This is the Redwall part of CrossOver that I mentioned. Characters are the same except for me bringing in Eowyn. There is no specific time period in this, they go to different times in the series so I can cover as many books as possible. (This is supposed to take place after Lord of the Rings and the characters have met, so just pretend that I've finished the other one, which I will try to do.)

Eshva Fryestorm- This won't start in Luke's time cause I have to reread the book, but it will be the next time they visit. Thanks for a nice review and your statement about flamers.

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Don't worry, though. I'll still work equally on CrossOver ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` ```````````````````````````````` Chapter 1- Meeting of the villains

Tarsmina, Ublaz, Gabool and all the villains from Redwall mentioned in CrossOver are seated at a conference table. Sarauman, Grima, the nine Nazgul and Sauron who is dressed like a punk enters.

Gabool: Whoaaaaaa!!! Sauron, what's with the new look!?!

Sauron: I got tired of the flaming eye look.

Tarsmina: Okay peoples, let's get this meeting going. Needless to say, our middle-earth alliance deal didn't exactly go to well.

Cluny: Well, obviously, I mean we kinda have a biased author here

Sauron: They're all biased. I can't believe I was beaten by two Halflings!!!

Gabool: I share your pain dude!

Tarsmina: Anyways, we think that we should start invading the Redwall world.

Sarauman: How exactly are we going to go between times there.

Cluny: Since the author needed something new to write, she gave us this.thing, that lets us travel between books.

Grima: Where should we start then.

Tarsmina: How 'bout the Mossflower book. I've got one of the best fortresses.

Sauron: Can it accomadate, a huge army and nine black riders that are supposed to be dead anyways? Tarsmina: Sure, I guess. It's agreed then. We start our domination tomorrow.

:: All the villains agree.

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