"I'm scared to see you after all we've been through.

The world's crazy again, but I keep searching for more,

The world's crazy again, no more war.

I'm thinking at a quicker rate, just looking around the room for

Exits and escapes.

'Cause all we do is moan, about who did what to who

Can't we realize what we're wasting?

I'm scared to see you after all we've been through."

~ 'Crazy World' Prime Circle

Four months had passed since the Digidestined had returned to their world and things had gone back to normal. It was nearing the end of the year and Ken found himself needing to visit Sam's grave. Though when he arrived, he was surprised to see a tall young woman with a long braid of copper hair. She was dressed in a white skirt down to her ankles and a beige top and the corners of Ken's mouth began to lift. She was placing a white rose on his tombstone.

He quietly walked up to the grave and stood next to her. "Did you know him?" he asked.

She shook her head, "Not really. But I saw him…this is going to sound strange, but I saw him die. It really affected me and I just feel that I need to visit his grave every year."

Ken nodded and she turned to him and jumped as if seeing him for the first time, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. Who was he to you?"

"He was my brother." Ken said with a smile.

"You look a lot like him." She said quietly. "You were there, weren't you? I think I remember you there."

Ken nodded. "So you come here every year just to visit my brother?"

She shook her head, "When I come to visit my father's grave, I always visit Sam's and put a rose on his grave. I feel like I should have known him." She turned to him, "You too."

He smiled, "You know, I feel the same way. My friends and I are all meeting for coffee tonight, would you like to join us?"

She smiled kindly, "I'd like that." They began walking and she turned to him, "By the way, my name's Tamashii Kouenno."

He smiled, "I know."


Kouen stood in front of Osamu's grave, placing a white rose on his tombstone. Suddenly she felt someone else's presence. "Hello Ken." She said quietly.

She turned to face him. She wore a long flowing white dress, hiding her round belly. "I don't suppose you're here to stay?"

"I feel at home there."

"Osamu said something like that when he first ran away. I don't want to see the same thing happen to you Ken. I love you, and so I will fight for you and if I have to, I will fight you, if only to save you from this darkness that has gripped you."

"We'll see." He growled and turned to walk away from her.

"Forgive me, for sleeping so long, for not

Letting dreams mean more to me.

I'm sorry for changing

I hope to get back and finally see

That I'm standing, but still holding my head

Holding back red can barely see

And I don't think I can handle no more,

About to explode, get away from me.

I wanted this to end, and turn my face

And not be disillusioned by the thoughts I chased.

Now I can't see the reason, can't concentrate

Frustrated to a point I cannot take.

I think I'm gonna lose it

Hope that I don't fall

Hope you hear my call.

'Cause I'm the one to choose it

It's not your call, and I'll be standing so tall.

No more feeling fear, no more paranoia

Let it disappear away from me.

All and all this change, has a better meaning

Deeper healing

I'm so sure

That I'm not the same, as you."

~ 'Standing' Prime Circle.


Nic: And it's done.

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