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[Benny And Joon] This is supposed to be set a couple of months later (after the film)

NB - Uh, this is my first ever attempt to write a fan fiction, please be kind! If I suck heaps."Well, my next one will be better!"

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All was just peachy with the two happy couples. Joon was better than she has been in a long time, spending her days at the park, painting (professionally), or at Ruthy's diner. Sam of course, is still working at the local video store, even maintaining a record of six consecutive wins of employee of the month, thanks to his encyclopedic knowledge of film. Together they live in contented bliss in the apartment just up the hall from Ruthy's; ironing cheese sandwiches together, Joon concocting her, delicious smoothies, and Sam - cleaning everything in the house until you could see your face in if it wasn't shiny to begin with. Meanwhile, Benny and Ruthy were beginning to get really serious, although Ruthy still lived in the apartment down the hall, and Benny decided to hang onto the house. The two couples were perfectly happy and content, or so it was thought.

"Hey Ruthy!" called out Sam as he went out front to help her with her groceries. Sam was looking wonderful as usual. Unkempt chestnut locks framed his handsome face, his dark soulful eyes were almost childlike in their sweetness. In his attire, he looked as though he had just leaped out of an old Buster Keaton silent film, except on his way out, he had managed to swipe Charlie Chaplin's cane.

"Hi Sam! How are you and Joon? " she asked, as he relieved her of the many grocery bags.

"Oh, I'm fine" he replied with a pleasant smile, as his knees buckled comically from the weight of the bags. "Oh, ah Joon's kinda busy at the moment, some people are interested in her paintings. Great huh? Oh, um - " he lowered his voice, as if afraid someone was listening in on their conversation -"it's you-know-what next week. Are you still up to it?".

"Oh my goodness, I almost forgot!" They quickly got the bags inside. "So whose apartment are we using?" Ruthy asked, as Sam helped her put the groceries away. He removed his hat and scratched his head as if in deep thought "I, um, yours?" Ruthy checked her calendar "Sounds good to me. We just have to make sure Joon doesn't find out!" Sam nodded in solemn agreement.
Ruthy looked at him with a twinkle in her eye "Yes, this will be just our little secret."