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Sleeping With the Enemy

Chapter 11

Old Friends

"You were raised better then that. Any royal vampire would never give up so easily."

Who she saw in front of her was not what or who she expected ever to see again. "But...how?" She asked on shaky legs. The person before her chuckled, his throaty deep voice bouncing off the walls.

"Well, lets just say, I've been missing in action for awhile." He said walking up to Kagome and quickly unclasped her hands and ankles. Kagome rubbed at the sore spots on her wrist.

"I'd say a very long while. How come you never wrote or even called, everyone pronounced you dead?" Her voiced wavered at the last part. She looked up into the man's deep and dark grey eyes. He couldn't look away from hers and in an instant the two had embraced. "We missed you so much. After grandma died, you just disappeared. What happened?" Kagome asked, slowly backing away from the old vampire. His grey eyes glinted with unshed tears as his long snow white hair flowed into his face. Kagome smiled sadly and took off one of the many hair ties she had on her wrist, and tied his hair back, something she knew he hadn't down in a while.

"Just like your mother." He said softly, so softly, that if Kagome had human ears she would never pick it up.

"Funny, I'm getting that a lot lately." She said turning her head to the side. "You still haven't answered my question."

"You shouldn't worry about my problems. Let's think on the now, and how we are going to get you and your sisters out of this mess." Kagome looked up at him and smiled.

"Of course, grandfather."

"We'll need to suit up well. Get the gear in the closet." Naraku said to Miroku, who was putting the finishing touches on his outfit. All three brothers wore dark baggy army pants, with black muscle shirts and black boots. "I'm expecting a full out battle here, so get the bullet proof vest, we'll need to ask the girls if they know a little magic for protecting against magic attacks. God knows those vampires will use anything up their sleeves."

"I think we should stop generalizing since our mates are vampires, you know." Naraku and Inuyasha looked at Miroku like he had grown a second head. He quickly put his hands up in defense. "Hey I think its only fair. We don't like it when they do it, why do it to them?" The three silently thought about it while getting themselves finished up. Once done they headed over to the girls room to make sure they were ready. Naraku was the one to knock on the door.

"Hey you guys done yet?" No answer. He knocked again, this time a little harder. Still they got no response. He quickly opened the door and the first thing they noticed was the wind trailing inside through the open window.

"Damnit, they left without us!" Miroku growled. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes and sniffed the air.

"Seems they've been gone not too long. We better hurry before they get themselves killed and Kagome somehow blames me for it." The other two brothers nodded and they all swiftly jumped out the opened window.

Kikyo and Sango ran as fast as their legs could take them. They made sure to avoid the city and take the deserted roads in order to get to the Lore Kingdom in one piece.

"You think the guys will be mad that we left them behind?" Sango asked to Kikyo. Kikyo looked over to her for split second before turning her gaze back in front of her.

"I'm sure they will, but it's something they will have to deal with since it is our problem." Sango nodded to herself, but couldn't help worry. She knew once the boys found out that they were gone, they were bound to come looking for them, but how much time did they have then to fix what they needed to before the demon princes got even more mixed up in it?

"We should be at the main gates in about 15 more minutes. We'll have to use a back way to enter, since they probably are expecting us at the front." Kikyo said, taking Sango out of her thoughts.

"What if they're expecting us everywhere?" Sango questioned. Kikyo could only simply smirk.

"Aw, come now Sango, we were notorious for sneaking around, how much different could this be?" Sango couldn't help but laugh out.


Kagome took in her surroundings as her grandfather led her out of the cell and into a couple of secret passages that were within the dreary dungeon. She never really had been down there before, but had heard stories of the creepiness of the damp and dark dungeons from the many guards in the palace. Being the princess she didn't give it much thought at the time, but now witnessing it herself as a prisoner no less, she could see what they meant. Water and grime covered the block rock walls and Kagome couldn't help but shiver at the coldness of the room.

"I can see this is your first time down here." He grandfather commented. Kagome nodded her head lightly.

"I've never had a reason to be here, but my question is, how do you know about all this down here?" She noticed as her grandfather stiffened at her question, but then visibly sighed out loud.

"Truth is, your mother was once imprisoned down here." With that said all of the air came whooshing out of Kagome, she had to stop quickly, her grandfather came up to her and put a supportive hand on her shoulder. Her eyes widen slowly, as she thought of all the things she was learning about her mother, her family. All of these secrets that neither her nor her sisters knew about. Her own mother, imprisoned in this disgusting place, but what for?

"W-why?" She gasped out. "Why, w-was she...down here?" She barely said. Her grandfather shook his head slightly.

"I'm guessing you know the...affair...your mother had with the demon prince, correct?"

"Yes." Kagome whispered.

"Well once my son found out, he was enraged with anger and hatred for your mother that he went so far as to imprison her down here for a good week. We were devastated, but we could do nothing, since she was his betrothed and his punishment for her came first." Kagome shook her head violently, anger building slowly within her as she glared at her grandfather.

"But you were king! What do you mean his rule was before yours?!" She spat out to him in anger. Her grandfather sighed, understanding where her pent up anger was coming from.

"By then, I had retired my crown, and once Lady Katalina and my son were wed, he would become king. Meaning that although I was still alive and well, my son was a king in waiting and could very well had me killed if he ordered it so."

"All this time, all of it. We knew nothing, left in the dark." Kagome mumbled to herself. "This war, it means nothing. We've been at this for decades just because my mother didn't love my father first?"

"No, because your mother fell in love with your father's best friend."


FLASHBACK (652 years ago)

"Inutaisho, Inutaisho? Are you here, my friend?" A man in elegant white robes and green armor yelled out into the clearing.

"Yes, I'm just beyond the bushes to your left." Yelled back another masculine voice. The man grinned to himself as he led his companion with him through the said bushes. Upon walking through, the two could see the vast field with high green grass and all types of flowers scattered about. "I've been waiting a good hour Ichigo, there better have been a good rea-" All thoughts left the man known as Inutaisho as his eyes landed on the companion of his good and only vampire friend. The woman standing next to the royal prince was a creature that any man would and could only dream about. Coming to stand no taller then both man's shoulders, her long wavy raven locks flowed gently in the breeze. Her hazel-blue eyes glowed slightly in the shade of the trees.

"Inutaisho, I'd like for you to meet my betrothed, Lady Katalina. Katalina, I would like you to meet a very good friend of mine, the crown demon prince himself, Prince Inutaisho." The two hesitated for a second before both curtsied and bowed before the other.

"It is a pleasure to meet you milady." Inutaisho said bowing slightly to Katalina.

"The pleasure is all mines, kind Sir." She curtsied in response and bowed her head lowly, since he was a prince.

"Alright, enough of the bowing and politeness. We are in no one else's company to be showing such formalness amongst friends." Ichigo laughed out. Inutaisho rolled his eyes, before putting his friend in a choke hold and shaking his fist furiously over the vampire's head.

"What do you know about being polite, Ichy?" The trio laughed with each other, spending the rest of the day together.



"I thought demons and vampires hated each other before the war even started? How were father and Ex-King Inutaisho friends?" Kagome asked tiredly as her grandfather and she continued their trek through the grimy dungeons. Kagome had gotten over the news and the two decided to continue.

"Ichigo was quite the rebel when he was a young vampire, and loved to skip his lessons during the day. It would take the whole staff and a good 2 hours before anyone saw him again. And during that time, no one really knew what or where he went, but I had found out."


FLASHBACK (702 years ago)

"Son when I find you, you are going to get a good spanking!" Yelled a younger more energetic King Nagi. He huffed slightly as he broke through the growing weeds around him in the forest. The staff had searched through out the castle walls and found nothing. He currently had a small team searching for the young prince within the city, but so far no word or hair was found there either, so Nagi decided to take matters in his own hands, and took the journey through the forest, hoping to find his son so he could give him the punishment of his life. "Ichigo, if you do not come out-" Before he could finish his rant, he heard two faint giggling voices in the distance. He quickly jumped to the tree branches until he knew he was right above where the voices were heard.

Moving some branches from his view, Nagi was able to see a small stream of water coming from the demon lands and into the vampire lands. But what caught his attention the most was his son drenched in water playing with another boy, but not an ordinary boy, but the young demon prince, Inutaisho.



"So they met, as children. How weird we never knew this." Kagome said more to herself. Her grandfather nodded his head lightly. Suddenly he looked up with alarming rate and walked as quickly as he could ahead. Kagome looked up from her musings and wondered what had gotten her grandfather's attention. "Grandfather, what's the matter?" She yelled to him and jogged to catch up. Finally reaching him, she noticed that they had just come upon a dead end. Giving her grandfather an odd look, she came to stand next to him. "Its a dead end." Nagi kept feeling on the wall for something Kagome could not see, when he found what he was looking for, he pulled down on what seemed to be a protruding rock like lever. Kagome gasped lightly when the large rock wall began to shake and then slowly opened to reveal a dimmed lighted stairwell.

"Let's go." Was all her grandfather said and quickly passed through the door. Kagome looked back before following him. She just hoped everything would be better from here on out.


"For heaven's sake, Rin! You scared the crap out of me." Yelled Sango to the short vampire. Rin simply rolled her eyes.

"Well, that's unpleasant." There was a slight pause before the trio erupted in laughter. A minute later they were able to talk without giggling. "What is going on, why are you going back to the kingdom?" Rin asked, all humor gone from her facial features. Sango sighed, while Kikyo pinched the bridge between her nose.

"Kagome is in danger; we think it has something to do with this stupid mission we were on and Onigumo." Rin's eyes widen as she finally understood the reasoning behind her third cousin's absence.

"Why didn't you guys tell me, or at least come and get me! I would have gone without a second thought, you're lucky I have sixth sense about these things, you know!" The two vampire princess's sighed at their cousin and her wacky ramblings.

"We better get a move on girls, the out skirts of the city are just below this hill." And true to Kikyo's words, they could clearly see the dim lights of what used to be their beloved home.

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