Chapter Three-Million, Six-Hundred-Thousand and Two

            Some employees escorted Heero into the ghost mansion; all warning him that what awaited was quite frightening.

            "Whatever… just as long as there aren't any dancing, singing, munchkins."

            He found himself in a quaint elevator, portraits arranged symmetrically around the premises.  Other Disneyland adventurers were also crowded in with him, pointing and whispering about the sights and sounds of the spooky place.

            "This is more like it." Heero half-closed his eyes as he relaxed.

            An ominously deep voice began speaking to the elevator passengers through some kind of speaker system.  "Welcome to the haunted mansion!  There are over 999 happy haunts living here, but there's room for a thousand!  Any… volunteers?  Bwa ha ha ha!"

            Heero raised his hand in interest.  "That sounds amusing."

            The other occupants laughed at his oblivion.  The lights suddenly went out.  A high-pitched scream filled the area.

            "Thank goodness." Heero settled down when he heard the terrified cry.  "At least not all of Disneyland is crazy."

            The lights flickered back on hesitantly and the elevator began its descent downward.  The bottom half of the portraits on the walls were exposed as the walls shifted, revealing grisly deaths in the cards for the subjects portrayed between the frames.

            "Lovely!" Heero clasped his hands, while the other families gasped at the horror.

            The elevator moved as far as it was going to, and some doors opened into a new hallway.  The crowd marched into their next room of amusement, Heero trailing.

            "I wonder if this house is for sale?" He mused to himself as he admired a cobweb.  Suddenly, he noticed a bust of a cranky looking fellow.  It seemed to Heero, that no matter where he moved, the bust's eyes followed him.

            "Mommy, what's that?" A child pointed at the statue in question.

            "An optical illusion." The mother informed cheerfully.

            Heero watched the pair with pity.  "I do not think so." He dashed to one side, awarded with the unending gaze of the cranky looking fellow.

            "I see you are challenging me!" The pilot finally concluded.  "But be warned, I have never lost a staring contest!" He put his face close to the image of the cranky looking fellow and… stared.  After a while, he bobbed his head from side to side to make sure his opponent hadn't fallen asleep with his eyes open.  The eyes followed, alluding that this entity was wide-awake.

            "How do you do that, man?" Heero blinked in defeat.  "Weren't you born with eyelids?" He shook his head, and thus, the bust's head shook too.  "You weren't born with eyelids?" Heero responded to the headshake.  "In that case, excuse me, I didn't mean to offend." The staring continued.

            "This is going to have to be settled, one way or another." Heero explained.  "I challenge you to a duel!" The patient gazing didn't fluctuate.  "I'll take you on!" Stare, stare, stare.  "Do you carry any type of weapon?" Unabated staring.  "This is getting rather tedious, cranky looking fellow."

            "Uh… sir…" An employee had approached.

            "What?  This is between him and me!" Heero held both his unopened hands towards the optical illusion.

            "That's just a prop…"

            "No… this a rather cranky fellow… and he's offended me!  He won't stop looking at me!"

            "He does that to everyone." The employee laughed.  "See, he's even looking at me right now!"

            Heero shook his head sadly.  "No he's not, my delusional friend.  How can he be looking at you when he is clearly looking at me!"

            "It's just an illusion… it's supposed to do that."

            "Well it shouldn't!  Tell him to stop or I'm going to take it personally!"

            The employee guy looked miserable.  "It's not real!  Why don't you come see the rest of the ride so we can let in the next group?  You're holding up the line."

            Heero sighed, but made his way down the hallway, glaring at the bust until he was out of sight.

            Wufei was cranky again.  He was wandering across Toon Town in the darkness, all alone.  He had questioned some suspicious folk about the international spy, but had been severely disappointed.  There was no sign of anything approaching sinister in this cheery zone.  He was about to give up all hope, when…

            "Chatter, chatter, chatter!" An unintelligible stream of blabbering was heard somewhere in the darkness.

            "Who's there?" Wufei peered into the depths.  "I knew it!  You're the international spy, aren't you?"

            "Blabber, chatter, chatter?"

            "Oh… you're not, huh?" Wufei continued to stare into the unknown, wondering who owned this high-pitched voice.

            "Chatter." Two hulking figures moved into eye range.  Their heads seemed greatly disproportioned to the rest of their bodies.

            "Well," The gundam pilot continued.  "If you're not international spies… what are you?"

            "Chatter, chatter."

            "Chip and Dale?" Wufei looked stumped.  "Who are… Chip and Dale?"

            Both chipmunks put their paws on their big heads and wailed, hurt that they weren't recognized.  "Blabber, chatter, blubber?"

            "No, I've never watched the Disney channel.  It is for weaklings!"

            "Blubber, chatter, bink?"

            "No, there's nothing you could ever say to change my mind." He considered sticking his tongue out at the despaired duo, but thought better of it.

            "Chatter, chatter, bink… chatter?"

            Wufei suddenly was made aware of how serious this could become.  "NO!  Not even a…. (shudder)… group hug would change my mind!"

            Chip and Dale discontinued the conversation, opting to charge Wufei with a big Disney group hug.

            "NO!" The pilot struggled.  "Anything but this!  Get off of me you inarticulate rodents!"

            "Chatter, chatter!" They purred happily.

            "Help!" Wufei was bonked by Dale's red nose.  "You're taking your job way too seriously!  You are not the real Chip and Dale, so you don't have to act like complete idiots!"

            Children began screaming nonsensically at that little revelation.  "They aren't the real Chip and Dale?  Wahhhhhh!"

            "Argh," Wufei moaned.  "Now look what you've done!  Look at all those disheartened youths!  Feel the shame!"

            "Chatter…" Chip didn't seem too affected.  "Chat-oo." That seemed to be the equivalent to an "oh well, who cares."

            "So where is the international spy?" Quatre had resolved to finish the conversation with the authors in a safer spot, hiding behind a popcorn stand.  Not to mention, this was convenient for the authors, since they had a plethora of objects to communicate with.

            "H." Quatre plucked a single popcorn from a bag he had just overpaid for.  "E." He chose another piece and threw it behind his shoulder after reading the letter it contained.  "I… S… Hey… this is kind of slow progress don't you think?" He took a break from the popcorn to say the last part.  "I mean… we're not going to get anywhere with you spelling this all out one letter at a time, are we?"

            "OK." The next two popcorns agreed.

            "Since you're writing this… can't you just do some supernatural stuff and make this a little easier… and faster?"

            "He asks for so much." The Gundam Wing Fan grieved.  "He doesn't understand the value of suspense… even in a parody."

            Elly frowned.  "I know… but this is twenty-one pages already.  Why don't we just comply and let him finish this plot?"

            "It's just not good authoring." Fan huffed.  "But I guess we should stay on good terms with our characters?  Who would we write about if they quit?"

            "Do you think we should just give him the whole plot then?"

            Fan nodded.

            Quatre had become accustomed to the pauses in between his conversations with the all-mighty-authors.  He assumed they were either running to the kitchen to grab a snack, or having an intense conversation between themselves.  Anyway, there was nothing to do but wait.  He threw some pricey popcorn in his mouth lazily.

            "Blam!" Just then, a pile of papers fell to the pavement, stapled together neatly.

            "I take it this is for me?" Quatre accepted the gift, looking it over suspiciously.  "Gasp!  This is… THE SCRIPT!  I never thought I'd ever actually see a script!" He flipped through the pages quickly and stopped.  He read for a few minutes, scrunching his eyebrows as he progressed through the story.

            "I don't like this part." He announced in a plain tone.  "You make me sound like an idiot right here.  I think you should change it."

            "He's requesting a script change!?" Elly shrieked.  "LET ME AT HIM!"

            "That's good material right there… how could Quatre disapprove?" Fan shrugged.  "Anyway, it's too late.  He already did it and the script is done."

            "I'm never letting a fictional character peek at the script again." Elly fumed.  "We spent a long time coming up with some of this… I don't care if the actors don't like it!"

            Quatre was reading the current part of the script.  "Quatre was reading the current part of the script… he said." He said.  "Whoa that's weird!" He waved his hand in the air, and then began to read again.  "Whoa that's weird!  He waved his hand in the air, and then began to read again." He sweatdropped.  "He sweatdropped."

            After feeling appropriately eerie, Quatre flipped to a future part of the storyline.  "This is too freaky…" He immediately shut his mouth, feeling a little strange to know every word and every action he performed was being recorded in this pile of papers… or was it already recorded and he was just acting it out now?  But, how could the script incorporate his actually having a copy of the completed script into the script?  It must have been being written as he did everything… no… it had to have been written before hand… but then how… "AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!  How is it that no matter what you authors do, I'm utterly confused?"

            For a moment, he was almost sure he heard hushed laughter from a far away plain… he was about to read the script to double-check his hunch when he reminded himself that reading about the present was not good for one's health.  He continued to proceed into the future of the tale, wincing at some absolutely stupid things he and the others would be made to say.  "I will be the god of dance once again! Duo declared, unaware of Trowa's silence." Quatre read from the script slowly.  Realizing what his friends had been up to, he started laughing.

            "Do you feel like a lost soul now?" Duo grumbled.  "Without DDR, we aren't gods anymore."

            Trowa just kept looking for the other three pilots, realizing what a hopeless task that would be… have we mentioned Disneyland is kind of biggish?

            "I will be the god of dance once again!" Duo declared, unaware of Trowa's silence.

            "We're never going to find the others." Trowa was serious.  "Do you think they've already found the international spy and have left the park?  It's getting really late, after all."

            "We should have set up an 'appointed meeting place' just in case something like this happened.  Man… I feel like a lost little kid."

            "Yes and you look like one, too.  Please look a little more… responsible.  And take off those ridiculous shoes or I'm going to ditch you too."

            "That's harsh, Trowa!" Duo admired his feet, which were decked out in his brand new Mickey Mouse slippers.  "These were the only shoes they had in stock… they're not that bad."

            No response.

            "Trowa… Trowa?" Duo glanced around, suddenly feeling quite smallish.  "You weren't serious?  Come back!  I'll take off the stupid slippers!"

            No such luck.

            "Nope… not going to do it." Heero folded his arms and shook his head stubbornly.

            "Come on." The same ride attendant that witnessed the staring contest with the optical illusion, was urging Heero to actually board the Haunted House ride.

            "But those trolleys are going so… fast!" The perfect soldier whined.  "How am I supposed to jump on?"

            The employee sighed.  "It's easy."

            "Show me."

            Shrugging, the attendant sat himself into one of the moving carts, and was whisked into the ride.  "See?" He called back as he disappeared into the depths.  "Did you see how easy?"

            Heero began tapping his foot, wondering if that guy would get fired for goofing off on the job.  "Next." He began ushering people onto the ride professionally, as if he had been working at Disneyland all his life.

            A little while later:

            "Next!" Heero cheerfully assisted loading some people onto a trolley.  "Enjoy the ride!"

            "Hey!" The employee guy tromped onto the scene.  "Why didn't you get on the ride?"

            "Because," Heero kept waving people on.  "I blinked.  I missed it, and didn't see how easy you did it."

            "You missed it?" The employee cried.  "What about all this time… haven't you been paying attention to how easy it is for all these people to get on the ride?"


            "Okay… if you're scared then don't get on… can I have my job back now?"

            "How much do you get paid for doing this?" Heero queried, patting a little girl on the head as she went by.

            "Urm… nine bucks an hour…"

            "Then no.  You cannot have your job back… I could use this kind of cash!"

            "That's it." The guy raged.  "You're getting on this ride RIGHT NOW!"

            "Eh?" Heero didn't have a chance to react as the employee snatched him up and threw him onto a cart.  "You're stronger than you look…"

            "NOW ENJOY THE FREAKING RIDE!" The guy began to calm down after that.

            "You're right, this is easy!" Heero admitted as he rolled into the ride.

            "According to this," Quatre patted the script.  "The international spy is actually nearby… and I get to find him… for once, the authors are letting me do something heroic!" He was very tempted to read straight to the end of the stack, but refrained, reasoning that knowing the ending ruins the whole thing.

            He had amused himself by reading about Heero's adventures in the Haunted House (which we have not quite gotten to yet), and Wufei's daring escape from Toon Town (which we also have not been treated to yet).  In fact, he had already read this entire paragraph some time ago, so he knew exactly what was coming next… PICKLES… see, you didn't know that was coming next but he did.

            "I still don't get that whole pickles thing…" He scratched his head.

            But that didn't matter because he was about to find the international spy and end the story… that kind of lessens the whole suspense aspect doesn't it?  Well then, let's just put it this way: we are still the all-powerful-authors… we could still stick some surprises in here.  Hee hee hee.  (Elly and the Gundam Wing Fan do the Dr. Evil pinky finger… thing.)

            "Well, everything seems pretty clear cut." Quatre disposed of his empty popcorn bag in a wastebasket.  "I guess I'll just go get that international spy, then… that was one of those stupid lines.  And so was that… ARGH!" He grimaced as he remembered reading those exact words a little while ago.

            Wufei waited for his eyes to adjust, and peeked out of the two tiny eyeholes.  "How does anybody see out of these things?"

            "Chatter, bink, bink." Dale explained.

            "But are you really so low on help that you need to do this to helpless teenagers trapped in Toon Town?" Wufei snarled through his mask.

            "Bink, blubber, chatter, chatter." Chip insisted firmly.

            "Oh… the night crew quit, eh?  So why did it have to be this costume?" Wufei plucked at his Minnie Mouse costume through his oversized gloves.  He would never have agreed to this insult… but a bunch of the other Disney characters showed up to force recruitment out of him.  NESS DRINKS COFFEE!  See how that works?  Only Quatre knows when that weird stuff is going to pop up.  Hee hee.

            "What was that?" Wufei started at the NESS DRINKS COFFEE.  "Where did that come from?"

            "Bink, bink, bink, bink, bink…" Dale ordered.

            "I don't want to!" Wufei complained.

            "Bink, bink." Chip reminded him, pointing at a rather large Donald Duck carrying a club-like stick.

            "It's not fair!" Wufei wandered onto the streets of Toon Town, seeking young people to cheer up.  He didn't have to wait long.

            "It's MINNIE!" Some triplets screamed.  They rushed to their idol without hesitation, recreating the 'group hug scene' that Wufei had endured earlier.

            "Oh… stop it." He tried pushing the toddlers away from him, but the big gloves didn't work so well.  "Shouldn't you be in bed?  Look what time it is!"

            "Kodak moment!" The parents of the triplets reached for their camera, a thrilled expression on both their faces.

            "I've had it up to here with Kodak moments…" Wufei roared, finally pushing the little kids to the ground.  He began dashing away, his long mouse-tail waving in the air.

            Chip, Dale, Donald Duck, and Goofy emerged from a dark alley (Disneyland has dark alleys?) and began pursuit.  The triplets forgot to cry as they watched the spectacle.

            "Whoph…" The pilot tripped over his puffy high-heels, landing on the street though cushioned by the Minnie costume.

            "CHATTER, BINK!" The chipmunks scolded viciously, pummeling the fallen Minnie Mouse.

            "Ko-daak… moomunt?" One of the triplets pointed at the brawl.

            "No…" The dad answered.  "This is not a Kodak moment."

            Donald Duck began squawking angrily as Minnie dropkicked him in the beak.  S/he then proceeded to beat up on an unsuspecting Goofy, scoring a number of cushioned punches.  The Disney gloves really weren't ideal for these kinds of bloodbaths.

            "BINK!" Dale awarded a smashing blow to Minnie's side.  He chuckled at his success until he was tipped over by a foot sweep by a high-heeled foot.

            "Take this!" Wufei knocked Donald down and then ran to his freedom, almost tripping over his heels a number of times.

            "Oh my god!" The mother of the triplets gasped.  "Minnie Mouse killed Donald Duck!"

            Heero nodded at the assortment of ghouls and departed that floated through his vision.  "So what did you in?" He asked a ghostly apparition.  "Self detonation?  It's a good idea…" He approved of the whole ride.

            "Gaze at your reflection," A canned announcer voice in the back of the trolley said.  "Just between you and me… you won't be going home… alone… hahahahahaha!"

            The cart strolled in front of a mirror and Heero was shocked to see… PICKLES… no, actually he saw a green ghost sitting beside him with a goofy look on its face.

            "State your name!" Heero turned from the reflection to address the intruder at his side… but nobody was there.  "Eh… invisible?" There was no response.  "Very well… I will refer to you as… Alfred.  So Alfred, do you know anything about international spies?"

            "Those creepy ghouls will follow you home… ahahahahahaha!" The announcer continued.

            "Hm." Heero continued to speak to the empty spot next to him.  "Lonely huh?  I'll have to see what my friends think of you, Alfred."

            The ride finished itself, rolling through an assortment of spooky spectacles.  Heero exited the building, looking around at the diminishing Disneyland crowd.  It was getting late and families were taking their children home.  The park was going to close soon, and the gundam pilots didn't have much time.

            Fortunately, Quatre knew exactly where to go.  He had followed the script to find the exact spot… where he had been waiting for a little while.  Finally, the suspect appeared.  He was a monstrous looking fellow, obviously of the untrustworthy type.  Quatre strolled over to this menacing individual, staring at the script all the while.

            "Come with me, you international spy…" Quatre said disjointedly, reading from the page in his hand.  "Why… you are an ugly critter aren't you… WHO WRITES THIS?  Er-hem… I am taking you into custody."

            "Hi!" The suspect's muffled voice said.  "I'm Mickey Mouse!" And so he was… he was dressed in a big Mickey outfit… very similar to Wufei's.

            "No… you're not!" Quatre tried to read the lines more convincingly… let's just say he's not cut out for drama.  "You are the evil… international spy!"

            "Ahw, dang you got me." The Mickey Mouse changed his voice from squeaky to rather gangsterish.  "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!"

            Quatre removed the Mickey Mouse mask to reveal…

            A brilliantly colored firework exploded in the sky, cascading lights onto the ground for quite a distance.  Duo kicked off his Mickey slippers and admired the spectacle.  "Kind of looks like a space battle… doesn't it Heero?"

            The two had run into each other and decided to wait at the entrance of the park for the others.  "Alfred says they do this every night." Heero blinked as a noisy white light streaked through the air.

            "Alfred?" Duo glanced around.

            "My friend… he's right here, Duo."

            "There's nobody here…"


            "Aha!" Wufei exited the park, and joined his two friends.  "There you are!"

            "Why's your hair messed up?" Duo noticed.

            Wufei ran a hand through his ruffled 'do.'  "It is not… and even if it were it wouldn't be because I was wearing a giant mouse suit or anything."

            "Alfred says you were wearing a giant mouse suit…" Heero raised an eyebrow, almost scolding Wufei for lying.

            "I did not!" The former Minnie Mouse argued.  "I spent all my time looking for the international spy!"

            "Speaking of whom," Duo frowned.  "You didn't happen to find him, did you?  Heero and I had no luck."

            Wufei sighed.  "No… Disneyland is too… biggish…"

            "Agreed.  Alfred says it was a wasted endeavor."

            "Who is Alfred?" Wufei asked.

            "This is Alfred!" Heero gestured to an empty spot on his left.  "You are both being very rude to Alfred."

            Trowa silently appeared, looking very unhappy.  "I couldn't find any spies.  Just some flies… and some guys… and those fries, but I ate them."

            "You ate something?" Duo looked startled.  "You don't eat!  Otherwise you couldn't be so freakishly thin!"

            Trowa looked unimpressed.  "Well I did."

            Duo gasped.  "Wow, you ate!  …What's it like?"

            "Guys!" Quatre stumbled out of Disneyland dragging a ragged Mickey Mouse behind him.  "I found the international spy!"

            "Egads!" Heero jumped up.  "Alfred says that is the spy!"

            "International spy!" Wufei raged.  "At least get it right!"

            "Alfred doesn't care about international… but that is the spy."

            "Who is it?" Duo stared at the costume.  "How did you find him?  What are his diabolical plans?!"

            "One thing at a time!" Since Quatre read the script, he knew this was a good moment for him and he wanted to drag it out a little bit.  "I did some investigating… you know, Sherlock stuff… and I found all kinds of little clues that eventually led me to discover that…" He removed the Mickey mask.  "The ARCADE MANAGER is the international spy!"

            "It makes perfect sense!" Trowa said, recognizing the evil arcade manager.  "You aren't a real arcade manager… arcade managers are always cheerful and upright… that's why you are an international spy!"

            "Darned kids." The arcade manager looked cranky.

            "Quatre," Heero said.  "Alfred says that you found the spy a different way than what you said.  What's the truth?"

            Quatre sweatdropped.  "I should have read the ending…"

            "Why?" Trowa asked.  "What did you leave out?"

            "I sort of got my hands on… this!" He displayed the script… which naturally had big block letters that said 'THE SCRIPT' on it.

            "You got the script?" Wufei didn't believe it.  "That's impossible… does that mean you know everything that I… I mean… we all did?"

            "Yeah." Quatre looked sly.

            "Uh…" Duo rubbed the back of his neck.  "So you know about the destruction of DDR… that was mostly Trowa's fault, you know!"

            "Yeah, I know all about that." Quatre said as they wandered into the parking lot, international spy in tow.  "And I know about Alfred."

            "Of course." Heero smiled.

            "Heero…" Duo argued.  "There's nobody there!"

            "No!" Heero pointed a dangerous finger at Duo.  "Do not diss Alfred!  He's sensitive."

            "What else did you read?" Wufei asked Quatre hopefully.

            "Well there was this little escapade in Toon Town." He replied.

            Wufei became scary-looking.  "Mention nothing… I'm serious, Quatre!"

            "Ooo!" Duo snatched 'THE SCRIPT' possessively.  "What's in here, Wufei?  What is it that we're not supposed to read?"

            Wufei snatched 'THE SCRIPT' for himself.  "None of your business!  Now shoo!"

            "That's mine." Quatre made one more exchange of 'THE SCRIPT.' "The authors gave it to me."

            "What happens now?" Trowa looked at his watch.  "Because I'm ready for this to be over."

            Quatre flipped through to the very end of the story.  "Ahem… Quatre flipped through to the very end of the story.  He glanced around, looking pale." He glanced around looking pale.

            "Skip ahead." Heero suggested.

            "It says, that we all get in our gundams and fly into the sunset…"

            "What?" Trowa got a sensible look on his face.  "It's almost midnight… there is no sunset… did we miss it?"

            "Alfred says we did." Heero snapped his fingers.

            "I think this is a typo…" Quatre pointed at the sentence in question.  "How could the authors miss something so obvious?"

            "How did we miss something so obvious!?" Elly said.

            "Just fix it…" Fan was proofreading pages again with his red pen.  "You know… backspace, backspace, backspace, and then type something new."

            "I'll see what I can do."

            "Oh hang on, I misread…" Quatre announced.  "It says, that we all get in our gundams and fly into the cardboard sunset… eh?"

            Everybody looked into the sky and noticed a gigantic piece of cardboard with a sunset painted on sloppily.

            "Okay." Heero looked happy.  "Let's do it!"

            They boarded their gundams and flew into the cardboard sunset (literally).  It shattered into smaller cardboard pieces.

            "No, that's not good enough." Fan decided.  "Let me try."

            "Oh, I misread." Quatre said.  They were in the parking lot again.  "It says, that we all get in our gundams and fly into the night sky."

            "That sounds reasonable." Trowa said.  "Better than those last two typos."

            They all boarded their gundams and flew into the night sky (literally).  It shattered into smaller night sky pieces.

            "Why do they do that?" Elly read the new ending.  "That's not it!"

            "Oh, I misread." Quatre said again.  "It says, that we all get in our gundams and we don't crash into anything."

            They all got into their gundams and sat in the parking lot.

            "Now what?" Duo asked.

            "Why are they being so difficult all of a sudden?" Fan typed rapidly.

            "Oh there's more…" Quatre broadcasted his voice to the other gundams.  "It says we take off and go home… and we absolutely, positively, do not crash into anything."

            "That's no fun." Wufei moaned.

            The gundams lifted off and went home… and absolutely, positively, did not crash into anything.

            "But I liked the sunset… it's more dramatic." Elly said.

            "Too late, I got them home." Fan looked proud.

            "Yeah… but that ending sucked… let me do it!"

            Suddenly, all around the parking lot, strobe lights began flashing psychedelically.

            "Now it says that we all depart in a super fashionable way." Quatre sighed.  "What was wrong last time?"

            "Those authors are just picky." Duo said, removing some tinted sunglasses from his face.  "Is this their idea of fashion?"

            "Agh!" Wufei leaped.  "What is this thing?" He held up a fluffy kitty.  It had an evil look on its face.

            "According to the script," Quatre paused for a minute, noticing his hair looked green.  "NO!  Don't dye my hair!  That's not cool!"

            "Don't do that." Fan scolded.  "That's just weird.  It doesn't make any sense!"

            "Since when did this fic make sense?" Elly argued.

            "Well… it doesn't have to be that ridiculous… how about we team up and come up with something really good?"

            "And so ends a Disneyland Adventure." Duo said in an announcer type voice.  (He's got a nice announcer type voice!)  "We've all learned something today, haven't we?"

            "Yes… always be a nice guy!  And wear your helmet!" Wufei agreed.

            "Is this a super-happy ending or something?  If it is, I demand it stop right NOW!" Heero stomped his feet.

            "But then we'll never get to leave!" Trowa looked sad.

            "They're not buying it." Fan looked indifferent.  "It was a bad idea anyway."

            "I've GOT IT!" Elly had a light bulb over her head.

            "Go for it."

The End

Elly: There, that's it.

GWFan: That's… IT?  That's your great idea?

Elly: You have to admit it works.  Because look, we're in the author's notes now so that means the fic's over.

GWFan: Oh, so we are.  Necessary info: we've got an e-mail that you can send to.  It's and please feel free to contact us.

Elly: This was long so I want to congratulate everybody who's read all the way through.  Thank you!

GWFan: For the record, this story was based upon actual events… our trip to Disneyland this summer.

Elly: And, this story was brought to you by the letter PICKLES!

GWFan: That's not a letter…

Elly: (Sticks tongue out.) But really, a lot of what happened in this story happened last August when we were at Disneyland… cool, eh?