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(Back in Kotir…villains are sitting around a dinning table)

Grima: sarcastically Well…let me be the first to congratulate you all on-once again-such a successful battle.


Grima: I was being sarcastic, people

Saruman: I liked you better when you were Eowyn's silent stalker

(From across the woods)

Eowyn: I HEARD THAT!!!

All: O..O

Tarsmina: Is that even possible?

Gabool: Plot device, Tarsmina, plot device

All: O..O

Tarsmina: So…I was thinking…

Ungratt: For once…

Tarsmina:(jumps from her seat and pins him to the floor)Say that again...old one

Ungratt: Hey! Just because I'm your uncle doesn't make me old…at least I'm not hydrophobic, pussy cat

Tarsmina: Watch who you call a pussy cat, grey whiskers. I wasn't the one who was whimpering for mercy

Ungratt: OKAY!!! THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!!! (He and Tarsmina begin to fight: there is one of those big fight dust clouds)

All: O..O

Ublaz: Wow….like the third time we said that. We should make that our motto or something…

Swaney Rath: Shut up….this is too good of a fight to miss…hey, someone bring up the popcorn

(A rat brings up a big bag of popcorn)

Swaney Rath: Wow….hey, you've got good room service, Tarsmina

Tarsmina: Arrrgh…my tail…/smack.pow.hiss/

Ungratt: Arrgh…my headfur…/punch.snarl.smack/

Gabool: So…who're you people betting on… Ungratt or Tarsmina?

Grima: Definatly Tarsmina. She's one good fighter…/sighs dreamily/

All: O..O

Ublaz: Told you that should have been our motto

Saruman: You like the hot fighting ones, don't you, Grima

(From the woods)

Eowyn: I HEARD THAT!!!

Gabool: plot device, once again

Tarsmina: Silence, human. You're next…/smack….bang…hiss/

Grima: /gulps/

(Fight continues while the onlookers watch with enthusiasm. Finally…)

Tarsmina: Pins Ungratt (whispers, ala Lion King) And here is my little secret…I killed Verdauga!!!

Ungratt: MURDERER!!! (Throws Tarsmina off him…fight continues)

All: O..o

Saruman: /looks at watch/

Cluny:/ Looks at watch/

Gabool:/ Looks at watch/

Grima: Hey, did watches even exist?


Grima: Oh….oookay….well, in that case,/ looks at watch/

Tarsmina: /pants /Truce

Ungratt: /pants/ Truce

All: /claps/

Tarsmina:/ pulls out a hand mirror and begins straightening her appearance/ Okay…lets get this meeting back on track…where were we?

Ungrat: You were /snort/ thinking /snort/

Tarsmina: Right…oh yeah…./glares/

Ungrat: /scoffety scoff scoff/

Gabool: C'mon guys…this meeting has to have a point to it…

Cluny: Why

Gabool: Because our silent, all-powerful authoress has to keep some sort of story line going to keep from getting writers block again…

All Powerful Authoress: You're one smart rat

Cluny: hah!

All: /glares/

All Powerful Authoress: And since Cluny actually GETS HOW THIS FANFIC'S SUPPOSED TO WORK…here's your purpose…you all decide that you'll attack the goodies by time-jumping and messing up the plot

All: O..O


Tarsmina: O..o…I mean…okay, we're going to time-jump…and…yeah, what she said

All Powerful Author: THANK YOU!!! This chapter is officially finished /disappears/

All: O..o