Two men sat atop the Venus Lighthouse, one gray-haired and weary with his years, the other youthful and ready to live for half of forever. Literally.

The older of the pair, or so he seemed, sat on the steps with a sigh. "Everyone that was up here is dead now, Mariner," he reminisced, using a nickname once given in aggravation.

"Except for you."

He cracked a slight grin. "I'm unkillable, remember?" The grin was wiped away. "After what happened here, I thought we both were."

"You'll see each other again."

"Sooner than you think." He looked around at the bright sun, the Light of Venus, the ocean sparkling. "It's a good day to die."

Alarm flooded through the other. "No." he breathed, unable to say it any louder. "You- you can't!"

"I'm not like you, Mariner. I can't be eighteen forever. I haven't been for a long time."

"I just- I don't want to be alone."

"With seventy-two Djinn you'll be alone?" An eyebrow rose under his untidy mane.

"They're not the same, Swordsman. You know that."

The swordsman's hard brown eyes met his. "You want me to comfort you? Say that we'll make it alright? Picard Piers, you can stand on your own." He had risen to his feet, once again the proud warrior that would never let himself or his friends be beaten. The spark was in his eyes, confidence in his left hand placed "carelessly" over his sword hilt, determination in his posture even with the old limp. "Anyway, whatever happened to that cycle of rebirth you were always talking about?"

"I still believe."

"Then what was that saying again?"

"'In fifty years or fifty millennia'?"

"See you in fifty." He started to sit back down before adding: "One last favor?"

Picard fought back tears. "Anything."

"Keep this for me?" he inquired, holding out his trusty blade. "I expect it back."

Picard took the offered Sol Blade with a tremulous hand and stuck the mighty sword through his belt before he could drop it. An unspoken promise shot between them.

Then the swordsman collapsed.

Picard had seen his comrade on the brink of dealth what seemed like countless times. On the two Lighthouses he had helped light, he had seen his companion's lifeforce drain out of him along with so much blood. He had heard Jenna chant from the Tomegathericon infinite times to revive him after he "did a hasty". Each time he had thought his friend dead.

This time, he knew.