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Warning: NC-17 material if you are not at least or over the age of 18 do not read this chapter, continue at your peril.

To What May Come

Chapter 41

          The now familiar tingle of magic filled the air around them and she opened her eyes knowing that Jareth had whisked her off to his… to their bedchambers. However, as her eyes opened she was surprised to see that they were standing within a hall outside a door.

          With a mischievous sparkle within his eyes Jareth swept Sarah up within his arms chuckling at the startled squeal he received in return.

          Being suddenly swept up into Jareth's arms Sarah squealed in surprise, her arms instantly wrapping around his neck as Jareth's hands were wrapped under her back and knees. Blushing furiously she looked up with question as she breathlessly asked, "Jareth, what are you doing?"

          Leaning his head down, he brushed his lips against hers before answering, "Is it not a Aboveground custom to carry the bride over the threshold?"

          Sarah was grinning from ear to ear, oh how she loved him, "I love you."

          Not wishing to stand any longer within the hallway and wanting very much to see just how far those blushes of hers went he kissed her passionately as at the same time using his magic to slightly open the door. With a flourish he pushed the door open the rest of the way with his booted foot as he carried her within their bedchambers.

          A thrill ran through her as he kicked open the door and carried her in, her heart racing as she took in their room. Candles aligned the walls giving the room a romantic glow and as her eyes drifted to the bed her heart literally skipped a beat.

          Slowly allowing her to stand once again, Jareth turned her towards him, bringing her lips to his in a soft, warm, love-filled kiss. He had waited so long for this moment but as his hunger for her rose in its intensity he forced himself to take control of his hungry desire for her as he wanted to take his time and make this as memorable and as special for her as it was for him.

          Her stomach was in knots, her body shivering in nervous, yet flaming desire. Shakily, her hands wove around his neck, her fingers threading through his soft hair. She could feel his body pressed against hers, the slow and soft touch of his hands as they traveled over her arms resting against her waist.

          Pulling away slightly from their passionate embrace Jareth gently stroked the side of her cheek, his eyes drowning within hers. At this moment there were no words that needed to be spoken, nothing to be said as everything was communicated within their eyes, their touch. Gently he turned her away from him her back now facing him as his hands traveled over her shoulders, down her side before slowly continuing to her back his fingers slowly untying the bodice of her wedding dress.

          Kissing her delicate creamy white skin at the base of her neck and shoulder he softly yet huskily asked, "Do you trust me Sarah?"

          Practically panting by now Sarah breathlessly answered, "Yes!"

          Heart racing, Sarah gazed at the candle lit room though her mind and body was concentrated fully on the movement of his hands against her clothed skin. She could feel him untying the bodice of her dress, the bodice loosening. Eyes fluttering closed she felt his hands against her skin pushing down the wedding gown from her body, the sound of fabric swooshing as it fell to the floor puddling at her feet.

          Sarah shivered as the cool air of the room hit her exposed skin. Feeling Jareth pull away she opened her eyes, biting down on her lower lip as he turned her towards him and stepped back. His eyes were dark with passion as they ran over her naked body, his gaze like a caress.

          He smiled to her with love and admiration, "I would say that you are beautiful but the word seems pale in comparison to how amazing you look."

          Sarah could not help but to smile at his words, her confidence rising as she saw the truth of his admiration within his gaze. Holding her head high she stepped towards him, wanting to feel the warmth of his skin pressed against hers. Hands sliding in place against his chest Sarah leaned forward kissing him thoroughly.

          Pulling away she looked up at him from half closed lids, a playful smirk playing across her lips, "My turn."

          Jareth's response was to arch his brows, whether it was from surprise or shock she did not know. Leaning upwards once more she brushed her lips against his as her hands shakily unclasped the symbol that held his jacket together. As he returned her kiss, he allowed her free access, his excitement straining against his pants as he watched her with a loving gaze. He was starting to see the passionate playful side of his Sarah and was enjoying it immensely.

          Having successfully opened his jacket she moved her hands underneath it, trailing her hands against the fabric of the silken shirt underneath. She could feel the hard firm muscles of his chest underneath the fabric of his shirt. As she moved her hands upward she trailed them across his shoulders pushing the jacket down his arms until it fell in a lifeless heap onto the floor.

          After she successfully removed the jacket from his arms he could not help but to touch her. Her skin was so warm and inviting, he caressed her face, his eyes studying each and every detail. Slowly he placed loving kisses upon her face, first her cheeks, her forehead, then to each eyelid as they had fluttered closed. As his lips worshiped her face his hands were making work of taking out the pins within her hair. With a little help from his magic her hair fell loose from its upswept position on her head to sweep down over her naked shoulders and back. He loved running his hands through her silky hair.

          Sarah was struggling with the buttons of his shirt as she felt herself distracted by his gentle and loving touch. Finally after what seemed like an agonizing eternity she was able to free enough buttons to be able to run her hands across his exposed chest. Marveling at the smoothness of his firm chest she could not help but to lean forward to place feather light kisses against his exposed skin. She smiled against his chest as she heard his groan of pleasure.

          "Oomph!" escaped her lips before she started to giggle as Jareth growled and swept her up within his arms to carry her swiftly towards their bed.

          Gently placing her upon the bed Jareth stood over her, his eyes filled with love, passion, and hunger. Sarah lay upon the bed, panting as she tried to catch her breath; her eyes filled with longing and need. Biting her lower lip she watched as he quickly removed his shirt, at the same time kicking off his boots, before he finally slowly removed the last of his garments, his pants.

          Her eyes widened, her breath catching in her throat, he was… magnificent. Never had she seen a man totally nude and the site before her was the most wondrous site she had ever beheld. No longer wanting to be without his touch Sarah held her hand out towards him invitingly.

Taking her offered hand he knelt before her upon the bed, opening her hand more within his he kissed the inside of her palm, his eyes continuously taking in her responses to his every move. He smiled against her palm as he saw her shiver from his actions. Pulling himself down to lay beside her he gently ran a finger down her jaw line, her throat, until he met her perfect shaped breasts. 

He smirked at the quick intake of breath at his touch and bent forward to kiss her deeply with the passion he held for her love. His hands cupped her breasts, squeezing and needling her soft inviting flesh. Slowly, he worked his lips down her throat, his mouth taking over where his hands had just been as he suckled her breast, tasting and teasing.

A groan escaped her throat as his lips did wondrous things to her breasts. Literally panting now, Sarah made use of her hands as she ran her fingers through his silky blond hair, gently caressing his scalp then running her hands over his smooth strong neck and back. Sarah hissed as his teeth nipped at her nipple then moaned as his tongue soothed the slight sting of his bite. Never in her life had she felt such a burning within her. The things that he was making her feel… it was beyond anything she had ever read about in books!

Her eyes had long ago closed as she completely gave in to his ministrations but then suddenly shot open as she felt his mouth slowly moving downward. Part of her wanted to protest at the thought of him continuing his track but another part of her begged for him not to stop. The later won as she found herself pushing lightly against his head, urging him onward on his path.

He grinned against her flesh, knowing her most secret of desires and planning on fulfilling each and every one. He planned on showing her heights of passion that she had never known until she would not know up from down. He had yearned so much to taste her, to feel her writhe underneath his touch.

Sarah gasped in surprise and pleasure as Jareth's mouth finally reached his destination at her most secret of places. Head tossing back against the pillows she moaned calling out his name as the most exquisite feelings were being swept through her being. She desperately grasped the sheets beside her, her back arching as another wave of bliss hit her. Good God what was he doing to her?!

Her hips tried to buck against him on their own volition, but his hands were holding her hips in place so she could not move. Her blue eyes darkened with desire and passion, her moans increasing in volume. Sarah could feel something building within her, coiling as if about to erupt. The feelings were so overwhelming she thought she might die from this ecstasy. As her head tossed to the side, her hands desperately grasping her own breasts as she was driven mad with lustful desire. The feeling that had been coiling within finally erupted into a blissful euphoria of pleasure causing light to dance within her eyes and the world around her to tilt off of its access.

Hearing her scream of release Jareth smiled against her heated flesh, slowing his ministrations before slowly moving away from her heated core. He could feel his own desire for her swelling, the evident all too obvious as the need to be inside her was straining against his will to prologue their lovemaking. Kissing his way back up her body he paused at her breasts once again tasting their amble softness allowing her time to calm down from her pleasure.

Feeling herself floating in an euphoria of pleasure she panted for breath, trying to regain some ambiance of composure. Wetting her lips she sighed in contentment as Jareth's mouth sought out hers, a strange taste but not repulsive invaded her senses and she vaguely was aware that she was actually tasting herself on his lips.

Pulling slightly away from her lips Jareth's passion filled eyes sought out hers, he loved the way she looked back at him. He grinned with satisfaction knowing that this night was far from over. Pulling away from her more he sat up on his knees pulling her up from her lying position on the bed.

Stroking her face he huskily instructed her on what to do next, "Touch me Sarah, I want to feel your hands against my skin. Know my body as I have known yours."

Breathing starting to race once again she licked her suddenly dry lips as she shakily moved her hands towards him, laying them gently against his strong soft chest. She followed the contours of his chest, the line of his collarbone, his broad shoulders, back towards his chest once again. She smiled as she felt his pecks flex in response to her touch. Feeling his hands stroking her hair she looked questioning up to her love.

Jareth leaned forward brushing his lips against hers, "Touch me Sarah, do not fear your instincts follow them."

Eyes hesitating, she looked back towards his chest, her eyes starting to follow the path of her hands as they moved slowly, needling his flesh. Biting her lower lip she continued her caresses downward over the flat contours of his stomach, pausing before she allowed her eyes and hands to travel even lower.

Sarah swallowed hard as her fingers brushed lightly against the smoothness of his erection. She almost jumped back and away as she saw his member twitch, his continued caress of her hair the only thing keeping her from bolting from the bed. He was velvet underneath her fingers, he was rather large and she was a bit afraid of how much it would hurt when he entered her. Concentrating on the task of pleasing him as he did her she slowly wrapped her hand around his shaft, a grin forming on her lips as she heard his deep moan of pleasure.

She felt strangely aroused by what she was doing and pleased with the way he moaned her name as she slowly moved her hands up and down his shaft. Glancing away from her ministrations she looked up into Jareth's hooded eyes. There was a fire within his gaze and with that gaze she had the instinctual urge to taste him. Eyes locked with his she slowly lowered herself towards where her hands continued their slow strokes. As her tongue licked against his velvety flesh she smiled as she saw his eyes completely close, his hands tightening within her hair as a groan of pleasure escaped his throat.

Unable to keep his eyes open any longer, Jareth tilted his head back in ecstasy. 'By all that is magic this woman will be the death of me!' he thought ruefully.

Feeling her inhibitions shed away she pulled her eyes from his now closed ones and concentrated fully on pleasing him. Running her tongue slowly up his shaft she paused at his tip, her tongue flicking across it, he tasted salty. She grinned impishly at the way that action caused him to gasp out her name. Her long hair fell across his chest and thigh as she fully engulfed him within her mouth and proceeded to slowly take him into her hot mouth. She didn't get far.

Not able to take her torturous and amazing attention any longer Jareth pulled her off of him and in one swift motion placed her on her back bellow him. Kissing her with a fierce hunger he pulled back his eyes sparkling with deep desire, "My, my you are a vixen!"

Sarah grinned, "I take it you liked that?"

His eyes flashed hungrily at her, "Oh, very much so but I want to be inside you my love when I come. Are you hungry for me my love? Do you want me? Tell me what you want."

Leaning forward she pressed her lips against his as she whispered against their softness, "I want you my love, all of you."

Slowly he parted her thighs with his knees, his lips passionately searching out hers, their tongues dueling with each other. Pulling away he huskily whispered, "Then you may have me and I will take you."

"Then take me," she whispered in return… and he did.

Ever so slowly he entered her, his eyes locking with hers as he took her virginity. As he fully sheathed himself within her tight warm canal his eyes closed in ecstasy. Pausing for a moment he opened his eyes and looked into hers as tears escaped her now closed lids.

Sarah whimpered in pain as he entered her, she felt as if she would split in two. Biting her lips she stopped herself from screaming out in pain, her eyes clenched shut but unable to stop the tears from falling. As she felt him pause she slowly opened her eyes to meet his.

Jareth looked to her with love filled eyes, his hand coming up to brush her dark hair away from her face. Leaning forwards he kissed away her tears, his lips caressing her forehead, her cheeks, her lips, "I am sorry my love, the pain will fade in a moment. Its always painful the first time."

Swallowing she caressed his cheek, the pain already starting to ebb away, "I love you," softly escaped her lips.

Leaning forward he kissed her lips again, his soul soaring at those words, "and I love you."

Slowly he started to move within her, one hand pressed against the bed at her side so that he would not press his entire weight on her while the other hand caressed her, moving from her waist to her breasts. He groaned as he felt her inner walls caressing him bringing him immense pleasure.

A moan escaped her lips as he started to move within her, as she adjusted to the feel of him inside her she instinctually brought her hips up to meet each of his strokes. They both found a slow natural rhythm, their bodies moving as one. Her hands grasped his shoulders as the feelings inside her intensified. Sarah gasped out in utter ecstasy as he shifted his position slightly.

His lips captured hers as he heard her gasp, he definitely found her g-spot and continued his languorous strokes within her. With each stroke he found himself closer and closer to climax, her moans now coming with each movement of his pelvis against hers.

She felt as if she could die from the pleasure that was sweeping through her with each thrust of his hips against hers. That building sensation that she had earlier in their love making came back with a vengeance, this time feeling even more intense as the first time. Calling out his/her name he/she didn't know if he/she could take much more of this and yet never wanted it to end. Higher and higher they climbed within their passions both moaning the others names. Sarah screamed out in blissful ecstasy her body arching into his as she writhed beneath him in climax. With a final thrust he soon followed as the feel of her contracting around him brought him to his own release.

Jareth fell forward quickly rolling his weight off of her and pulling her towards him so that she lay on his chest. They both breathed heavily, covered in a fine sheen of sweat as they bathed in the afterglow of their lovemaking. He tightened his arms around her; amazed at the best sex he has had in all of his lifetime. Oh, the nights they were to share!

Resting her head against his chest Sarah took in a large shaky breath, she felt completely exhausted and spent and in a good way. Never in her life had she thought she could feel so complete, so alive, and loved. Feeling his arms tighten around her she tightened hers around his chest as well. Lazily propping her chin on his chest she smiled as he leaned forward placing a light kiss against her brow.

"That was amazing," she sighed and blushed at the boldness of her words.

Jareth chuckled, his chest rumbling deeply against her cheek as she ducked her head as to hide away from his scrutiny. Tucking his hand underneath her chin he brought her face up to meet his as he kissed her passionately, "Yes it was!" he purred, his eyes sparkling.

Sarah shifted her wait slightly, a grimace forming on her face. Seeing her slight discomfort Jareth pulled her upwards so that she could rest her head on his shoulder, "You'll be sore for a little while. Your body has yet to adjust."

Sighing into his shoulder she circled his chest with her fingers, "Thank you Jareth, thank you for all that you have done for me, for tonight. I've never felt as whole as I do now."

His eyes closed at her words his arms tightening as he squeezed her to him, "As do I my love, as do I." As he held her within his arms he was overjoyed with the knowledge that she was truly his as he was truly hers. Knowing that he would be having her for forever, it did not seem as if it could be long enough.

The End…