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Sleeping With The Enemy

Chapter 1


Kagome looked out her window. The night's breeze blowing her raven locks around her. She then looked over to her awaiting sisters. She grinned to them and jumped off her window sill and towards them.

"You guys ready?" She asked them as they went to her window again.

"Kag, we have been ready." Said her sister Sango sarcastically.

"Well let's go then." They nodded and all jumped out the window. They landed gracefully on the ground and started to run through the city, that's when they came to a huge door. The guard there nodded to them and quickly opened the door.

"Good luck hunting your majesties." The three girls nodded and ran through. They were now looking at the night city known as Tokyo. They snickered as they made there way through the weaving streets.

"So what's on the menu today my dear sisters?" Asked the third sister Kikyo. They smirked and started to sniff around.

"I smell three drunken girls walking down the next street over."

"I smell them too and it seems that they were going to get hit by a car anyways."

"So as I see it, it's alright to take their lives?"

"Perfectly." The girls laughed as they ran and jumped from roof top to roof top. They spotted the girls and smirked as they made there way towards them through the shadows. Kikyo quickly lashed out at one pinning her to the ground and sucking the life right out of her.

"Geez, talk about impatient." Kagome rolled her eyes as she took her girl down and sucked the blood out her neck. Sango ate hers quickly as well, got up, and licked her lips.

"I love young blood, their so much more fulfilling." The others girls nodded. Kagome then made a knife appear in her hand and stabbed each girl with it around the chest area.

"Now they'll think there's some psycho killer on the loose." She joked and looked at her sisters. "You wanna go home?" They nodded and made there way back to the place they came. To the human world there was nothing there but a park, but to any vampire or demon, there was the door to the dark world, no not hell, just a world where there were no humans to try and kill them and where vampires and demons ruled. There were two parts to the dark world. One part belonged to the vampires while the other part to the demons. The vampire kingdom, Lore, was ruled by king Onigumo and the three princesses, Kagome, Sango, and Kikyo. The demon kingdom, Sage, was ruled by King Shesshomaru and the three princes, Inuyasha, Miroku, and Naraku. The two kingdoms despised each other like no other and would do anything to get the other's land. So now that the new kings, who were the brothers of each prince and princess, ruled they came up with a plan to rule the others land quickly.

Kagome and her sisters jumped up to their room and through the open window. Kagome then jumped into her bed and sighed deeply. "That was a great snack. I was getting bored in here anyways." She said rubbing her belly. Sango went to her desk and started to sharpen her sword.

"I wish we could go around without being noticed. Maybe then no one would try and kill us."

"It's all those stupid demons fault. One day we will kill them with our bare hands." Kikyo growled clenching and unclenching her fist. The other two nodded. There was then a light knock on their door and Sango went to get it. There stood a short maid, her eyes downcast due to rule.

"Excuse me your highnesses, but your brother the king requests your presence in the den." She said quickly and left. The three sisters rolled their eyes and left their room, going down the long and dim hallway.

"I wonder what he wants now." Kagome said as they made there way and opened the door to the den. Inside was also dim; only candles lit the room. That's how it was through out all of Lore kingdom, all vampires were weak against really bright light, such as the sun.

"You called brother." Kikyo said as they sat down and saw him reading a book. He placed the book down next to him and looked up at his sisters.

"Yes, you should know that you three have just been betrothed to the princes of the Sage kingdom." He said this calmly as if it was nothing, but to the girls it was the biggest situation that could come into their long lives.

"WHAT!?" All three yelled.

"What the hell do you mean we're betrothed?" Demanded a very red-eyed, pissed off Kagome.

"Well if you'd calm down and listen, you would know the reason." The girls sat back down but were still to tense to calm down completly. "Do you actually think that I would just give up my sisters to a bunch of demons?" He asked. The girls were quiet, looking every other way then him. He rolled his eyes. "Well I wouldn't. I have a great plan that will bring the down fall of Sage and give up their lands to us and all this can be brought on by you three."


"Check mate." Said a man with long, light, baby blue hair and golden amber eyes. The man across from him sighed and scratched his short raven black hair. His dark violet eyes looked at his brother.

"You cheated Inuyasha!" He yelled and got up. Inuyasha got up too.

"Why the hell would I cheat Miroku?!" He said into the boys face. Miroku lunged at him and they started rolling on the ground fighting with one another.

"Will you two pups quit it. Shesshomaru wants to see us." The two brothers looked up to see their other brother Naraku standing at the door. They got up and headed for their older brother's office. Inside they all sat in the huge leather couch in the middle of the rather large office.

"Took you long enough." Said Sesshomaru. Inuyasha growled.

"Be happy we're here."

"Oh I'm thrilled." He said dryly. "I've called you here to inform you that you have become betrothed to the princesses of Lore." If he hadn't moved any quicker he would have gotten knocked down by Inuyasha's punch. "Now, now little brother, no need for violence."

"What do you mean 'no need'? You just gave us up to some vampire bitches!" He yelled again.

"Yes I have, but there is a reason behind it."

"Explain Shessho." Said Naraku calmly. The brother/king nodded.

"I have decided to have you betrothed to those vampires, so that you could kill them while their stay here. When the king of Lore and I talked, I made it sound like I was truly ready to merge with their lands, but why in the dark world would I do that? So I had an idea to betroth the princes and princesses, as if showing unity. I know you three can kill them. So why don't we make it quicker to get their lands." He chuckled in an evil way.

"Oh I see now. That's a brilliant idea." Said Miroku. "I can not wait to sink my claws into those brats. I'll make them beg for mercy."

"Hm. Excuse me for my behavior earlier brother." Inuyasha said bowing down. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes.

"Inuyasha get up. I would have done the same thing." Sesshomaru then got up and walked over to them. "You should go get ready for their arrival. They should be here in two hours."

"TWO HOURS!?" Inuyasha yelled again.

"Yes like I said, the quicker the better."

"Um you didn't say that." Naraku said. Sesshomaru glared at him.

"Just get out of my sight and be ready for their arrival." The boys stood, bowed and left the room quickly.

"So what do you guys think of this?" Naraku asked. They shrugged, but then Miroku got that perverted grin of his.

"I'm gonna play around with mine first then slit her throat." Inuyasha and Naraku chuckled.

"Same for me." They said in unison. The guys went to there separate rooms and got dressed in formal attire.


"So what you want us to do is just kill them?" Sango asked making sure she heard her brother right.

"Correct." He answered. The girls shot quick glances at each other before jumping into the air with excitement.

"Finally! WE get to kill them and with our BARE hands." Kikyo yelled hugging her sister Kagome.

"Calm down you three. You have exactly one hour to get ready. You will be leaving shortly after." The girls instantly stopped their laughing and stared at their brother.

"What do you mean an hour to get ready?"

"You see the king of Sage made it so that you three all meet tonight. So hurry and get ready. Besides what are you complaining about? Don't you want to kill them quickly, or do want to wait. I can arrange that." The all shook their heads.

"No, no it's fine brother thank you." The girls ran out of the room and to their room.

"I think we should seduce them and then kill them." Kagome laughed.

"Oh I can't wait to see their faces." Sango said.

"Ugh, they're probably uglier then that Hobo guy." Kikyo sighed.

"Um, I think his name is Hojo." Kagome stated. Kikyo just rolled her eyes and eyed her sister.

"Do I care? He was so annoying." Kagome shrugged before nodding her head in agreement.

"Well from what I have heard demons are very ugly so this will be quick, 'Cause I am not going to wait long if I have to keep looking at him. EW I can just see his face now." Kagome said and shuddered at the thought.

The girls finally got to there room and quickly changed. Kagome was the first to come out. She was wearing a tight red tank top, with a mini skirt that frilled at the bottom and knee high black boots. Her hair was up in a loose messy bun. She never wore makeup so she didn't have to worry about that. Sango was next to come out of her bathroom. She was wearing a black tank top that said in red letters 'EVIL' and red hip hugging capris. She wore black sandals and her hair was in a high pony tail. She had on hot pink eye shadow and light pink lip gloss. Both girls looked at each other and giggled. Kikyo last came out wearing a red tube top with a black jacket over her and a black mini skirt (no frills) and her hair was in low pony tail. She had on dark red eye shadow and black lipstick. Each girl nodded in agreement: they looked good.

"With these clothes those brats will be begging on their knees and kiss our feet. That's when we kick 'em in the face." They laughed at Kikyo's comment and headed back to the den. When they went in they saw their brother with a long cape around him. He looked up at them with a surprised look.

"Don't you girls think you're a little over dressed? You look like your about to go clubbing, not like your about to kill someone."

"What are you talking about dear brother?" Kagome said gingerly.

"Yeah we need to look good when we kill." They all laughed. Onigumo rolled his eyes and went to the door.

"Well let's go. The limo won't wait forever." They all shuffled out the room and walked through the long, dim hallways. Once at the front, three maids came up and quickly wrapped the girls with their own long capes (This covered their whole body. They're like those hooded capes that ppl where so no one would notice them...yea). They got into the limo and quickly took off.

"Oh, now I see why the limo won't wait for us." Sango stated.

"The damn driver is a demon." Kikyo finished rolling her eyes. The girls sighed and all sat back for there long wait to Sage kingdom.


The guys came down and sat in the play room. Inuyasha was wearing black baggy cargo pants with a red button shirt that had three buttons un-done his hair flowing freely. Miroku was also wearing a button shirt that was purple and only had two buttons un-done. He wore tan cargo shorts. Naraku was wearing a black muscle shirt with black dressy pants. They were all playing X-Box when their brother came in.

"They should be here shortly. I saw them coming down the road."

"I'm jumping with joy brother." Inuyasha said, the sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"You should be." He said, ignoring the sarcasm and sniffing the air. "They're here." He said. When he saw his brothers not even move an inch, he went over to the X-Box and pulled it right out of the socket.

"Are you fucking crazy!?" Yelled Miroku running to the poor X-Box.

"Well now that I've got your attention. Get your assess over to the front NOW!" He yelled leaving the room. The boys huffed and got up, walking as slow as possible to the front. Of course Sesshomaru was first and when he started down the stairs he stopped suddenly. 'Damn they're beautiful. This is going to be hard for them.' He thought walking down to them again. Once on the ground the girls looked up quickly. He noticed they all had red eyes for a second before turning back to their normal shade of dark blue, light brown, and dark brown. He went up to the Lore king and bowed before shaking hands with him.

"It's good to see you King Sesshomaru." He said through clenched teeth. The girls noticed and all snickered.

"Like wise King Onigumo. Maids please take their cloaks." Four demon maids came up to them and quickly took there cloaks off, rushing off. "Now come Onigumo, we'll talk business, while the princesses wait for my brothers." Onigumo nodded and looked at his sisters. They nodded as well. Once the two kings were out of sight, the girls sighed.

"Geez I'm thirsty." Sango said rubbing her throat.

"You don't think they'll mind if we take a maid right?" Kagome said sheepishly. The girls laughed.

"Actually I think we would." A voice said from a top the stairs. The girls looked up. They all gasped. Coming down in front of them was the most gorgeous guys they had ever seen. They felt like they were drooling but quickly composed themselves when the guys were arm length away. The guys stared at them thinking along the same line. 'Damn they're hot!' thought Miroku. 'The bitch with the bun is pretty cute.' Inuyasha thought. 'I feel like howling so badly.' Naraku thought.

"So you're the princes of Sage." Kagome stated more then asked.

"And you're the princesses of Lore." Inuyasha said smirking. Kagome had to fight the urge to blush. She thought that he looked to damn sexy with that smirk, though she would never admit it.

"So do you guys have any blood lying around?" Kikyo asked to Naraku.

"Yeah we're thirsty." Kagome and Sango said in unison.

"So what will happen if you guys don't get your blood?" Asked Miroku a little interested in the answer. The girls looked at each other.

"Well we go on a killing rampage and seeing how you three are in front of us, I guess you're the first to go." Sango smirked back. Of course that wasn't true, well at least not totally, but they would die. That was a second weakness that they didn't need to know.

"Oh well we'll have to watch out not won't we?" Said Inuyasha into Kagome's face.

"I guess you will." Kagome said back in his face. They were so close, that their noses were only centimeters aways, but they didn't know it until...

"Hey enough you two, you'll have time to do that in your room." Said Sesshomaru, coming into the room with Onigumo. The two jumped as far as they could away from each other, both blushing madly.

"Well it seems that you all know who you're betrothed to." Onigumo said. "Kagome and Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku, and Kikyo and Naraku." The teens seethed at each other and kings rolled their eyes. "Well I guess I'll take my leave now, farewell my sisters." He said kissing each one on the forehead. They nodded when he gave a look to remember what they had to do. When he left the group stood there in silence until Sesshomaru broke it.

"You will all share a room and a bed. I don't care what you say. I am not changing my mind." And with that he left the room and went into another.

"And we got dressed up for what?" Naraku complained.

"Well do you have any good clubs around?" Kikyo asked. They all looked at her like she was crazy. "What?"

"Kikyo remember what we are. We're vampires; they'll kill us in a heart beat."

"Like we can't defend ourselves." Kikyo argued. The guys snorted and the girls glared at them.

"I guess we can't go then." Sango said. The guys looked at each other.

"Well there is one way that you can go." Inuyasha said.

"Yeah but I don't think they'll want to do that." Miroku smiled.

"And they might think it's a little too soon to be doing it." Naraku smirked. The girls looked at each other before bursting out and saying...

"We're not going to sleep with you!" The guys looked at each other and shrugged.

"That's not what we meant, but oh well to that." Miroku said.

"So what are you guys saying?" Kikyo asked.

"Well we'd have to..." Naraku started.

"Mark you." Inuyasha finished. Kagome looked at him like he was the weirdest thing.

"Mark us? What the hell does that mean?" She asked. He then strolled up to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. At first Kagome was going to pull away but she strangely felt warm and good in his arms.

"Well we do something along the same line as you guys do when you're feeding off someone." He said rubbing her neck with his thumb. Kagome had to fight the urge of closing her eyes. She felt so light headed it angered her that he could do this to her. She then got some of her senses back and looked him straight in the eye. What she saw in them surprised her. It looked as if he was longing to bite her. Like if he did he would be the happiest demon in the dark world. Kagome looked at her sisters who were staring at her, waiting for her approval. Or waiting to attack if he tried anything to harm her.

"What exactly does this bite imply?" She asked when she regained her voice.

"That your mine and no one can touch you or else they die a slow and painful death." He said seriously without blinking. For a minute Kagome was swimming in his amber depths. She couldn't believe she was still in his arms.

"Y-yeah but that won't stop them. I mean they'll kill us anyways, I'm sure of it."

"Not exactly, your scent will change a bit to that of a demon and they won't know for sure what you are." Miroku said wisely. The girls looked at each other again.

"All this just to go clubbing." Sango sighed shaking her head.

"Well we could always just stay here and play some games." Miroku grinned.

"Um....that's ok. Anyways we are going to have to do this some time right?" Kikyo asked looking at her 'husband' Naraku. Naraku nodded.

"We were going to have do it tonight before we went to bed. So let's just do it now, get it over with, and go clubbing." Kikyo then looked to her sisters and they nodded in response.

"Might as well." Sango said rolling her eyes. Miroku brightened and went to his 'mate'.

"My dear Sango I'm glad you have chosen me to be your mate." He said grabbing her and giving her a fierce hug. She tried to struggle but his hold was strong.

"First I didn't choose you for anything; I was basically assigned and second...GET YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF MY ASS YOU LECH!" She said finally getting him off her and slapping him in the face.

"It slipped, I swear it slipped." He said rubbing his cheek. "Wow such strength, I'm glad you're my woman." He grinned. Sango couldn't help but blush.

"If you two are done." Kagome said from still in Inuyasha's arms. She didn't want to leave and he didn't want to let go. Inuyasha then looked down at her.

"You ready?" He said in a whisper but she heard him loud and clear. She nodded and saw him as he bent his head down slowly. She could feel his warm breath on her neck and she closed her eyes to enjoy it.

"I guess I feel what my prey feels when they are bitten." She said in whisper. He licked her neck; making her moan.

"No this is better." He said before sinking his fangs into her neck. She sighed as she felt a wave of warmth fill her and felt herself growing stronger. That's when she had the urge and bit him back. Inuyasha moaned onto her neck, his fangs still in her. He wondered what he felt right now was the same as her. He let go of her neck and started to lick the blood that trickled down it. As soon as he licked her the wound closed and two small crescent moons appeared. He waited until she finally pulled out (That doesn't sound right...lol) and licked his blood. Her did the same and two crescent moons appeared. Kagome was surprised and looked at Inuyasha. "It's the sign of mates and not of some kind of wound mark." He answered for her. Kagome nodded and then looked at the rest. They were all staring at them; the guys with huge grins and the girls with deep blushes.

"You two sure took your time. Can we leave now?" Complained Kikyo. Everyone nodded and headed for the door. They called a limo and got in, leaving quickly. From the shadows a man was glaring at the teens. He came out to the light to reveal himself as none other then Sesshomaru.

"I knew this was going to happen. Damn teenagers and their hormones." He said going back in to the castle.

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