Lonely Roads and Forgotten Forests

I sit here, drifting in and out of thought

The trees are painted with purity All around me Slightly faded footsteps disappear, A road jets out of a forgotten forest No curves, nothing stands in its way Just a long, lonely road

The forest, forgotten and empty The fog and cloud-plagued sky Sheds its last beams of light On the never-ending road and forgotten forest

There is a patch of trees In the middle of the forest But, unlike the others They are bare Stripped from their limbs, by the cold These bare limbs seem to Jet higher than the rest of the trees And sway more elegantly in the breeze

With my eyes, I follow the breeze But in the distance Fog barricades the future trees And mountains that lie before me

A series of passing winds come over me The brief smell of distant smoke and camphor Parts the shielding fog And for a brief moment, maybe a second I can see a beautiful hill in the background One I know someday I will surmount

I suddenly awake from my reverie, And I can still smell the smoke and camphor I can still feel the passing breeze But I am once again in my house Hidden from the world