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She Doesn't Know

I wish she would look at me.

Just once, look at me with sincerity. See beyond my façade.

But, as much as I want her to, I pray that she will not. Getting close to me will only bring misery. My life's hanging by a thread.

Walking beside her almost every day is such a sweet sorrow. It gives me the chance to see what is behind that armor… that wall she keeps on building.

She is the epitome of a woman I was looking for.

Now that I found her, I don't want to let her go.

She's mine.

My Sango.

The sun is nearing to hide in its resting place, giving the horizon multitude of red and yellow hues. A setting perfect for lovers.

I look at Sango walking beside me as usual. She's looking up, serenely smiling with a far away look in her eyes. Her face held a telltale flush from the chill in the air. Her soft, silky hair is swaying gently with each gust of the wind. She then commented about how beautiful the scenery is.

I want to tell her to stop it… to stop being stunning… to stop being adorable. I am only but a man, prone to get tempted.

She doesn't know how mesmerizing she is with her guard down.

She doesn't know how the pain I go through every time I restrain myself to be closer to her.

I want to run my fingers through her hair. I want my arms to tightly envelop her.

But that can never be.

She has lost so much all ready. I don't want to add to her pain.

I see a village up ahead. I sighed inwardly. There's still a God. I hurriedly walk towards the village to have distance between us as soon as possible. I don't know how much I can hold on before I grab her and make her mine.

I should stop thinking about her. If I didn't do that right away, I'll lose my mind.

I saw the ladies and, as much as I hate myself every time I do it, I perform my litany if they wanted to bear my child to get her to hate me.

But from the corner of my eyes I see anger and sadness crossing her face before she turned and walked away. Jealousy, I hope, but I guess it was too much to hope for.  And immediately I feel embarrassment and guilt. For the meantime, the only way I can atone for my sins is to find a comfortable bed for her to sleep on even just for the night.

Luckily, one of the ladies has an inn and she took my bait regarding evil spirit looming in her abode. I finally got a good resting place not only for Sango but for the rest of the gang.

Inuyasha and Shippou hurriedly got in to our room while Kagome went to the ladies' quarters. I sighed because I knew that I have to ask Sango in.

I found her outside, sitting on the bench under the tree. I can tell she is feeling sad but not if it was due to my usual actions. Then I saw her wipe her face from the tears when she sensed someone was nearing.

"Sango," I said, breaking the silence.

She turned to me, surprised. I was right, her eyes still held the unshed tears.

"It's getting late. We better get in," I said. I hate seeing her like this.

"Go right ahead. I will follow in a bit," she said in a cold voice.

I've done it again. She has that wall up again and her armor on. I hate myself but it is better that way. For now.

"Don't be too late," I said and turned.

Leaving the piece of my soul behind.


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