Even In Death

By Gabs

DISCLAIMER: Not mine, the Evanescence lyrics at the beginning of each chapter aren't mine, not making any money, etc etc.

This is the sequel to my previous fic, Breathe No More, and picks up right where that one left off.

Chapter 1

Give me a reason to believe that you're gone

I see your shadow so I know they're all wrong…

They took you away from me but now I'm taking you home

~Evanescence, Even in Death

        Sark soon found himself sitting outside the home Will and Sydney had shared. He knew she wouldn't be there, but something still drew him in. Eventually, he shut off the engine of his car and walked up to the door. Will opened it a short time later, wearing only black sweat pants and looking as though he had just woken up. Sark frowned slightly.

        "What do you want?" Will questioned wearily.

        "Are you all right?" Sark asked cautiously. Will raised an eyebrow, looking at him suspiciously.

        "What difference is it to you?"

        "None, I suppose." Will finally stepped aside and allowed Sark to enter.

        "You must have some reason for being here." Will stated.

        "Yes, I'm sure I must," Sark replied agreeably.

        "You're not going to tell me what," Will deduced.

        "I would… only I'm not quite sure of that reason myself."

        "Whatever," Will grumbled, walking back into the kitchen. Sark's mind traveled back to the note sitting in his glovebox, and he wondered how much he should reveal, if anything.

        "Mr. Tippin…" he began hesitantly. Will glanced up at him as he took a seat at the table.


        "Just keep in mind that all is not what it seems… death is only the beginning." Will's brow furrowed, and he frowned.

        "I don't understand," he admitted. Sark sighed lightly.

        "Somehow, I didn't imagine you would," he noted.

        "So you're telling me that you came here to say something to me with the full knowledge that I wouldn't quite catch on to your enigmatic meanings, and you have no intent of clarifying it?" Sark considered that for a moment before facing Will again.

        "Precisely." Will glared at him.

        "Damn it Sark, you know something, that's pretty obvious. Tell me what it is."

        "Mr. Tippin, believe it or don't, but I would rather like to tell you… only I don't quite know either."

        "So you don't even know what you're not going to tell me?" Will looked completely baffled as Sark nodded.

        "Exactly. Glad we understand one another."

        "Unders… I don't understand a thing you've said to me today!"

        "You will, in due time. Trust me, Mr. Tippin- and yes, I know you have absolutely no reason to, but do it anyway." Will ran a hand through his already messy hair before glaring up at Sark.

        "Fine. I don't know why, but I'll trust you on this… whatever it is." Sark nodded, then looked around the messy house. It was fairly obvious that Will hadn't given cleaning a second thought in the week since he had received the phone call.

        "Mr. Tippin, it was Socrates who once said 'Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued.'" With that, Sark turned and walked away. As he opened the front door, a picture caught his eye, and he picked it up. It showed Will, Sydney, and Francie, all enjoying themselves together at Francie's birthday party. Sark frowned, reminding himself that he'd been partially responsible for taking that friendship away from Sydney and Will. Something else occurred to him, and he walked back to the kitchen area. There, he found Will straightening up the table. He looked startled as he caught sight of Sark.

        "I thought you'd left," he said.

        "I was going to… would you mind if I took a look around Sydney's room?"

        "You hardly need my permission for that." Sark shrugged lightly.

        "I thought it might be rather rude to go through your home without your consent."

        "Oh… well, have at it." Sark nodded to Will before showing himself to Sydney's room. Sark wandered around, quietly looking at various pictures and mementos. He made note of the fact that any pictures of Vaughn she may have had up before had since been removed. After a few more minutes of familiarizing himself with the room, Sark backed out and walked down the hall. He paused for a moment, observing Will as he put away dishes in the kitchen, before finally showing himself out. Will gave him a quick nod as Sark exited.

        The moment he was back in his car, he reached again for the mysterious note.  Sark studied it closely for a short time. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but there was something off about it. He frowned, but decided to worry about that another time.

        The drive back to where he was staying- Le Montrose Suite Hotel- was short and relatively easy, with a surprisingly small amount of traffic. He was in room 94 on the 2nd floor. As he unlocked the door and walked in, he was instantly on his guard. Someone else was there; he could feel it. He slowly drew his gun and approached the bedroom area; his jaw dropped as he caught sight of her sitting on the bed.

        "Hello, Adam."