancing up from her arm, her eyes were liquid in the warmth of the room she glowed in a way that seemed impossible for any human to reach. Her hair, grown to shoulder length, fell in gentle folds framing and caressing the porcelain skin that was her face. From the window he could see her reflection and it was breathless, her very being was shining with an inexplicable light that made him fell weightless floating in a perfect blue sky, pristine white feathers brushing by him. She was his sanctuary, the untouchable warmth and love that was his salvation, he couldn't live without her and that very fact was the thing that made him try to shut her out.

He couldn't be so dependent on such things he didn't want to breath her every time his nostrils flared, he didn't want to taste her every time he licked his lips, he didn't want to see her every time he closed his eyes, but the simple fact was that he did. Once he had been in love before, once, and never had it been this strange intensity and addiction that this one had brought. That had been soft and gently, never demanding or harsh, it had been his dream one he had wanted to live in forever. But this one was demanding, it was harsh and made him work and suffer in agony. This love wasn't easy or simple it was selfish and prideful and insisted that he crave her every second.

With a sudden motion that surprised even him he rose and walked over to her. She glanced up with surprise as he stood above her just staring at the vision then with frightening viciousness he fell to his knees and held her as awkward as it was. Her hands unfolded and knees dropped and then he rested his head in her lap his arms falling to the floor with heavy thuds. His tears were only known to himself but maybe she had known he couldn't be certain. All he wanted to know was her and the tenderness that she had become, that was the softness of her hand stroking his head, that was her lips murmuring silky sounds of nothing. She made him confused, his thinking cloudy, his heart beaten and whole. And he just kneeled there shaking violently his eyes staring out the window once again.

"Don't ever let go"

Her hand was stilled and than some identifiable emotion made her keep look down at him, made her acknowledge the tears that plagued his normally dry eyes. Then an instant in her mind were all went blank she simply was floating in darkness, choking on the dark tendrils that snaked and weaved around her body. She couldn't breath, color wouldn't reach her eye anywhere she looked and she was empty. A mere shell that talked, walked and ate but wasn't alive in the sense that humans were she simply was. With no thought or explanation she was on the floor the sun still honey colored and her beloved above her panic rising rapidly in his eyes.

She lifted one slender hand intense pain flickering at the edge of every sense and stretched out to him. "Go" the word was whispered but it held power and strength that she didn't posses. It made him begin to run without just cause, without reason. The glass that was the windows began to tremble then crack as large machines landed in the valley before them. His steps began to slow but she wrenched her gaze up to his and urged him to run, somewhere, somewhere far away. His body obeyed her before his mind did and he found himself turning the handle to the small linen closet that was in the kitchen.

They could hear the sounds of feet pounding against the metal, voice's some rough with age, others light with adolescence were heard coming closer and closer. Until they stopped at the doorway of the kitchen. Two men stood in the doorway, simply staring at her, until they jumped to either side letting a slender man in a dark coat walk past.

He knelt before her and brought out a small bottle filled with a gelatinous purple liquid. A syringe was produced in the other hand with a motion that testified to years of training and exercise he plunged the syringe into the strange mixture then feed it into her body. From what he could see from the slants that made up the door she began to shake uncontrollably than suddenly stop and open her eyes.

They were a harsh bright purple that seemed endless to him, they were no longer warm, nor had they the capacity to care. His heart skipped several beats and the ability to breath had escaped him. His mind was lost to the eyes that stared straight ahead, unfocused and terrible in their own world. Her body went limp and the two men at the doorway immediately came and took her out, the other stood more slowly and followed them.

Stopping at the doorway his eyes, of the darkest blue, pivoted to the closet and stayed locked there. His eyes, hardened to the point of amber, stared back into his. The challenge had been set and made; now it was the champion's turn up to bat. They had the prize and he had to get it back.


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