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The pair strolled home in perfect, comfortable silence, only occasionally stopping to gaze adoringly at each other. Just a short distance from their apartment, Sam halted. "What's the matter?" Joon asked with concern. Sam pointed at a tiny pink and gray bundle of feathers in the gutter. Joon scratched her head "Wonder what it is? - and don't say 'bird' - that much is obvious." Sam withdrew a large checked handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped it around the bird gently. He lifted the bird for closer inspection. "Hey - its a galah! Wow, your a long way from home little fella!"Joon quirked a suspicious brow "how did you know that? And since when have you been a bird expert? . . . And how do you know where it's from?" Joon inquired rapidly. Sam simply shrugged and replied matter-of-factly "its from Australia - Discovery Channel" Joon paused a second, then nodded.
The bird hadn't been badly hurt - but was thoroughly shaken up. "You're a cute little guy, aren't you?!" Sam cooed affectionately. The bird replied by biting his finger. "Ouch!" Sam yelped, shaking his finger. "Feisty too" Joon added with a slight smile. Sam attempted to calm the bird down. "Come on, I won't hurt you! Truce?" The bird appeared to become docile as Sam and Joon stroked its head gently. "We can keep him for a little while, can't we - even if its just till he gets better?" Sam asked pleadingly with those puppy dog eyes of his. Joon paused for a second before nodding in agreement.
"Jolly good!" Sam cried enthusiastically.

As a short detour, the three of them headed towards a nearby bench to figure out a name for the little bird. "OK. What should we call you? How about Rudolph...or Valentino?!" Sam suggested hopefully. The bird gave a loud, annoyed squawk of disapproval. After a few well pondered minutes - Joon had it "Well, if he's from Australia - why don't we name him after a famous Australian? Like Percy - Percy Grainger?" Sam stared back blankly. "You know the composer? There was a Richard Roxburgh film about him a few weeks back . . ." A flashing light bulb went off in Sam's head "Oh yeah, I remember. So, what do you think of that little guy?" The bird bobbed its head in a sure-why-not gesture and croaked "well that's just peachy mate" and rested back down in the cozy handkerchief. "Well what do you know! I think he likes it. Although its somewhat creepy that he understood what we said . . ."


The three finally started back home. When they reached the front door, a sinking feeling plagued Joon - she left in such a rush - she had forgotten to lock the door . . . and there was a small gap too . . . panic set in. Sam, clearly noticing the distress on her face smiled reassuringly "I'm sure its nothing. Lets just go in, all right?" Joon nodded and nudged the door open.
Well, everything seemed to still be there, until...

"SURPRISE!!!" the lights flickered on to reveal all her friends leaping from behind the furniture. Joon simply stood there - dumbfounded, as she was showered with rainbow coloured confetti. Ruthy came forward with a gargantuan multi-layered birthday cake, inscribed with 'happy birthday dearest
Joon wiped away a tear as Benny rushed forward ad handed Joon a large box with a purple ribbon. "Happy birthday Joon." he grinned, kissing her on the cheek. Joon hugged and thanked her guests as they filed forward with gifts and congratulations. Sam, meanwhile, had gone and found an old shoe box for Percy and lined it with socks and material, and was feeding him bread.

The party lasted the whole day, Ruthy and Benny were the last to leave, each hugging Joon one last time before departing. "Gosh I missed you Juniper!" Benny whispered, squeezing her "it was mighty nice of Ruthy and Sam to organize all this, huh? They even organized for my plane and everything so I'd be here in time. Because I could never miss my favorite sister's birthday!" Joon grinned "Yes Benjamin, especially since I'm you're ONLY sister!" Benny poked his tongue at her "So, did anything interesting happen these past two weeks?" Benny inquired, collecting his coat.
Joon threw knowing glances at Ruthy, then to Sam "nah, not really".
The three started to laugh. Benny, rather confused joined in just for the hell of it.

"Tell me how it goes!" Ruthy whispered to Joon. Joon stared back blankly 'tell you how what goes? she wondered silently - a question soon to be answered.

Now, it was just Sam and Joon. Sam, stood shyly at the door. "Sam - all this time - the "thing" with you and Ruthy - it was planning . . . this. Wasn't it?" Sam nodded. Joon, flopped exhaustedly on the couch, beckoning him over. "Deep down - I knew you and Ruthy weren't . . . you know. But . . . hey - wait! - What about that time I caught you sans trousers in her apartment? That looked pretty suss - you've got to admit." She arched an eyebrow as Sam blushed sheepishly "I kinda spilt really hot coffee on my lap. REALLY hot' he added. Joon leaned back, satisfied.

Sam pulled out his pocket watch, frowning slightly "hmm, I think it's about time I gave you my present". Sam, who had just a few moments put o his "Wonka" top hat, gingerly removed it from his head, showed her the contents - nil, then replaced it on his head. Next, he pulled out a cherry red kazoo from his pocket, played a few bars of the Harry Potter theme song, tapped the kazoo on his hat twice and knelt down by Joon's side - who had become increasingly interested in what on earth Sam was doing. Holding out his index finger for a moment of pause, he reached deeply into his top hat and handed Joon a flat parcel and a lilac envelope. Joon beamed with curious delight as she inquisitively tore open the sunflower yellow wrapping paper. A tiny gasp of delight left her lips, for inside was the most beautiful collage of photographs she had ever seen - all of her and Sam's best and memorable moments together. At the top of the exquisite frame was a small red heart, embossed with "Sam loves Joon".
"Oh I love it!" Joon cried, throwing her arms around Sam. "Don't forget the card" Sam pointed out. Joon smiled back warmly as she opened the envelope. The card was handmade with swirls of purple and blue decorating the front, reminiscent of the first time Joon "painted" with Sam - just using their fingers, sensually sliding around the cool, oozing paint. The message inside was as sweet as expected (and with perfect spelling too! - no doubt with a little help from Ruthy):

"Dearest Joon,

My love for you is greater than the oceans and the sea,
I find that when I'm with you, I'm the happiest I could be.
With all the strife I've caused you, I'm surprised that you're still here,
'cause if I ever lost you - may I be trampled down by deer!

So here's a simple birthday wish, with love from me to you,
Buster gives his best regards, and Fred and Ginger too!

Happy birthday Joon!

Love always

Joon had never read anything so sweet and perfect in all her life. Joon couldn't believe what a moron she was to ever have doubted Sam, that he would ever do anything to hurt her.
Just as Joon was about to kiss Sam, she noticed there was still something in the envelope. "What's this?" Joon thought out loud, holding the envelope upside down. Two strips of cardboard tumbled out. Joon slowly picked them up and examined them closely . . . and screamed.
In the meantime, Sam had been nervously biting his nails and had almost bitten off his finger when Joon screamed. "No way!" Joon shook her head in disbelief, "are these, - they're real - aren't they?" Sam nodded. "But . . . how?!" Joon demanded, attempting to contain her excitement.
"You know -its funny, I've never won anything - before now. I think you must be my lucky charm! - now you know why I was watching that doco!
I know you've never had the opportunity to do something like this before, so I -"
Joon cut Sam off with a long and passionate kiss. "Thank you" she whispered "this is the most marvelous surprise ever!"
Sam blushed, but managed to say "well, I guess we better get packin' - we're off to sunny Australia - the land down under!"

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