You'll be Dead

AN: Hello! ^^ Just want to inform everyone that I copied the plot from a Taiwanese Drama Series called "Meteor Garden" Season One. MG1 was shown somewhere in April 2001, and its season 2 was shown just last year November in Taiwan and I think in some Asian countries as well. MG belongs to CTS particularly to Ms. Angie Cai Zhi Ping. By the way, I've read that MG was based from a manga called "Hana Yori Dango". HYD belongs to Ms. Kamio Youko. Since I'm not *that* familiar with HYD, this ficcie's plot is based loosely from what I've watched and understood in Meteor Garden.



A new day. The sun was shining so vivid and this day was certainly a good day for the start of a new semester in school. Shirou Kamui, a youth with such a smooth locks, small body frame and glowing lilac eyes was cycling his way to the CLAMP Campus. A famous school for the elites. In spite of this, Kamui didn't belong to a well-to-do family unit. His father, an Asuka editor named Aoki *Shirou didn't really get paid that much. While his mother, Karen **Shirou was a former, take note, a former 'massage lady' but had stop since she got married to the gentle Aoki. Together, they worked hard just to give their son a high quality education. And in addition, they wanted their son to have a beautiful girlfriend. Or were they mistaken there?

Kamui was sort of a shy boy, but he could make heads turn. Although he wasn't really popular because of his economic standard. He really didn't wish to study at the CLAMP Campus since he was a lot distinct from the other kids there but since he knew that his parents had huge expectations from him, he decided to pursue his learning there.

His greatest wish was to be able to go to school alive and go home alive.

"Argh.!" He growled. He was already near the school premises but suddenly, a small unpleasant incident happened.

He stopped from driving and pulled away from his bike. He then took an inspection with it. He sighed, "My goodness. The tires are flat again. What do I do now? What an awful start.". He kicked his bicycle several times but he was only able to destroy it further. Suddenly, a costly car stopped in front of him. Finely wiped and the brand could make any eyes' plunge down.

He stared for a couple of seconds until its windows opened.

"Gee, look at him Shougo-kun! Poor damsel in distress. Oh I mean. poor boy in distress!" An extra mocked. Beside him was a gorgeous grayish-haired man who was called Shougo Asahi. He had a nasty grin on his face while looking at Kamui, "Kamui, right?"

Kamui gave a nod, "Why did you know?"

The extra replied for Shougo, "Of course we know. You're the only student here who doesn't go to school with a car."

Kamui had an upset expression on his face then just ignored the others' existence and continued kicking his bicycle.

"Let's go, we'll be late." Shougo suggested to his crony when he felt that the poor boy had no interest to joke with them at all. They afterward went straight ahead.

Kamui was left behind in a distressing scenario. He decided to walk ahead while pushing his bicycle along. He reached school with sweats trickling down his pale cheek but he didn't mind at all. He left his bike somewhere behind the school wherein nobody could actually see it.

Next, he went to the place where the lockers were placed. Beside his locker bearing the number 99, he met up with his friend Nataku Toujou.

"Ohayou, Kamui. How are you?" Nataku greeted. His blue-eyes shimmering a bit. "How was your break?" He added.

"Not that fine. But I'm all right." Kamui, who was still in a bit bad-mood started putting stuffs inside his locker. "Hey, why do you have that with you? We'll have that class after lunch, no?" He was referring to one of the books Nataku was carrying along.

Nataku answered, "I'll read it alongside if I have time."

Kamui smiled, "you're very diligent, you know?"

Nataku just gave a small smile back, "I don't want to fail my grandpa's expectations. That's all."

When they had finished stuffing their things inside their lockers, Kamui grinned nicely, "Let's go, we might get late."

"Hai." They shortly closed their locker doors and went on.

But they didn't notice, near their locker was a 'condemned' opened locker door with something attached to it.

A message in a vertical 'red card' spelling out the words:



"What happened to him.?"


"He looks awful! So thin and weak!"

"Heard X4 brazed him out."

"Really? We better stay away from him.!"

"Yeah, right."

Kamui was peeking inside a room with Nataku by his side. Around them were lots of airhead students desperate to know what was happening inside the classroom.

"Why are all people here outside.? What are they peering about? What's the big deal?" He asked himself.

"Come on, Nataku, let's enter in." He said.

"But. Look, no one is entering. I think something's wrong inside."

Kamui was persuaded by the worries in his classmates' faces so he made up his mind to ask the girl beside him, "Uhm, excuse me, but may I know what's happening inside? Why won't we enter in?"

"Kuzuki Kakyou's inside!" The girl screeched.

Kamui seemed clueless, "And so.? He studies here.!"

"Not anymore! He just dropped-out!"

Kamui was shocked, "Naze?! He's a good-standing student, isn't he?"

"Well, he was tortured by the X4 and that made him drop-out."


Suddenly, everyone drew back, creating a small space outside the classroom. Then, someone from inside the room went out, ducking his head while his golden-hair was all over his face. Seeing him made everyone whispered to each other again.

"I believe he now learns his lesson."

"Yeah. so stupid of him."

Kamui watched Kakyou walked. He was so astonished seeing his classmate that way.

So emaciated, so powerless, so disgraced.

After a few steps, Kakyou not surprisingly fell down, sending his books spreading throughout the small space.

Kamui gasped, "Ha! Kakyou.!" Kamui was about to come to him but Nataku grasped his arm.

He paused and looked back at his pal with poignant eyes "Nataku.??"

Nataku just shook his head 'no'.

Suddenly, their teacher Kusanagi Shiyuu came. He saw his student on the floor. "Oh." was his only reaction.

Slowly, Kakyou started picking up his books and after he collected it all, he carefully stood up. Facing no one.

Mister Shiyuu started stuttering, "Uhm. You know, Kuzuki-kun, it can't be helped. If there's something I can say to you, I advise you to try living a good life in the future. I mean, learn to be obedient and nice. You know."

Kamui gasped, "What the..!?"

Kakyou didn't stay standing there for more second. He heard too much. He was humiliated by the X4 so many times and he wouldn't let these people do it again. He walked away, his face still hidden until he was out of everyone's sight.

Everyone then started entering the classroom as if nothing happened.

While Kamui was left behind yet again, almost in tears.

Class was now going on.

/THIS IS INSANE! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! WHY DIDN'T I DO ANYTHING TO HELP HIM?!? I'M SO STUPID! I'M USELESS!/ Kamui had shouted these words to himself a thousandth time. Obviously, he wasn't able to participate in class.

He stood up. Walked in front as if he was going to kill his sensei.

'Where are you going, Shirou-kun?" His sensei asked.

"Comfort Room." He said and went out.

He ran to the school's rooftop and started shouting, "THIS IS TOO MUCH! CURSE YOU, X4!! You're all lazy bum who know nothing except tormenting people who are weaker than you are! I swear, your reigns will end soon!!!! What kind of a school is this?! Everyone, including the teachers and even the administrators are afraid of you?! That's absurd! Not because you're rich does that mean you can do everything that you want to!"

As he was screaming his lungs out, two lavish cars are speeding their way toward the campus.

Kamui continued, "I'll be the one to revenge for Kuzuki-kun! You better get ready!"

The cars stopped. The passengers made an exit.

Four guys. Wearing signature clothes, hairs were shampooed so well, body frames so gorgeous.

Everyone could tell that they were Arisugawa Sorata, Kigai Yuuto, Sumeragi Subaru and of course, their leader, Monou Fuuma. They were otherwise known as the rich and the famous, 'X4'.


Break time, Nataku and Kamui were walking along the hall of the CLAMP Campus. As they strolled, they started seeing many students who were trying to take a glimpse at the X4 group who incidentally would be passing-by the same hall also. They were walking with one hundred percent poise, not minding the existence of their schoolmates around. Fuuma, who was in front of course, was scrutinizing the setting around. To his left side was Sorata, who was walking chin-up similar to the other one on the right side who happened to be the notoriously known 'womanizer' Yuto. While in between the leader and him was the very indifferent Subaru, who had his emerald- eyes glued to the ground as if he was not getting pleasure from the fuss.

"Look at them. so intimidating," Nataku whispered to Kamui.

Kamui jeered, "I don't care, they are such disasters. Because of them Kuzuku-kun has stopped from studying here.!"

All of a sudden, something crashed. It made Kamui and Nataku's eyes shut.

As they opened it, they saw Shiyuu-sensei kneeling in front of Fuuma.

Kamui gasped while his eyes bulged.

"Ah--- I'm--- sorry, Monou-sama.!" Shiyuu stuttered while Fuuma was expressionless although everyone already knew that he would explode at any given second.

He finally gave the teacher a 'look' as everyone was expecting him to, "You think that would work, huh? What are the police for if everything can be settled with one sorry?" Fuuma exclaimed.

"W. well." Kusanagi might have such a muscular body but when it came to X4, he shrunk every time.

"Move away." This tall boy demanded. So as predicted, not just the troubled sensei moved away but also everyone in the hall. But well, except Kamui and Nataku who were so shocked with what they had just seen that they couldn't even move a bone. They could only watch as X4 headed all along the hallway. And as Fuuma kicked-out the basket full of cans, indicating that he's angry, intended for the 'can-drive' contest. Obviously, the cans were dispersed all over.

It only made Kamui gasped again.

"Those are our section's cans.! We collected those for a long time!" He whispered to Nataku. However, Nataku had only managed to reply that it would do them no good, meaning, their lives were more important than the cans.

Kamui was beginning to went nuts but before they knew it, Subaru Sumeragi was already picking up the cans around then putting those back to the basket.

Kamui stared at Subaru. Surprised but at the same time charmed by the latter's goodwill.

After finishing up his good deed, he stood straight up, meeting eyes with Kamui.

Kamui's eyes enlarged a bit but together, he blushed and he didn't know why.

"Subaru, what are you doing? Come on, we'll be late." Yuto suggested.

As they went out of sight, the two young boys let out a heavy sigh of relief. "That was close.! I'm so glad they didn't hear you complaint.!"

Kamui's fist tightened, miasma almost came out from his small nose. "Just look at what they've done! They are so.! Argh!" He growled.


The next day, the blue-haired boy and the raven-haired boy were climbing down the stairs while carrying boxes filled with papers. "I never thought papers could be this heavy." Nataku whined.

"Stop complaining, we all need these Xeroxed-materials."

They were already perspiring but that didn't make them stop from walking down the steps. Yet again, something terrible was waiting to take place.

Nataku lost his balance and slipped down the ladder, sending also the box tumbling down and the papers flying away. Kamui's eyes bulged, as it always did, but only this time, his purple-eyes almost plunged down. He bit his lower lip. How he wished time could freeze this second.


"Na-nataku. A--- Behind."Kamui faltered. His jaw was shaking.

Nataku gulped and gave Kamui a scared look as if asking what was wrong.

He didn't know that everything would turn out wrong.

"W. what.?" He whispered under his breath.

"B--- behind you.." Kamui continued to stammer.

"Behind. me.?" At a snail's pace, Nataku started turning his head right. His teeth fastened together.

His eyes protruded as he saw.

"Monou Fuuma...?" His jowl started trembling also in unison with Kamui's.

Fuuma looked down his gray shirt and saw black powders, which were something from the Xeroxes. Yuto was beside him, looking at his shirt, "Gods, that shirt was from Paris, right? How much heck is that again? Oh well, I feel bad for that expensive shirt of yours. Tsk, tsk, tsk."

Nataku began getting rid of the black particles on Fuuma's face and shirt while crying out 'gomen nasai' over and over again.

Fuuma just rolled his eyeball, cheesed off.

"Sorry.! Really, really sorry! I'm---!!!"

"You think everyone can go away with a simple 'sorry' huh? Move away, will you?" Fuuma then pushed the boy away from him. As a result, Nataku was knocked-down once again.

That was all Kamui needed to see to lose up all the meekness inside of him.

He then made a couple of steps down then let out all the boiled hot fury inside of him.

He snarled, "I've had enough of you already! What's wrong with you, huh?! Didn't he just say he's sorry? Why won't you accept that!? You don't need to push him at all!"

Fuuma's eyes widened.

Nataku, on his part, was astonished by Kamui's act. He shook his head while saying, "No, Kamui! It's pretty all right with me! It's my fault first and foremost! You don't need to---!"

But his friend completely ignored him.

He resumed, "Aren't you wise enough to understand that he didn't mean to do it?"

"You. You." Fuuma was very surprised to come across with someone who wasn't terrified of him by any means. His nerves already visible. He was so mad now inside but to tell the truth, he was also amazed by this someone's bravery. Who was this person anyway who seemed so fearless? Had he ever seen him before?

"You little.! Do you know who are you snarling to?" He shouted furiously.

"Who?!? Well I don't care at any rate of who you are! The thing is---!"

"Shut up! You'll find out who am I later soon, little brave boy."

With that, the two members of X4 proceeded to climb up, while Yuto gave Kamui a 'snooty-pat' on the shoulder. The other members were behind, almost not able to catch sight of the 'show'.

"Whoa, look what we've almost missed, Subaru." Sorata giggled amusedly.

Kamui gulped upon seeing Subaru but the latter only was as silent as always. Brave Kamui only became sad with that.

The other two followed the first two up and when they were gone, Kamui held onto his chest and started panting nervously. Nataku came to him, "Kamui.!"

Kamui's lips were a bit violet now and he couldn't stop from huffing. His cheeks were pale than before.

"I can't believe you were able to do that, Kamui!" Nataku screeched quietly.

"I'm so nervous. I'm so nervous. They might beat the crap out of me sooner or later.!" Kamui murmured.

When finally it came to Kamui's senses that the X4 was gone, he refrained from panting and he was able to let out a smile, a satisfied smile. He started talking cheerfully, "Did I--- Did I really do that?! I can't believe myself! I'm so happy! Did you see me?!"

"Yes! And I want to thank you for saving me! But aren't you afraid.? You know I mean."

Kamui stopped for a while. And bit his lip again. He looked down and felt a pang of tension again. "Yes. I'm Afraid of what might happen next. But as for now."

He looked up to Nataku and smiled again, eyes beaming, ".I WANT TO CELEBRATE!"

Kamui was happy all the way. But not until tomorrow came.


Morning, Kamui was walking towards the school. His bike was still at the repair shop. He doubted it could be fixed again.

While walking in front of the building, he felt very uncanny. Students kept on moving away from him. Wherever he turned, he could see everyone whispering with each other as if there was something gawky with him. Was there?

Still, he went on. Thinking that everyone was normally like that.

He went to his locker. He observed around. Everyone was still avoiding him like he was someone suffering from leprosy. But he was not. As a matter of fact, his skin was very smooth. He sighed heavily. He held on the locker door's handle but didn't pull it open yet. He prayed for a while with such a petrified expression plastered on his face. After several hesitations, and after thinking that he couldn't manage to just stand there forever, he decided to open his locker door. He shut his eyes tight.

After five minutes, and nothing was happening, he opened it. He was surprised.

"No 'red card'!" He shouted to himself.

He was so overjoyed subsequently. He believed his life would last for a longer while.

Afterwards, he arrived at their classroom. All his classmates were silent, gazing at him, as everybody was a while ago.

Though he didn't mind. He moved to his chair and sat down. Relaxed a little while smiling a bit. Breathing harmoniously.

He looked behind him. Nataku was already there. He smiled at him. However, Nataku's expression was unexplainable. Kamui wondered. It's a great day after all, no?

Nataku made a sign. Kamui didn't get it. Nataku repeated his sign language. Pointing at his back.


"At your back." Nataku whispered very softly.

"Oh." So Kamui touched his back. He laid a hand on something smooth.

Slowly, he had it on his hand. He looked at it.

A red card.


++End Chapter One++



AN: *Seiichiro
**Kasumi In HYD and MG, the group was called 'F4', meaning 'Flower Four'. Four rich and handsome guys that they could be compared with beautiful flowers. I bet someone might actually know another F4. Yes, the Taiwanese boyband. They were the ones who played the role of F4 in MG and after shooting, they were asked if they would want to sign a contract under a music company. They were also called F4 as they were first known with that name. Still, I don't know what meaning should I give with X4. Obviously I picked it since this fic is an X fic. If you have any suggestion like 'Xylo Four' , please say so in a review! I would be very glad to be helped by you! ^^ Thank you! ^^

-=Kamui Kinomoto=-