Notes: Written for the LJ Timestamp challenge. This takes place two years AFTER the END of Playing Tag (yes I will finish Playing Tag . . . though I don't know that it will be in this decade - ). Georgiana was Tea's roommate in college and ends up being quite pivotal in the PT universe. Requested by Geniusgirl.

Playing Tag:

Two Years Later

by Kysra

"I don't have time for this." For once, Seto Kaiba was not speaking for the sake of emphasizing his busy schedule. He truly felt as if he did not have time to sit in an audience (yet again) for two hours listening to a woman sing. (And – really – who did have the time?)

Unfortunately, Téa was anything but understanding. "Listen, I went to the company Christmas ball this past winter even though I was having the world's worst case of cramps. The least you can do is put the laptop to sleep for a few hours and show a little support for our very dear friend."

"Your friend."

"Our friend without whom we would not be having this conversation because we would not have gotten married."

He grumbled even as he began to knot a tie around his neck, watching his wife out the corner of his eye. "I suppose you want me to applaud as well."

She nodded blithely. "And we have to remember flowers."

"Fine." His tone suggested intense suffering and maybe a hint of indignation. "Her favorite?"

"I have no idea."

"You lived with the woman for almost a year, and you don't know what her favorite flower is?"

Her glare could have melted through a wall of titanium. "George is not a flower girl. She would probably rather chocolates."

The reticent Kaiba nodded perfunctorily as his hands tugged at the hem of his suit jacket. "Chocolates then."

Téa smacked his hands away before balancing on nylon covered toes to straighten his tie. "No. She's watching her weight, remember?"

"I don't see why. She didn't have much of a figure before the baby anyway – OW!" Fantastic. Because his loving wife had decided to play racketball with his head, he'd have to re-comb his hair which would cost him another 26.73 seconds of valuable time.

"Don't even think about saying something like that to her face." She glared at him – as if that, coupled with the warning, could possibly intimidate him. He was Seto Kaiba. He would not be cowed by anyone, even the love of his life . . . who was currently bending over in a very snug, very silk red dress that made his mouth water. Unfortunately, he didn't have 13.58 minutes to spare for a quick seduction. In order to make this performance, they would have to leave in less than ten minutes.

Slipping on her shoes, Téa Gardner-Kaiba straightened and smiled at her husband who looked as impatient as he was handsome. "I think we might be ready."

As she grabbed her clutch, he offered his arm, car keys firmly in hand. It wasn't often they went out to a function that wasn't KaibaCorp related. "I still can't believe you've never heard her sing."

"George is a very shy girl. She used to hate her vocal arts classes because she had to sing in front of her instructor."

"And she's performing on Broadway?"

Téa nodded, flashing him a proud smile. "And I already asked her to sing at our wedding."

He paused at that. "Wedding? We've already had a wedding."

Téa had the grace to look embarrassed. "My mother is insisting on attending something resembling a wedding ceremony, if only to take a few pictures. She said five minutes in a Las Vegas chapel doesn't constitute much of anything."

"It wasn't five –"

"I know that, and you know that. Let's just humor her, ok?"

Seto Kaiba knew how and when to pick his battles, and it was with a magnanimous brand of humility that he relented this once – if only to preserve the rather favorable relationship he had with his mother-in-law. "Fine, but if Georgiana's voice grates on my ears, I'm revoking her invitation."

The grin his wife beamed up at him smacked of condescension and the kiss she pressed to his cheek was just this side of patronizing. "Just keep thinking that, darling." But before he had a chance to reprimand her for treating him like a child at best, a whipped husband at worst, she softened the blow by threading her fingers through his, leaning her head against his shoulder and saying, "Thank you for spending this evening with me."

Suddenly, the time didn't seem so wasted after all.