Hey, I was taking a small break from one of my stories and this just came out. I thought that I would post this so I could get some opinions on this story. I'm really happy with what I've come out with thus far and hope that you will like this too. So please send me your thoughts on this I value all comments. Disclaimer: The characters and concept of the movie Labyrinth do not belong to me though any characters that I make up along the way of writing this fic do, as does the plot. For your reading enjoyment:

To What May Come


Our thoughts are of our own making. At least that is what we are taught to believe. What brings about the ideas that spring to mind of things we were never told about? Originally, these thoughts come from our minds, or so that is what we believe. What if some of what we think are our own ideas are really not?

We exist on a plane of reality that is three-dimensional. What if there is more to it than that. What we've been brought up to believe is only what we perceive to be truth, when in fact it is not. We are deceived by our own minds, taking everything in which we perceive for granted, for face value, when we have only glimpsed the surface. Reality is the boundaries in which we perceive to be attainable. That which we can not grasp or perceive is considered non-reality, a fantasy that has no depth, something we say is beyond existence.

Most believe that we are alone in this world, yet there are those that believe that we are not. That within our world lives those who walk among us yet we do not see. They are said to be spirits, ghosts, but what if there is more to them than that? Is it crazy to think of such a thing? Maybe they are the ones that tell the artistic minds what they need to create so that we may be enlightened and maybe someday be able to see into their world, cross over into their world. "A world within a world within a world."

Do they speak to us try and reach us? Death is something we have many explanations for but none say that they are right. It is the unknown that we all must one-day face. Should we be scared of it? Ask yourself what do you believe? Try and reach beyond your own boundaries and reach for the impossible, that in which others say is unattainable. Prove them wrong. If there really is a wrong or right.

Chapter 1

So many unanswered questions plagued the young girl of twenty-one. It was strange how one's perception can change with one incident. How many years had passed? How many times had she run the events within her mind wondering if it was a dream, yet knowing that it was not? Allowing the cool breeze to sweep her long dark hair away from her face, she rested her head on her knees as she looked out at the open planes. The sun was setting and soon she would be able to see the stars fill the night sky.

Sarah Williams, a single woman of twenty-one lost in her thoughts, did not see the lonely owl perched in the tree behind her watching, waiting. The years that had passed seemed like forever to that one being, the only one that understood her. She had grown so much from the young teenager that traversed his kingdom and denied his world. Blinking, he waited patiently and content with watching, but only for so long.

A boy of about six years of age ran down the steps of the cabin towards his older sister. Every time they would go away to the cabin in the woods Sarah would always watch the sun set and then stay outside and watch the stars come out. Loose short blond hair bobbed up and down as he giggled with mischievous glee.

Sarah smiled knowing what was to come and braced herself. Tackled from behind, she grabbed her young brother lovingly by the waist and flipped him so that he was hanging over her shoulder upside down. "I see I've got a little Mr. giggles to deal with. Hmm, let me see where to tickle!"

Toby laughed and giggled, squirming as he tried to get away from the tickling fingers of his older sister, "Sawah," his plea was drowned out by his laughter, "sto…sto…stop."

Stopping with her ritual tickling, she allowed her little brother to stand upright holding him by the waist so that he could get back his balance, "Alright, alright! Who sent the little monkey to get me?"

Toby grinned before lunging forward and returning her tickles, "I gotcha now."

Sarah fell back lying on the ground in laughter as her little brother gave her payback. Allowing her brother to have his fun, she feigned defeat, "Toby…hehe…you…you got me, I'm finished…The tickle monster is defeated, long live Toby the tickle slayer."

Toby laughed pulled up off of his big sister and started jumping around with his hands held high, "Yeah, I won, I won!"

Sarah watched her little brother with joy and a slight ache in her heart from the memory that she almost lost him. It was so long ago, but not long enough. To think that she almost got this angel turned into a goblin? Smiling, she grabbed him, hugging him to her letting him go as he tried to wiggle away.

"Awe, Sawah!" Toby sighed.

Sarah tilted her head to the side, "Toby, you are such a cutie. Did mom send you after me?" She never really accepted Karen as her mother but Toby gave her the weirdest looks when she called her Karen instead of mom. Besides, it made Karen a lot easier to live with.

Toby shrugged, "Its time to eat!" Taking his sister's hand, he tried to pull her up to her feet so he could drag her back into the cabin, "Come on!"

Giving in to her brother's insistence that she go and eat, she allowed him to drag her from her reverie back to the cabin. No one really enjoyed Karen's cooking but if Toby had to suffer, so did she. "Alright, alright I'll go eat but I won't tell if you don't about hiding most of our dinner underneath the napkins."

Toby nodded in agreement, his face in a cut grimace. Karen was an awful cook and Sarah and Toby usually hid most of the food in their napkins on their laps. Sarah would take them and throw away the food in the back for their dog Lancelot to eat. Sometimes Lancelot would refuse to eat the stuff. Lancelot was a large white Siberian Husky with beautiful light blue eyes, they had gotten him a little after Merlin, her sheep dog, died.

Sitting at the table, both Toby and Sarah looked to the served dinner with a bit of dismay. There at the table's center was a bowl of something that even Sarah was at a loss to define. All that she could tell was that it was awfully runny and green. To the side was a small bowl of slightly burnt green beans and blackened dinner rolls. This was definitely not going to be easy to get away from consuming Karen's cooking.

Fake smile placed, Sarah served a small amount to herself and Toby, passing it to her Father who looked as unpleased as they felt about eating dinner. With a forced laugh as Karen glared at their father, he deposited a scoop on his plate and then some on Karen's.

Karen noticed the grimaces around the table, "Okay guys, it's not as bad as it looks. I thought I try a new recipe tonight."

As Karen's eyes were focused on their father, he scooped up some of her newest creation and forced it in his mouth. The look on his face brought both Sarah and Toby to giggles earning a stern look from Karen, the official tormenter of the century. Prison food had to taste better than her cooking. Seeing Karen's look of disapproval he tried to force a smile but the taste in his mouth made him want to spit it out and it took about all of his will power not to do so.

Shaking her head with a heavy sigh she took a bit and grimaced as well. Quickly placing her fork on the plate she took a long swig of her water and cleared her throat, "Okay, maybe this recipe was a bad idea. Anyone for sandwiches?"

Sarah sighed with relief thanking God; she didn't even want to attempt to eat that stuff. It was about time Karen admitted that her cooking was not great. Well, that was until the next night. Sarah just prayed that she would be able to talk her dad into taking them into town out to eat. It usually didn't take much.

After eating their sandwiches Sarah sneaked out of the cabin making her way towards the stables where her horse Starlight awaited her ritual visit in the night. Opening the stable gates, Sarah made her way towards Starlight, not having to turn on the light for the full moon and stars that were out lent plenty of light for her to see by.

Starlight's white head nudged forward into Sarah's awaiting hand as she stroked his nose and patted his thick white and black coat. A smile on her lips, Sarah hoisted up the saddle making sure that everything was secure before she swung her leg up over his back and tapped her heels softly into his sides steering him forwards.

Horse trotting out from the small barn, Sarah urged her horse forwards into the open plains. The wind full on her face and moving swiftly across the fields of green, Sarah felt free as if she were flying. Urging Starlight faster, she brought her horse into a gallop towards the cliff where she would sit at its edge and watch the star lit sky.

Overhead, he glided against the wind, dark eyes focused on her as she indulged in the freedom of riding her horse.

After what seemed like only a few minutes, Sarah pulled against Starlight's reins, urging him to slow his stride. Seeing the cliff of the canyons, Sarah pulled once more, forcing him to stop. Sliding down from the saddle, she allowed his reins to fall to the ground, allowing him the leisure of feeding off of the grass below.

Sitting at the edge of the cliff, she looked out at the starlit sky. This was the time of night that she could dwell in forever. In the city they could never see the stars this bright and to her, right now, it felt as if she were on another world. Leaning back on her hands she looked up into the sky allowing her mind to drift and wonder.

Music filled her mind, the haunting melody of Greensleeves but different as his voice sang out to her. Dancing, she could feel herself dancing, being guided onto the dance floor within his arms. Twirling and swaying, lost within his eyes.

Sarah flinched from the memory, snapping out of the trance she found herself in. She had often thought of that moment but it never had come to her so vividly. She needed to get away from the cliff's edge, she needed to ride Starlight. Standing she moved towards Starlight stopping in mid stride as her eyes met with dark ones imbedded in feathers and wings of white.

The white barn owl sat smugly on the horse's saddle, meeting her eyes with his. If he could have, he would have grinned as her expression turned from bewilderment to worry.

Stumbling slightly forwards, she struggled to find the words, "You…Jareth?" she questioned feeling herself tremble.

He just tilted his head to the side as if considering answering when he flew up into the night sky.

Sarah stood there, motionless, blinking in bewilderment, her horse shifting its weight as it waited for his master to return. Her mouth hung opened, no words able to come forth. 'Oh God', she thought, 'He…he's alive. No…just a coincidence. But? Oh God, Toby!'

Taking the reins and getting back onto her horse, she kicked Starlight's side in need as she forced him to quicken into a run. The wind that whisked about her face no longer inviting, as worry consumed her heart and soul.

Reaching the cabin in record speed she didn't even bother taking Starlight's saddle off as she ran into the cabin. Bursting through the door she loudly headed for Toby's room, not even caring if she woke up her parents. Reaching his door she hesitated, a feeling of dread pounding at her heart ,turning the knob she peered in.

There on the bed lay a bundled up Toby, his arm stretched out over his face as he wiped his nose with his other hand. Holding her hand to her chest, Sarah leaned against the doorway, a sigh of relief escaping her. Shutting the door, she shook her head wanting to laugh out at her ridiculous behavior, her relief was short lived as a familiar sound echoed the halls until the source of that sound rested against her foot with a silent ding.

Looking down at the perfectly round crystal ball, Sarah quickly kicked it away. Something tugged at her consciousness. She had been loud enough to wake the dead, and yet Toby nor her father and stepmother stirred. Realization hitting her with full force, she made for her room nervously looking about her, he had not come for Toby but for her.

Chapter 2

Shutting her door with a click she reached for the light switch trying to shed some light within the dark room. Dèja-vu, there was no light, no comfort, as she hugged herself in fear. Jumping almost out of her skin as his hauntingly familiar cultured voice called her name.

"Sarah, you didn't want my gift?"

She couldn't see her hand in front of her face, let alone where he was, and found herself backing away until her back hit the door, "Jareth!"

He grinned devilishly as he stepped closer to her, "I see that you have not forgotten me."

Swallowing hard, she nervously blinked as she heard footsteps coming nearer to her. Trying to ease her fear she tried some humor, "As if I could forget the infamous Goblin King!" God, she wanted to run away from him but she could not see where he was. Damn it!

A soft cultured laugh assaulted her ear, "Still so brave!" Able to see her clearly, he reached out his gloved hand moving a strand of hair away from her face, touching the smoothness of her skin.

Abruptly, she flinched away heart leaping within her ears, "Don't touch me!" Her lips were trembling as she fought against the tears of fear that threatened to escape from her eyelids.

"Maybe not," an answer to his own accusation, "Are you afraid of me Sarah?"

Like she was going to answer him. Remembering the last line that saved her and her brother form this powerful Fae, she whispered, "You have no power over me." Sarah regretted her words as she felt his hands, roughly taking her by the arms, his body pressed closely to hers, his warm hot breath dancing about her ear.

"Those words no longer hold any power, my dear," he breathed in her ear. "In fact," he continued, "I do have power over you. More so than you realize."

No longer caring about how he might react to her words, she retorted, "Then why wait till now for this…whatever it is your up to?" With more confidence she repeated her words from earlier, "You have no POWER over me!"

As if in answer, light engulfed her surroundings, momentarily blinding her. To her utter horror, as her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw that she was no longer inside her room at the cabin but in another room completely. His voice caressed against her ear once again, making her tremble in fear.

"Still convinced that I have no power over you?" he whispered in her ear.

Face turning to meet with his, she wasn't sure if she should have done so. He was so close, his nose nearly touching hers, "Why are you doing this?"

His eyes met with hers as if searching, "Don't you know, or are you still too young to understand?"

Her brows crunched in concentration words of the past coming to mind, 'Everything I've done, I've done for you! I move the stars for no one! I ask for so little, just let me rule you and you can have everything that you want. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.' Her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach as she attempted to pull away. He didn't want revenge, he wanted her heart, her love, something she had for so long denied having to be real, an emotion only attained in books and movies.

Forcing his lips to hers, he kissed her, full of the passion and longing that he had desired for the whole five years that he had waited for her to grow into a woman, to be ready for his love, his want, his need.

Panic, fear, desire, passion erupted from that kiss. At first she tried to push him away, but her strength left her as he continued to caress her lips with his. Her legs giving way, as he was now the only thing holding her upright. Never in her life had she been kissed with such intensity, making her head spin from the fire that his kiss erupted from her being. It scared her more than anything that she was having these feelings for this man.

Satisfied with her reaction, he pulled back from his kiss, his eyes staring hard into hers, "I see that you are not."

Sarah just looked blankly to him, her mind still in a blur as to what had just happened. It only took a moment before she roughly pushed herself away. Her chest heaving from the emotions he had just stirred and the pounding of her heart she stumbled away form him, "Don't do that again!" she warned. These emotions that he brought about within her scared her.

Jareth bowed slightly a mocking grin set in play, "I give you my word that I will not do that again, unless you ask it of me."

"Don't count on that happening! Take me back!" she just wanted to get away from him.

"What fun would that be? Besides, I can not court you within your world, now can I?" He was rather amused by the shocked expression on her face.

"Excuse me?" she seethed, "You…you…bring me here against my will and force yourself on me and then you…you say you wish to court me? Son of a…" her words were cut off by the warning glare she received from him.

Hands held behind his back, he smoothly moved towards her like a panther sizing up its pray, "I am the Goblin King, I do as I wish and I get what I wish." Continuing on as if it were a usual occurrence to abduct young women and expect them to appreciate your efforts, "This is your room for the time being. You'll find everything you need here and a servant will attend to your needs. If you wish to see me all you need is call." With an amused smirk on his face he vanished from the room leaving Sarah confused, bewildered, shocked, outraged, flustered, not to mention extremely pissed.