Child's feet
Slowly approaching
Everything is dark
Why are they afraid?
People dying.
Why are they dying?
The Child comes
Dark hair draped over her face
Why does she hide her face?
Ever so slowly
She takes her time
What is she?
More are dead.
She snickers.
Why is she like this?
She is near me now
I feel a dark energy
It's so strange -
It's inhuman
What is she?
Hair falls away
Face revealed
Sapphire eyes
Fire burning within
I understand
She is angry
Angry at us!
What did we do?
We stripped her of her soul.
I'm sorry.
I smile at her
She smiles back
And then I die.

Bwahaha... I am so evil. BTW, I'm not sure if Samara Morgan's eyes are
green, but oh well.
Seven days...
-Samara-chan ^_^
UPDATE: I changed "emerald" to "sapphire". you happy now?! Lol.